Best Furniture Companies UK - Best Companies (2023)

When searching for the Best Furniture Companies or Brands you are inundated with choices.

But which furniture brands in March 2023 are voted the best in the UK?

Our team have done all the necessary research on your behalf, so sit back, relax and read our Best Furniture Companies UK review to find the best online furniture stores that can help you transform your living space.

We understand that your home has to be your haven, so it’s important to find furniture that reflects your unique style and provides you with comfort after a long day.

Shopping for furniture and interiors has never been easier as you can now go to an online platform to find the latest trends, latest offerings and find unique pieces and original designs, so all the hard work is done for you!

We found, explored and evaluated many different online furniture shops to conclude on the top 10 furniture stores in the UK just for you.

Continue reading our Best Furniture Companies review to find the best online furniture stores in the UK today!

Table of Content

  • 1 Top 10 UK Furniture Manufacturers
    • 1.1 Chill Sofas
    • 1.2 Dunelm
    • 1.3 Ikea
    • 1.4 Habitat
    • 1.5 Wayfair
    • 1.6 Barker and Stonehouse
    • 1.7 Cult Furniture
    • 1.8 DFS
    • 1.9 Westelm
    • 1.10 Nest
  • 2 Where is the best place to buy good furniture?
  • 3 What should you consider when shopping for furniture?
  • 4 What furniture does every new house need?
  • 5 What makes a good piece of furniture?
  • 6 What are the most popular styles of furniture?
  • 7 Popular Questions
    • 7.1 What is the best month to buy furniture?
    • 7.2 What is a good discount on furniture?
    • 7.3 How many years should furniture be expected to last?
    • 7.4 How do you clean furniture?
    • 7.5 What is the best material for a couch when you have dogs?
  • 8 Summary
  • 9 All Furniture Companies UK

Top 10 UK Furniture Manufacturers

From our research here are the best furniture manufacturers in the UK.

Chill Sofas

Based in London, Chill Sofas create hand-crafted furniture, with a focus on comfort, class and character. Their products include sofas, footstools and chairs, in a range of luxury materials, such as leather and crushed velvet. Experts in their craft, they have been featured in Yahoo! and Benzinga.

To learn more about Chill Sofas products, then read our Chill Sofas review.


Dunelm is a renowned UK furniture store that prides itself on low costs and high-quality furniture. They offer a wide range of products for your home; for example, they offer outside furniture – like garden tables, kitchen products – like cutlery, and kids furniture – including murals and curtains.

To find out more about Dunelm, then read our Dunelm review.


With over 70 years of experience, IKEA is a popular furniture brand from Sweden. They focus on creating furniture that is practical, well-designed and affordable. Their product range is extensive, with them providing furniture for all areas of your home, such as lighting, bedding, coffee tables.

If you want to find more information on IKEA, read our IKEA review now.


Habitat is a UK based furniture manufacturer, that provides a range of high-end home furnishing that matches your unique style and personal taste. They have furniture in a range of styles to suit your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on. Available from Argos, Habitat offer same-day home delivery.

Read our Habitat review to find out all you need to know.

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Wayfair is a furniture store that produces high-quality products that you can rely on, at wallet-friendly costs! They have a devoted customer care team and offer free delivery for orders over £40. Some of their luxury items include home decor, kitchenware, pet beds, bedding and outdoor furniture.

If you think Wayfair may be the furniture company for you, then read our review to find out more.

Barker and Stonehouse

Around since the second world war, Baker and Stonehouse are professionals in the furniture industry. The popular furniture brand aims to add sparkle to your home with products that help you escape the everyday. They focus on sustainability, style and tranquillity while keeping the price fairly low.

Find out all there is to know about Barker and Stonehouse by reading our review.

Cult Furniture

Whether you want a modern style or a traditional classic, then Cult Furniture can provide. Popular with interior designers, they offer luxurious and innovative designs at reasonable prices. Their great range of timeless designs will last long after trends have shifted, perfect for a Soho home.

Read our Cult Furniture review today to find out more.


DFS is a popular British furniture brand that offers bespoke sofas alongside other home decor products, like beds and rugs. Their sofas are handmade in Britain, are independently quality tested and have a 15-year guarantee. You can shop from DFS online and deliveries can be made worldwide.

To see what else DFS has to offer, read our review now.


Westelm is a furniture store based in the UK, they identify as being good for people and good for the planet. They focus on sustainability and are Fair Trade Certified. Their ethos is to create a home environment that reflects your unique taste, as you should be comfortable and happy in your home!

Find out all there is to know about Westelm by reading our review today.


Nest is an online furniture retailer that sells products that are designed for living and made to last. Their passion is to provide high-end and contemporary designs. As an independent brand, they aim to provide a personal and tailored service to every customer. Also, they offer worldwide delivery!

Learn more about Nest by reading our online review now.

Where is the best place to buy good furniture?

Here are the best places to buy good furniture:

  • Best Oak Furniture: Chiltern Oak Furniture Store
  • Best Value Funiture Supplier: DFS
  • Best L Shaped Furniture: Chill Sofas
  • Best Leather Furniture Retailer: Sofology
  • Best Luxury Furniture: Tom Dixon
  • Best High-street Brand: Zara home
  • Best Traditional Decor: Cotswold Company
  • Best Lifestyle Store: Oliver Bonas
  • Best Mid Century Modern Furniture: Westelm
  • Best DIY Furniture Stores: IKEA
  • Best Garden Furniture Pieces: John Lewis
  • Best Italian Furniture: Roberto Cavalli Home
  • Best Bedroom Furniture: White Company
  • Best Trend-led Online Furniture Store: Urban Outfitters
  • Interior Designer’s Choice: Decorus Decorus

What should you consider when shopping for furniture?

