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Learn programming from basics in this free online training. Programming course is taught hands-on by experts. Learn about data types, variables, loops, functions in programming & lot more. Best For Beginners. Start now!


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What you learn in Programming Basics ?

Free Programming Course With Certificate For Beginners (3)

Basic concepts of Programming

About this Free Certificate Course

To become a good programmer, you should first be familiar with the programming basics. Every programming language that you take the initiative to learn will first be focused on understanding the basics of that language as it becomes the root step before going into depth of learning the same. This programming basics course will take you through the standard basics of programming languages. You will be learning about the variables, conditional statements, looping and iteration, data types, and functions. These concepts are a few of the basics that every programming language depends on. Here, you will learn these concepts along with their usage in various programming languages. This approach will help you understand these concepts better and strengthen your basics in programming.

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Course Outline


Variable in Programming

Conditional Statements

Looping and Iteration

Function in Programming

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Free Programming Course With Certificate For Beginners (4) Free Programming Course With Certificate For Beginners (5)

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Programming Basics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of programming concepts?

Some of the basic programming concepts that you should know are data types, functions, variables, syntax, and knowledge about conditional statements

What are the types of programming languages?

There are mainly three programming languages: machine language, assembly language, and high-level programming languages.

How do I learn programming concepts?

There are an ample number of programming basics online courses available on the web. One such course is the programming basics course mentioned above.

What are the steps of programming?

To program a solution for a problem, you should first understand that problem. Steps in the programming process include,

  • Understanding the problem statement
  • Architect the design and solution
  • Implement the solution through code
  • Test the implemented code
  • Document the program

What is an example of a conditional statement in programming?

You can take “if-else” statements in programs as an example for the conditional statements in programming.

Is programming hard for beginners?

No. If you make your basics in programming strong and understand these basics concepts well, programming becomes easier for beginners

Will I get a certificate after completing this Programming Basics free course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of completion for Programming Basics after completing all the modules and cracking the assessment. The assessment tests your knowledge of the subject and badges your skills.

How much does this Programming Basics course cost?

It is an entirely free course from Great Learning Academy. Anyone interested in learning the basics of Programming Basics can get started with this course.

Is there any limit on how many times I can take this free course?

Once you enroll in the Programming Basics course, you have lifetime access to it. So, you can log in anytime and learn it for free online.

Can I sign up for multiple courses from Great Learning Academy at the same time?

Yes, you can enroll in as many courses as you want from Great Learning Academy. There is no limit to the number of courses you can enroll in at once, but since the courses offered by Great Learning Academy are free, we suggest you learn one by one to get the best out of the subject.

Why choose Great Learning Academy for this free Programming Basics course?

Great Learning Academy provides this Programming Basics course for free online. The course is self-paced and helps you understand various topics that fall under the subject with solved problems and demonstrated examples. The course is carefully designed, keeping in mind to cater to both beginners and professionals, and is delivered by subject experts. Great Learning is a global ed-tech platform dedicated to developing competent professionals. Great Learning Academy is an initiative by Great Learning that offers in-demand free online courses to help people advance in their jobs. More than 5 million learners from 140 countries have benefited from Great Learning Academy's free online courses with certificates. It is a one-stop place for all of a learner's goals.

What are the steps to enroll in this Programming Basics course?

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Enrolling in any of the Great Learning Academy’s courses is just one step process. Sign-up for the course, you are interested in learning through your E-mail ID and start learning them for free online.

Will I have lifetime access to this free Programming Basics course?

Yes, once you enroll in the course, you will have lifetime access, where you can log in and learn whenever you want to.

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The learning experience was very enriching and the mentors and advisors were very supportive all along. I'm extremely glad I signed up for the program. I definitely got what I wanted from the program and strongly recommend it. Javier R. Olaechea Data Solution Integration Advisor ExxonMobil, US
I found the Data science program to have the perfect combination of relevant content, flexibility, academic rigor, and practical content that allowed me to immediately put all into practice at work. Gabriel Arbe Director of Operations, Latin America VMWARE, US
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Why Programming Basics?

