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Richard Pace

Still awaiting a Novak & Parker response from a week ago on a appliance return credit* . It was unfortunate that we had many defective issue problems with KitchenAid appliances especially with the refrigerator. The French door hinges are not level with one another. The delivery guys and technicians all agreed and this has been formally documented. I had noticed this problem afterwards at many other appliance show rooms. I let Whirlpool (Parent Co.) know of this serious problem since the people I was dealing with at Novak and Parker minimized this issue saying that having one door higher by 1/8th is tolerable. Novak and Parker insisted that I allow the technician repair this problem. The "repair"? Bending the hinge to make up the difference....After rejecting this "repair" recommendation for obvious reasons, Novak and Parker relented and ordered a replacement, but those units had issues- insulation foam bulging out from the top door seam (another chronic problem), bad seal - door not closing properly.... all this finally resulting in giving up and a proposal to credit* me for the purchase. It was implied in an e-mail by Novak and Parker that my expectations are too high- it was only a $2000 new appliance. If the appliances that come out are in good shape or issues can be easily resolved, this Company does a good job...


Glen Borkowski

I am the president of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen in Orland Park, IL. We have been working with Kim Kennedy-Robbins with Novak & Parker since they opened their Orland Park location in the early Spring of 2014. As a company that designs the majority of its projects for their clients it is vital that we have an excellent working relationship with an appliance store. Before Novak & Parker opened in our area we had had quite a difficult time trying to establish that kind of a relationship. Kim is extremely knowledgeable and gets us all pertinent information in a very timely manner. She was instrumental in getting us into a program to outfit our showroom displays. Our clients all speak of her helpful and very relaxed manner when meeting with them which they claim is a refreshing change compared to their experiences at other appliance stores. We consider her a member of our team and are looking forward to a lengthy and prosperous relationship with Kim and Novak & Parker.


Gloria Denaro

My husband and I live in Homer Glen. We are redoing our kitchen and were not sure exactly what or where to buy. We had been to some of the big box stores but they seemed only interested in selling what had the highest price tag on the sales floor. We went to a home show out in St Charles to get some ideas. At the show we met Kim from Novak and Parkers Orland Park store. Kim was very knowledgeable about the products she sold. After the show we went to see Kim in her beautiful showroom. Kim spent so much time with us making sure we got what we wanted and what would work best for us. The installation team just finished up. Everything went according to plan the delivery and the installation was perfect. I could not be happier! Thank you Kim


Bill Kennedy

"Top quality with best prices"My wife and I recently built a new home in Saint John, IN and were looking for new appliances to be delivered and installed. We had already done extensive research online and in stores such as Best Buy, HH Gregg, and Sears prior to finally coming to an agreement on what we were willing to spend, and the appliances we most wanted.My Aunt Kim suggested to check out Novak and Parker, and I found not only that their prices were right in line with other top stores, but they also had more professional and knowledgeable staff, willing and able to assist in finding first rate appliances that would fit our lifestyle while staying within our budget.I would highly rate this store for future purchases!


Marwan Aldakka

Novak and Parker is the worse appliance company i have ever dealt with they do not go after there products as warrenty issue i bought from them an Air condition for almost $ 1500 with five years extended warrenty after 18 months the unit was leaking they send me a tech to look at it he had a very bad attitude. told me they need to pull the unit out and take to the shop to fix it and it is gonna take up to 2 weeks to fix it and we r in middle of July and i have two kids so i talked to the service manager sue she doesnt deserve this position at all she cant do any thing so asked to talk to to store manager name loui he was worst than any body srongly i do not recommend this company to any body for shoping .


Joyce Gartz

My husband and I have lived in MP for over twenty years. Our first experience was with an appliance that we had been given from another company. It wasnt functioning and needed repair. We immediately called Novak and Parker. They sent out a service guy to fix it. He was efficient and honest. He repaired the appliance in no time. This won our loyalty. We have continued to purchased our appliances from Novak and Parker. They are always pleasant and they spend time working with you and your needs.In addition to the customer service, the company has been a large part of the community. They are involved and support many programs.It is nice to have a great business located in Mt. Prospect.


Debra McLaurin

My Fisher & Paykel washing machine is leaking. We had a repair man from Nowak & Parker come out to our house today. He told my husband that the diagnostics show that the machine is not leaking. Then stated that when "you figure it out, call us. We can order the part and put it in for you." So, for $130 we were told to figure the problem out ourselves and THEN they could help us. Nowak & Parker was truly a disappointment for our family.


Ann Gass

Just did a kitchen reno. all new appliances, John was thorough and friendly through every delay and hiccup on our end. When one of our desired pieces was about to get discontinued, he called us to make sure we knew and got that ordered in time. Had a small repair issue (owner error) and the repair man was just as nice. I refer all my friends there now.


JJ Mcduffy

Was sent here from my Kitchen designer and decided to shop somewhere else due to pricing and their willingness to sway me to another cabinet store. Im not sure what they are up too but I didnt feel at ease. Also I did call back a week later and the sales person no longer worked there.


Judith Wolf

We had a terrific experience buying a refrigerator and a dishwasher from Novak and Parker. Very knowledgeable staff and good service for delivery. We will go there again when we are ready for more appliances.


Hanna Sullivan

I redid my entire kitchen. Novak and Parker were very helpful throughout the process, great service. Everything was delivered as promised. Love my new kitchen!


Chris Nolan

Novak and Parker is the worst appliance company I have ever dealt with. Customer service is horrible.


Marcin J Popowski

Great service and prices. You feel you matter in this place. Very personal service.

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