3 good reasons to take a cruise - Travel + Design (2023)

3 good reasons to take a cruise - Travel + Design (1)

If you need inspiration for travelling or you have a hard time choosing what to do on your next trip, you should consider trying a cruise. This offers many great opportunities and there are at least three great reasons for a cruise trip and these are listed below.

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If you are not afraid of the ocean and if you enjoy the sea and the stillness it can create, you should consider trying a cruise trip. This is a great way to be present as you only have the opportunities that are on board. This forces you to relax and enjoy the setting. And then you are fully dedicated when visiting the different places and cities where the boat is ashore. You can even try to get a cruise nearly for free.

Having fun onboard

There is a great pool of fun activities on a cruise ship and there are options for all ages and all tempers. This is one of the reasons it is a great option for families with members of different ages. Of course, there are different options and levels of luxury depending on the cruise. Most cruises however have a pool and a great big sundeck to enjoy the sun from. This in itself is a great way to take in this way of travelling.

There is everything you would need on a cruise as this will be your temporary home. Therefore, you will have at least one, maybe several great restaurants to wine and dine at. If you would like to have more options for entertainment onboard, you can find cruise ships with casinos. This is your regular cruise ship but with the extra possibility for some fun nights of gambling.

Enjoying the beauty of the sea

One special way to travel is on a boat. There is nothing quite like it as you can spend every sunny minute on the deck taking in the beautiful view of the ocean. Travelling by sea is a way to experience both the silence of being in the middle of the ocean as well as moving past many different landscapes when approaching the harbours. One of the most popular choices for cruises is the Caribbean. And this will definitely bring in astonishing views of nature both from the boat and on land. This is just one of the many great things about travelling on the sea.

The possibility to visit many places or cities

Another great thing is the possibility of visiting many different places in one trip. Cruise ships often visit harbours in big and great cities that you would want to visit. Depending on where you want to travel you can visit many cities in only one cruise. Naturally, the cities can not be very far from each other as this would mean more sailing and fewer visits. So, keep this in mind when choosing your cruise. You should decide if it is important to you to be on the ocean with all it entails or to visit a lot of places.

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What are the three other reasons for taking a cruise? ›

6 Reasons Why You Should Take a Cruise
  • Stress-Free Planning Means I Want to Take a Cruise. ...
  • Enjoy Multiple Destinations While Only Unpacking Once. ...
  • Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation. ...
  • Great Value Cruises. ...
  • Cruise Fun for Everyone with Plenty of Onboard Options. ...
  • So Many Choices Leads to Choosing Cruising.
Feb 2, 2017

What are the top 10 reasons to cruise? ›

Top 10 Reasons to Cruise
  • Choose to cruise for VALUE. ...
  • Choose to cruise for ROMANCE. ...
  • Choose to cruise for CUISINE. ...
  • Choose to cruise for VARIETY. ...
  • Choose to cruise for ACTIVITIES. ...
  • Choose to cruise for SIMPLICITY. ...
  • Choose to cruise for NEW HORIZONS. ...
  • Choose to cruise for FAMILY.

What are possible reasons for booking a cruise? ›

  • A Cruise Vacation Offers Great Value. ...
  • See Multiple Destinations, Unpack Only Once. ...
  • Cruise Ships Are Family Friendly. ...
  • Cruise Ships Come in All Shapes and Sizes. ...
  • Ships Offer a Variety of Onboard Activities. ...
  • Cruise Vacations Are Easy to Plan. ...
  • Ships Are Floating Cities. ...
  • Cruise Vacations Can Be Exotic.

What makes cruises better than any vacation? ›

Instead of long drives or plane rides to reach your destination, cruises enable you to relax and enjoy while getting where you want to go. When you're vacationing on a cruise ship, you have the freedom to eat, drink and enjoy the trip to your port of call!

Why cruising is the best way to travel? ›

Ultimately, cruises are great for enjoying a varied, fulfilling experience. They give you a chance to explore the world in more depth but without committing to a sole location – perfect if you want to travel but without the worry of organising your trip or the stress of train and bus travel between locations.

Why are cruises so good? ›

However, one of the biggest benefits is that everything you need to have a great vacation by yourself, with your spouse, friend, and-or family can be found on a cruise ship… great food, bars, broadway-style shows, spas, pools, dancing, and so much more.