Here are the main things to consider while shopping for furniture:

  • Colour
  • Comfort
  • Delivery Time
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Furniture designers
  • Material
  • Price
  • Purpose
  • Shop location
  • Size
  • Style
  • Warranty

Every individual will have different requirements for their furniture, so it is important to decide what it is you are looking for prior to shopping; this way you can streamline your searches.

There are a huge number of online furniture retailers, each with a wide range of standard and recently launched products on offer, so make sure you know where to start.

If you have an idea of what features, material and style you may want and decide on an estimated budget for the furniture you are after, then you could save yourself hours of shopping around.

What furniture does every new house need?

Every house needs the following furniture:

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  • Dining Room Furniture: Dining table, dining chairs, cupboards.
  • Living Room Decor: Sofa, armchairs, TV unit, coffee tables, shelving unit, console tables, decorative pieces.
  • Must-have Bedroom Furniture: Bed frame, bed headboard, mattress, nightstand, wardrobe, bedside tables room set.
  • Home Office Room Fixtures: Desk, office chair, filing cabinet.
  • Bathroom Furnishings: Mirrors, cabinet, basins, shower, bath.
  • Garden Furniture: Outdoor accessories, outdoor coffee table, bench.
  • Home Accessories: Art, rug, vase, candle, lighting, drinks trolleys, storage.

What makes a good piece of furniture?

A good piece of furniture will be secure, good quality and durable.

Hardwood, such as oak, beech or ash, provide a strong structure for furniture.

Bad furniture may scratch or dent easily, and after a while it may wobble, creak or twist, making the foundations weaker.

High-end furniture companies, such as Rockett St George, will use premium materials that have been independently selected, whereas cheaper brands may focus on keeping costs low.

Buying cheap, low-quality furniture may result in higher expenses overall; as the saying goes ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

What are the most popular styles of furniture?

Here are the most popular styles of furniture:

  • Art deco
  • Mid-century modern
  • Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Scandinavian style
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional or classic style
  • Urban design
  • Industrial decor
  • Vintage
  • Rustic
  • Bohemian

Everyone’s taste is different, so spend time and check out the popular design and colour templates to find inspiration and a design that suits your personality.

Across the UK, there are different pieces of furniture to suit every individual, whether it be a statement piece that has been made to order for your living room or simply a small desk chair for your office space, the options are endless.

Popular Questions

What is the best month to buy furniture?

The best month to buy furniture is at the end of winter (February) or the end of summer (September).

At the end of the season’s retailers want to get rid of old stock so offer large discounts.

You can pick up some bargain buys with the closing down sales also.

What is a good discount on furniture?

A good discount on furniture is 25% off.

Many online furniture suppliers have 10-20% discounts all year round.

Luxury furniture websites have been known to offer huge 50 per cent discounts when negotiating in-store paying cash.

(Video) Most Expensive Luxury Furniture Brands 2021

How many years should furniture be expected to last?

Furniture typically lasts for 10-15 years, or longer if the items are high-quality pieces.

However, the longevity of furniture will ultimately depend on the frequency of use, how it is used and how it has been maintained.

For example, bedroom furniture, such as bed mattresses, typically last between 7-10 years before they may need replacing.

Low-quality items may be more prone to damage or breakage, so it’s important to check out the guarantee before buying.

How do you clean furniture?

Furniture can be cleaned regularly by vacuuming, wiping down or brushing off any dirt.

Some types of furniture may need more specialist care to maintain its quality.

Leather furnishings can be cleaned using a mix of 1/2 a cup of soap solution and lukewarm water.

Upholstered furniture will benefit from cleaning using a mix of water and liquid detergent, along with a small amount of white vinegar and a sprinkle of baking soda.

Wooden furniture can be cleaned with commercial furniture oil or a turpentine mix, and wicker furniture can be cleaned with ammonia water.

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It’s always best to check your furniture’s tags to find guidance on how they should be cleaned.

Some websites will provide information on how their products should be maintained, so if in doubt check the website of the retailer you bought the furniture from.

What is the best material for a couch when you have dogs?

The best material for your sofa when you have pets is microfibre.

Microfibre, also known as microsuede, is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean or vacuum.

You can get rid of most stains easily with standard cleaning products and microfibre comes in a variety of colours to fit your home aesthetic.

Leather is also an option most immediately associate with being cleaned easily as it won’t cling on to pet hair.

However, leather interiors aren’t scratch resistant and can be more expensive.


We have explored the best online furniture shops in the UK to determine the top 10 online furniture stores for you!

In the past year, home trends have shifted constantly and more people are shopping online than ever before; you can find staple pieces and timeless pieces for your room that will always remain iconic, and they don’t have to break the bank.

Online furniture stores allow you to be your own interior designer and choose trendy furniture and create pieces that fit your unique style, so we have compiled a list of the very best British furniture that you can access at affordable prices.

High street furniture shops offer a wide range of furniture made from quality materials, and at the same time, reasonable prices, you just have to know where to look.

Buying furniture really doesn’t have to be a hassle or a faff, you can shop online for all of the top UK furniture brands, which allows you to find beautifully crafted furniture and accessories made from natural materials from the comfort of your home, rather than trawling the flea markets or stores.

Whether you are looking for crafts furniture, vintage-inspired pieces, British heritage decor, Italian furniture, soft furnishings or design-led furniture, there is an online furniture store to cater for your specific needs.

Our review has covered the most popular furniture stores in the UK, exploring their brand image, pricing, interiors, designers and values.

It’s time to take your room or your home to the next level, read our furniture shop reviews to gather inspiration and find learn more about the best stores across the UK.

(Video) Top UK Furniture Stores

All Furniture Companies UK

Here is a list of all our UK furniture brand reviews.

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