Does Home Depot Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost? (2023)

Home Depot is the world's largest home-improvement store and, for many of us, is the only one-stop-shop we need for that next project.

But does Home Depot make or copy keys?

Home Depot does provide key copying services for most home locks, padlocks, and even vehicles. In addition to traditional key cutting, they also offer self-service key kiosks that let you copy keys in minutes without the help of a Home Depot employee.

To learn more about the types of key services Home Depot provides and pricing, keep on reading!

Table of Contents

  1. What is Key Duplication
  2. Does Home Depot Make House Keys
  3. Does Home Depot Make Car Keys
  4. Home Depot Transponder Keys
  5. Home Depot Non-Transponder Keys
  6. Home Depot Key Fobs
  7. Home Depot Key Copy Kiosk
  8. Home Depot Key Copy Mobile App
  9. Home Depot Key Copy Designs
  10. Home Depot Key Copy Hours
  11. What I Don't Have the Original Key
  12. Do They Copy Do Not Duplicate Keys
  13. Closing Thoughts

What is Key Duplication?

Does Home Depot Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost? (1)

Key duplication is the process of copying a key based upon an existing key. Keys are copied—or cut—using a machine called a key duplicator or key cutting machine.

These key duplicating machines often work by gripping your original key in a vice and using it as a template to grind out a new one.

However, some key cutting machines use a laser to cut very accurate keys—which is required for more precise keys used in higher-security locks, such as Medico.

If you've lost your only key, you won't be able to use key duplication services and will need to call a locksmith to decode the bitting of your lock and make you a fresh key.

Alternatively, you could decode the lock yourself and have a key made to those specifications, or you could purchase an entirely new lock with new keys.

Does Home Depot Make House Keys

Home Depot carries and makes keys for a wide variety of House locks, including exterior door locks and padlocks. The average Home Depot house keys cost between $2.00 and $5.00.

They can make keys for quite a few brands of lock, including:

1. Kwikset
2. Schlage
3. Master Lock
4. Yale
5. Segal
6. American Lock
8. Corbin Russwin
9. and many others.

(Video) Home Depot Automated Copy Key Maker Review - Do Not Use It Before Watching This!

Additionally, Home Depot can make keys for cabinet locks, padlocks, and even sell skeleton keys designed for older locks.

However, you will need your original key for Home Depot to make a copy. If you don't have your original key, you will need to have a locksmith decode your lock or do it yourself.

Does Home Depot Make Car Keys?

While Home Depot may primarily be a store for home improvement, they do make car keys as well as program transponder keys and key fobs. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, keys can range from $2 to $169.

However, to use Home Depot's key duplication service, you will need a working car key for them to clone. If you've lost your key and need a new one, your best and cheapest option is to visit a locksmith.

Now there are several types of car keys, all of which Home Depot offers.

Let's cover each, so you know what you'll need.

Home Depot Transponder Keys

Does Home Depot Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost? (2)

If your car was manufactured within the last 20 years, it likely uses a transponder key.

These types of keys are unfortunately more expensive and require a little more expertise to clone. However, in recent years, Home Depot has met this challenge face-on.

Home Depot offers a vast selection of transponder keys for various car brands, including Toyota, Ford, Honda, GM, Chrysler, and many others. Depending on the make and model of your car, Home Depot can make you a transponder key for $40 to $169.

Transponder Keys work by embedding an RFID chip within the head of the key that is assigned a unique code.

When the key is inserted into the ignition, an RFID receiver reads the code, and if it is correct, it allows the car to start. But if the code doesn't match, the vehicle will not start when the key is rotated.

You can typically identify a transponder key by its relatively thick black plastic casing on the head of the key (like in the image below).

I'm uncertain if all Home Depots are equipped to make transponder keys or if your local store will carry the correct key for your vehicle, so you may need to call ahead and ask.

(Video) Can Home Depot make car keys with chips?

If Home Depot can't clone your car key, you might consider checking out AutoZone—which has quite a vast selection of chipped keys.Or check out my guide covering 38 common places to get a key copied in North America.

However, unless it is a last resort or you have piles of cash to burn, avoid using a dealership for a new chipped key. Most dealerships significantly overcharge for this service.

Home Depot Non-Transponder Keys

Does Home Depot Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost? (3)

If your vehicle was made before 1999, you likely don't need a chipped transponder key.

Home Depot offers a wide selection of non-transponder car keys and can cost between $2 to $10 per key.

Even if your car uses a transponder key, these cheaper keys make a great backup in case you lose your more expensive chipped key and need a template for a new one. Losing your only key is a costly process to remedy, so having a spare to copy can be a godsend.

They can also be helpful if you accidentally lock yourself out of your car and only need a key capable of unlocking the doors.