Programming is a fundamental skill needed to make a career in any software-related industry. Be it gaming, telecom, IT, or e-commerce. The programming basics course focuses on early programming concepts that are omnipresent in almost all major programming languages.

Programming Basics:

  • Building block to enter into the programming world
  • It is independent of any programming language
  • Focuses on the basics of a programming language
  • Common programming constructs
  • Linear vs. conditional flow
  • Looping
  • Variables and constants as part of any programming language
  • A modular approach using functions
  • Summarizing all starting concepts

Features of Programming Basics course

  • Focus on basics of programming: Computer programming is the science of designing and coding a computer program which is nothing but a sequence of instructions in a Computer Programming Language that performs a specified task by the computer. In order to make a career in the software industry, strong programming skills are a must, and that can only be built once the basics are understood properly. This course focuses on the first principles of programming and makes you ready to imbibe advanced concepts.
  • Language agnostic: This course is on generic programming concepts that apply to most of the programming languages but does not teach or recommend any specific programming language. For instance, most of the early programmers write Hello World! as their first program. This is generic; how it is written in C or C++ or Python becomes specific to the underlying programming language.
  • Introduction to common programming constructs: This course introduces basic programming constructs such as variables, data types, operators, conditionals, and functions in an easy-to-understand manner. A data type is the categorization of data that tells the compiler or interpreter how the programmer intends to use the data, what kind of range it will have, and how much memory is needed for it. It will be present in all programming languages, and they support various types of data, including integer, real, character or string, and Boolean. Variables denote names assigned to computer memory locations within a program used to store values in a computer program. Any program in any language will require deep knowledge of these basics and prepare you for advanced topics such as pointers, inheritance, templates, etc.
  • Linear and conditional Flow: Computer programs solve real-world problems that are complex and multidimensional. Hence, the flow of a program would be a mix of linear ( step by step ) or conditional ( jump to a section based on some condition). Computer programming uses conditionals, i.e., conditional statements, conditional expressions, and conditional constructs, to make decisions and take the next steps based on the outcome of the decision. To drill further down, conditionals perform different computations or actions depending on whether a programmer-defined Boolean condition evaluates true or false. This alters the flow of the program based on the decision. Common conditionals constructs used are if-else or switch statements.
  • Loop constructs: Nearly every high-level programming language provides a concept called loop for executing one or more statements N number of times. Its exact syntax may differ from language to language, but all high-level programming languages provide some form of looping construct. A loop can be understood as a repeating block of code till a certain number of times. Most of the programming algorithmic complexity comes from loops. Common loop constructs are for, while, and do..while.
  • Prepare base for modular programming: Modular programming is a software designing framework that advocates dividing the functionality of a program into independent, complete, and interchangeable modules, such that each module is self-contained to execute one part of the desired functionality. Usually, it is achieved by using functions or classes to break the functionality into smaller parts and achieve the smaller part. Functions are also called methods or procedures. Functions are the alternative to writing repeating blocks of code in a program. Functions also increase the reusability of code. All programming functions have input and output. The function is a set of instructions used to create the output from its input. Function follows the dictum, write-once use repeatedly over and over again. Functions can be "called" from the inside of other functions. Functions are the smallest and most natural unit to test as you code software. This course teaches you the basics of functions and their use in programming.

About This Course:

The programming Basics course is a stepping stone for developing strong programming skills that are needed to excel in the software industry. It is language-independent and does not have any pre-requisite conditions. On successful completion of this course, you will be ready to learn advanced programming concepts.

This Programming Basics course offered to you by Great Learning is free and will help you understand the basics of programming. Once you successfully complete this course, you will earn a certificate on the completion of this course. You can also learn about other Online Software Courses offered by registering with them.

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