Housekeeping Chemicals | PS Food Solutions (2023)

Taski R1 : Bathroom cleaner cum Sanitiser

(Video) Housekeeping Cleaning Agents - Taski R-Series Chemicals (R1 to R9) usage

Taski R2 : Hygienic Hard Surface Cleaner (All purpose cleaning agent)

Taski R3 : Glass and Mirror Cleaner

(Video) Chemicals used for cleaning in Housekeeping

Taski R4 : Furniture Polish

Taski R5 : Air Freshner

(Video) How to Clean an Oven FAST with NO Harsh Chemicals

Taski R6 : Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Taski R7 : Floor Cleaner (For removal of oil and grease)

(Video) Cleaning and Sanitizing - Foodservice

Taski R9 : Bathroom and Fittings Cleaner


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