Home Depot Key Fobs

Key fobs are tiny plastic remotes that can control your vehicle's locks, alarm, and sometimes ignition.

Home Depot sells a variety of key fobs ranging from $12 to $240. They carry fobs for a variety of vehicle makes such as Toyota, Ford, GM, Honda, Chrysler, and others. However, Home Depot does not provide a programming service for key fobs.

That being said, key fobs are pretty easy to program yourself, and you can even reference my guide on how to program a key fob here. I cover the most common programming steps for each major vehicle manufacturer.

So if a key fob is all you need, consider saving yourself some money by picking one up on the Home Depot website and programming it yourself.

Alternatively, you can visit a locksmith or auto parts store and have them do it for you. I would avoid dealerships because they tend to significantly overcharge for key and fob services.

Home Depot Key Copy Machine

Most Home Depots have a self-service key copying machine that allows you to easily duplicate your key within minutes. Additionally, you only pay for the price of the key and not the copying service!

These machines can copy house keys, padlock keys, and even car keys—however, they cannot duplicate transponder keys or key fobs.

(Video) Home Depot Cut Car Keys and Other keys for under 2 Bucks

An automatic key copying machine works by laser-scanning your key to determine the type of key being used and its bitting. It then grinds out a very accurate copy that is guaranteed to work or your money back.

I've used these types of machines dozens of times over the years and have yet to have a key not work, so I, without a doubt, recommend them.

Below is a video of the Home Depot key machine in use!

Home Depot Key Copy Mobile App

Home Depot uses a key copying mobile app called KeyHero that creates a digital copy of your key and stores it in the cloud.

If you ever lose your key or lock yourself out, you can quickly get a new key made at Home Depot or Lowes without the original key.

While this is a niffy app, I don't recommend using this type of service or ever taking pictures of any keys that guard anything important—such as the key to your front door.

The sad reality is that we as consumers never really know what data is being stored and who has access to that data. While this may seem overly paranoid, if you want to keep yourself genuinely secure, uploading photos of your keys to online databases is not a strong start!

A safer alternative is decoding your key yourself and simply storing the numbers of your key bitting for reference! If you ever do lock yourself out, you can quickly get a key made using these numbers!

Home Depot Key Copy Designs

Does Home Depot Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost? (4)

If you've ever had too many keys similar-looking keys on your keychain, you know the nightmare associated with trying to find the right key. Why not solve that problem by making your keys in different designs?

Home Depot has a wide variety of decorative keys with all sorts of colors and designs.

You could have a red key for the shed, a blue key for your storage, and a green key for the house. You can even show off your personality with a ladybug key or rep your favorite football team.

After all, you use your keys nearly every day; you might as well get a little joy out of it.

You can check out Home Depot's selection of key designs here.

(Video) Need a New Car Key? Save Big by Following This Tip

Home Depot Key Copy Hours

You can get your key copied during regular Home Depot store hours. Common store hours can be found in the table below.

Sunday6 AM - 8 PM
Monday6 AM - 9 PM
Tuesday6 AM - 9 PM
Wednesday6 AM - 9 PM
Thursday6 AM - 9 PM
Friday6 AM - 9 PM
Saturday6 AM - 9 PM

Some store hours may be location-based, in which case you can check your local hours here.

Can I Get a Key Copy if I Don't Have the Original Key?

If you've lost your key or locked yourself out, can Home Depot make you a new key without the original?

Unfortunately, Home Depot can not make you a new key with the original key.

However, if you find yourself in this situation, you typically have options:

  1. Call a locksmith to decode your lock and cut you a new key.
  2. Use this as an opportunity to replace your lock and get a new set of keys
  3. Find your lock's bitting by decoding the lock and provide that to Home Depot or locksmith for a new key.

Will Home Depot Copy a Do Not Duplicate Key

Does Home Depot Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost? (5)

Most employees at Home Depot will not copy "DO NOT DUPLICATE" keys or any other type of restricted key such as a postal office key.

However, you may be able to bypass this restriction by using the self-serve key copying kiosk located in most Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes stores.

That being said, these kiosks might not carry the type of key that you wish to duplicate. But it is worth a shot!

Closing Thoughts

If you need to make some copies of your keys, Home Depot is an excellent choice that is typically cheaper and easier than visiting a locksmith.

Additionally, their self-service key kiosk makes copying a key an effortless task and is, in all honesty, rather fun to use.

However, while Home Depot may be great at duplicating basic keys, you might consider using a trained locksmith for more complicated keys used in higher-security locks.

I hope you found this little guide helpful and if you would like to learn more about home security or lock picking, consider checking out my Academy here for more free guides!


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