What are the positive impacts of cruise tourism? ›

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, the cruise sector supports 1.2 million jobs and contributes US$150 billion to the global economy every year.

What are some positive and negative things about cruising? ›

The positives and negatives of a cruise
Unpack less oftenDon't get to experience the local hotels/hostels
See multiple locations and portsLimited time in each local
Lots included in the priceAnything not included is expensive
Activities and lots of companyCan be loud and busy
5 more rows

Why cruises are ideal for family vacation? ›

A cruise vacation is the perfect family vacation because there is something for everyone on a cruise. Parents can relax because cruise ships offer abundant food, entertainment, activities, shore excursions, and pampering options for everyone in the family to be happy.

Is a cruise a good vacation? ›

Cruises are very affordable, relaxing and convenient. You get to see multiple countries and cities without unpacking your suitcase. Others would argue that they might feel trapped onboard a ship or might worry about seasickness. Additionally, there's not as much flexibility and onboard expenses can add up.

What is fun about cruises? ›

Are cruises fun? Besides the shows and entertainment, a cruise is filled with onboard games and activities you can participate in. Trivia games, bingo, dance classes, art auctions, and mixology lessons are some activities you may find on your cruise. There's always something going on, so you'll never be bored.

What are three advantages of booking a pre or post cruise package through the cruise line? ›

  • Eliminates Travel Delay Concerns.
  • READ MORE: 5 Reasons to Market Seattle to Your Pre & Post Cruise Clients.
  • Eases the Time-Zone Adjustment.
  • Adds One or Two Ports to Your Itinerary.
  • READ MORE: Classic Vacations Rolls Out Pre- and Post-Cruise Packages.
  • Makes for An Extended Vacation.
  • Lets You Watch Your Ship Arrive and Depart.
Jan 20, 2017

Why do you enjoy cruising and why would you recommend cruising instead of a vacation on land? ›

A cruise provides a floating resort that transports you to different destinations every day without the need to pack and unpack or fight through congested airports. The fares include your accommodation, food and entertainment making budgeting and planning simple.

What are the advantages travel by ship? ›

Advantages of Sea Transport
  • SMOOTH SAILING. When you compare sea transport to other modes of transit, shipment by sea offers smoother movement for your personal belongings. ...
  • LARGER VOLUME. Shipping by sea means you'll likely purchase a container for your goods. ...
Mar 16, 2020

Is cruising a good way to see the world? ›

While land travel involves high costs for transportation, food, and things to do, cruising offers excellent value and comes with world-class dining, entertainment, and on-board activities all included in your fare.

Is cruising a good value? ›

Cruises are known for being an affordable vacation and a great value. While some cruise lines are pricier than others, you can certainly find some really good deals.

What are 3 positives of tourism? ›

As well as generating employment and income, another positive impact of tourism is improvements in infrastructure. These include road and rail improvements, airport development and improvements in utilities, such as water supply and telecommunications.

What are 3 benefits of tourism? ›

Tourism offers great opportunities for emerging economies and developing countries. It creates jobs, strengthens the local economy, contributes to local infrastructure development and can help to conserve the natural environment and cultural assets and traditions, and to reduce poverty and inequality.

What was the most important reason why you want to try out cruising? ›

On a cruise, you can see the world, unwind completely, experience diverse cultures, dance the night away, feast on fabulous cuisine, learn new skills, make new friends and bond with your family. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are plentiful…

What are the social impacts of cruising? ›

Cruise tourism can add to the vitality of communities in many ways. For example, events and festivals of the local communities, they have been the primary participants and spectators. Often these are refreshed, reincarnated and developed in response to tourists' interests.

What are the benefits of traveling with family? ›

Family vacations not only build life long memories, they also break your family away from the usual routine, opening your minds to new cultures, foods and experiences, and according to research they are even good for your health! One study found that people return from vacation happier and more relaxed.

How safe is a cruise? ›

Every year, millions of people across the world look for travel options, and some turn to cruises. But are cruises safe? The odds of dying on a cruise ship are slim to none — well, roughly 1 out of 6.25 million. So in that aspect they are considered “safe”.

