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February 01, 2023

Facitly is very clean My church member is very blessed to be In a very amazing community

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I went to Orchard Park at Southfork. I have been working with a young woman called Jasmine. She took me on the tour and has been staying in touch with me but not bothersome. She's a very nice woman. I do not have the names of the other people that I met when I was there, but they were all extremely pleasant to myself and my daughter. She agreed with me that the people there were quite nice and I liked the size of it. It was not overwhelming. It is one of the smaller ones I looked at and I didn't realize that I feel more comfortable in that situation than where I'm living right now, which is a 55 and over type establishment.I was looking at their deluxe one-bedroom and it has a kitchenette and then the bedroom and the bathroom. With assisted living, that's about the size that I can afford plus the extra care that they charge you for. They were kind of cleaning up after lunch, so I didn't get to see what it looks like when it's spic and span. The thing that I did not care about was they did not have a workout room or a gym. They had a room with only a couple of little machines in it. It was a place where physical therapists could work, but it wasn't geared much toward the individual.The lobby area was very nice. The grounds needed a lot of care. I don't know whether it was due to the winter we've had or what, but it was not overly appealing as far as shrubbery or trees or anything like that goes. It could use some work. They were setting up for some games in one part of the eating area. Other than that, I did not see anybody doing anything. There was a beauty salon, a library, and two courtyards, which needed some work outside. As far as plants and things go, there was nothing that was out there that was green and living. I would have preferred having an apartment off the courtyard. The views out of the rest of the building are not very good. I'm used to living on the fourth floor, so I'm used to looking out and not seeing people or cars. This is a one-story building, which I can live with. That's not the problem, but it was just the idea that the demonstration room that they had to show us, I see all these people going by my window, and I would not be happy with that at all. I'm used to my privacy. That has nothing to do with the place itself. It's just the way that the building is situated. It keeps us out of those elevators that want to stop working every so often. They didn't quite come up to where I would want them to be, but to me, they were one of the better ones that I looked at. They had a bus that took you shopping or to medical appointments and things like that.

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My dad will be moving to Orchard Park at Southfork. We chose this one because the room that they have available opens out to a courtyard area, and he has a dog; they're dog friendly. They also allow outside smoking. We like their rehabilitation area, there's an occupational therapist and a speech therapist that will visit my dad. They're up to date and they seem to provide a lot of different activities and opportunities for the people that live there.

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September 10, 2021

Orchard Park at Southfork was my favorite. I tried to get my mom into this place because the community itself, having doctors on staff, the therapy room, the grounds, and the facility were all great. It wasn't large and it wasn't too small, it was just right. They had studios and Jack and Jill type of rooms and they were very spacious. I liked this place because they have more medical staff inside the facility.The person who gave me the tour made me feel like we're old friends. The whole community had that whole feel. I saw residents coming out knocking on each other's doors saying, "Come on, let's go. We're making popcorn." It was like a neighborhood. Even though they were in one building, it just had that kind of feel to it. It was a mixture of different races and cultures and they were all just so sweet. They spoke to me about the facility, and not one of them had any complaints. The residents were very bubbly, very upbeat, and very talkative. When you come in, you can hear them chatting.The food was very good and the dining area was very clean. You can get your food prepared beforehand, or pick your meal or come in ad hoc. They have prepared activities for them, but if they didn't want to participate in bingo or gardening or anything like that, they could just go to the library, the music center, the yoga room, the theater room, or the media room. So, you could go and do something yourself too. I love that place.

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We went to Orchard Park at Southfork. I liked the property. It was really nice. The amenities and the facility were really nice. They have meals seven days a week, laundry services, and they clean the rooms. They had multiple activities throughout the week to keep them active. The staff who accommodated us was wonderful. It was pretty clean.

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August 06, 2021

My mom has moved into Orchard Park at Southfork this month. It's just a few minutes from our home, but there were also several other things. Location was very important to us, but also just how the staff seemed and what the facility looked like. It's very clean and very nice. The assisted living apartment my mom is in is very nice. The staff is very friendly and professional. The residents seemed happy and friendly. There were a lot of factors that made us choose that one. It was a little bit more expensive than some of the others that we've looked at, but we loved how close it is to our house.Mom has access to activities, social interaction with others, and 3 meals a day. They manage her meds for her, they give her a pendant so that if she needs assistance, she can call someone quickly to her as needed. There were a lot of good things like they also offer transportation. Those are some of the things that were important to us.They do movie watching, game playing and crafts and things of that nature. They also have a library and my mom loves to read, so she likes it and they have large print books there so she has a variety of books to read and that's something she loves to do so I'm glad for that.It seems extremely expensive for me. It's a financial burden for us to have mom there, but I think that if we're getting our money's worth for sure then it's good.

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March 31, 2020

Orchard Park at Southfork is a big community with a beautiful courtyard. Their facilities were really good and they even have a pool. They had a lot of activities for their seniors and a lot of things that would bring people in. They always have something to do and I remember that about them tremendously. Everyone seemed more engaged, and they're unique in a way which was interesting. The staff member was very informative about what they could provide, and I didn't have to ask a whole lot of questions because of how they were presenting everything. The place itself was very well-kept and they made sure it was well-maintained.

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January 31, 2016

He is living at Orchard Park at Southfork. It's a fairly new place and my father likes it. The rooms are nice. The food in the dining area seemed to be acceptable. They have gardening and they occasionally take the residents, the ones who are able to, to restaurants. It has pretty good diversity. The quality and level of the caregivers is somewhat lacking.

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Carol T.

January 20, 2016

We showed up at Orchard Park at almost closing time, but they were available for questions. It’s a very nice facility and fairly new. Even when my parents moved in, they said it looked like a very nice facility. There are two enclosed courtyards, which is very nice because they can get outside but still be within the community. The food I've tasted has been very good. The rooms are fairly spacious. They’re all apartments, so my parents have a two-bedroom. They have different room plans available with some larger than others. They do seem to have a good variety of activities on their calendar, and my mother enjoys all of the activities that she’s been participating in.

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Sherri R.

December 14, 2015

We took a tour of Orchard Park. It was beautiful. I loved the place because of the newness of it and the cleanliness. I was impressed when I walked in the door. We saw rooms that opened to a courtyard, and it was very nice. They were very friendly, answered all of my questions, and they were upfront with everything.

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January 17, 2015

I was able to find the right community for my father. We ended up choosing Orchard Park community. I believe the care is going very well. They are very attentive, and I don't have any problems at all on how things are being delivered. The care is good. They have activities like puzzles for memory. They do exercise, and they also have bible studies. It is extremely clean. There are no obstacles for the residents especially the ones in a wheelchair. I think it is kept very well.

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