What qualities make you a great fit for cruise line job? ›

Important Qualities To Succeed In Cruise Ship Jobs
  • Team work. Hundreds of people work on board a cruise ship at any given time. ...
  • Perseverance. Persistence can help a great deal in learning skills on board. ...
  • Attention to detail. ...
  • Adaptability & flexibility. ...
  • Patience. ...
  • Time management.
Jul 27, 2019

How do I pass a cruise interview? ›

10 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Cruise Ship Interview
  1. Be ready for a virtual interview. ...
  2. Read through your CV. ...
  3. Brush up on your knowledge. ...
  4. Do some self-reflection. ...
  5. Research the cruise line. ...
  6. Dress appropriately. ...
  7. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and energy. ...
  8. Prepare for common questions.
Mar 18, 2021

Why would you want this opportunity? ›

Show your enthusiasm

'This opportunity is really exciting as I will be able to learn/develop/progress in an exciting environment/industry that I am passionate about.' 'The first thing that caught my eye when I saw the job spec for this role was...'

How can you describe a cruise vacation? ›

A cruise is a vacation spent on a ship that sails the ocean, periodically stopping in ports for sightseeing. Cruise can also be a verb that describes sailing around aimlessly for fun. You might cruise the canals of Venice in a small boat.

What do you consider the most important benefits of a tour package? ›

The biggest advantage of package tours is the cost. Since the cost of all transfers, entrance fee to various sights, accommodation and meals are included, the price of the tour is most definitely been set at a reasonable range, aside from your choice of airlines and hotel grades.

What are four benefits of reservations? ›

4 Benefits of a Reservation System for Your Hotel
  • A reservation system saves time and cuts costs. ...
  • It automates the booking process. ...
  • It reduces errors. ...
  • A reservation system increases customer satisfaction.
Feb 17, 2020

What are the 5 factors that affect the price of a cruise ships package tour? ›

5 Factors That Determine the Total Cruise Price
  • The Advertised Cruise Price. This is the starting point when determining how much a cruise costs. ...
  • Flights, Transportation and Hotels Before and After. Budget for the costs of flights. ...
  • Gratuities on Board. ...
  • Alcohol and Specialty Restaurants. ...
  • Excursions and Activities.
Jul 5, 2021

What are the three types of cruises? ›

Singles or solo cruises. Family cruises. Adults-only and couples cruises. Luxury cruises.

What is the appeal of a cruise? ›

With its exhilarating sense of seagoing adventure and something-for-everyone appeal, cruising may just offer the world's most family-friendly vacation. Ships are essentially luxurious, floating resorts, loaded with activities and attractions that ooze multigenerational appeal.

What is the target audience for cruises? ›

In very general terms, cruising attracts adults ranging in age from their 30s through to their 80s, and you will not find a ship full, exclusively, of 20 year olds.

What is the significant appeals of cruising? ›

Cruises offer great value for your vacation dollar because the fares include nearly everything you'll need for a fantastic trip: food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between travel destinations.

Which cruise ship is best? ›

The STCW -95 training, also known as the Basic Safety Training (BST), is the standard emergency, safety and survival training required by IMO for anyone working at sea.

Which type of cruise is the most popular? ›

Mainstream Cruise Ship

The most common and known type of cruise ship, marketed to suit the needs of the majority of passengers, with all sorts of standard resort features.

Why is cruising fun? ›

Most cruise ships have around-the-clock entertainment, including live music, dance clubs, casinos, movies, stage shows, pools, water slides, and more. Remember, your idea of “fun” can differ greatly from the person next to us.

What type of people take cruises? ›

These travelers love cruises:
  • Big Groups. Cruising works very well for large groups. ...
  • Busy Parents. ...
  • Little Explorers. ...
  • Active Travelers. ...
  • Lifelong Learners. ...
  • People Who Hate to Fly. ...
  • Kids of Different Ages. ...
  • Groups with Budget Variety.
Jan 4, 2019

What is the most important influencing factors for the cruise customers selection? ›

The findings of the study showed that online reviews were the most influential attribute for cruise customers in their cruise decision, followed very closely by the environmental friendliness of the cruise line.

Why do elderly people like cruises? ›

The sights that are seen whilst on board, and the towns and cities that can be visited, are simply amazing. For the elderly, cruises are much more relaxing and stress-free compared to regular holidays. Everything you need is in one place and you can visit loads of countries on one trip.

What is included that makes cruising a great value? ›

Why Heading on a Cruise is Fantastic Value for Money
  • Everything is Included. ...
  • Planning is Stress Free. ...
  • Cruising is Cheap. ...
  • You Can Eat to Your Heart's Content. ...
  • There are Lots of Activities to Enjoy.


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