How Do I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator? | LoadUp (2022)

How Do I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator? | LoadUp (1)

If you’ve ever been brave enough to try and remove a refrigerator on your own, you know it is not a one person job. Especially if your flooring has the scuff marks to remind you.

A refrigerator can be incredibly heavy and awkward to move around. On top of that, you can’t simply just throw out a refrigerator. Even if you manage to get it down to the curb, most garbage disposal services in the United States won’t pick up an old refrigerator.

Because of this, disposing of an old refrigerator can be a nightmare task. Read on to learn how to make getting rid of your unwanted fridge easy and stress-free today.

How to Get Rid of Your Old Fridge:

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  1. Request an appliance retailer picks up the old fridge.
  2. Take your used refrigerator to a recycling facility.
  3. Donate your gently used refrigerator to charity.
  4. Throw away your refrigerator with the garbage.
  5. Schedule refrigerator disposal from your local junk removal service.

What are my options for getting rid of a refrigerator?

When you think about the appliances in your kitchen that see the most use, your refrigerator is likely at the top of your list. Like most other large appliances, your fridge won’t last forever. Eventually, you will need to replace it to an upgraded, newer model with better efficiency.

But what are you going to do with your old fridge? Luckily, you have a few options when it comes to getting rid of large cooling appliances including pickup, donation and recycling.

1. Retailer or manufacturer refrigerator trade-in

Before you throw down the cash to buy a new refrigerator, ask your appliance seller if they can haul away your old fridge as part of the deal. This is the easiest way to get rid of an old fridge.

Some appliance retailers offer one-to-one trade-in programs that will haul away and recycle or refurbish your old refrigerator when buying a new one. Many appliance dealers will provide this service perk, especially if they are already dropping your refrigerator off at your home.

However, in order to do proper refrigerator disposal some require it to still be in good working condition. This service can cost an extra fee of $10 to $50. Some retailers require that you purchase one-to-one pick up service with new appliances, so don’t forget to ask.

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How Do I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator? | LoadUp (2)

2. Recycle your old refrigerator

If your old refrigerator meets local regulations near you, you may be able to have it recycled.

The good news is, you don’t need to know how to recycle a refrigerator. Many waste management services handle refrigerator recycling, and you can also rely on a junk removal company like LoadUp to take care of it for you.

Contact your local electric utility company or state energy office. Many local utilities and environmental organizations sponsor a growing number of appliance recycling programs.

Refrigerator recycling is better for the environment!

  • Recycling your refrigerator helps reduce greenhouse gases and limits ozone damage.
  • Recycling refrigerators is a great way to help cut back on landfill waste and energy use by preventing the release of toxic substances into the air, water, and soil.

However, you will have to haul your refrigerator to the nearest recycling facility yourself and dirty old fridges tend to be heavy. Free refrigerator recycling is typically not an option either.

♻️Check out our appliance disposal guide for the right ways to recycle a refrigerator and freezer.

3. Donate your gently used refrigerator to charity

Some local charities accept donations of old refrigerators, as long as they are still in good, usable working condition. Contact local charities to see if they will take your used refrigerator. You will usually have to haul the refrigerator to a donation drop-off center on your own.

However, some charities offer free refrigerator pick up and will come and pick up large appliances from your home. This means you won’t have to worry about figuring out how you’re going to get your refrigerator to the charity and making fridge pick up convenient.

How Do I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator? | LoadUp (3)

4. Throw your refrigerator out with the trash

You may decide to throw away your old fridge and let the city deal with it. While this may be tempting, it does have quite a few drawbacks – including being terrible for the environment.

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If your local trash service does offer to pick up refrigerators or other large appliances, you will have to book an appointment at least 2 weeks in advance or wait until large trash pickup day.

Mandatory recycling of large household appliances

In efforts to reduce landfill waste, many states have banned kitchen and other big appliances from landfills. Some states have made it mandatory to recycle large household appliances like:

  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • stoves
  • water heaters
  • dishwashers
  • ac units
  • hydroponic systems
  • ice machines

In many cases, you will be required to take your old fridge to a transfer station or landfill. You will also need to hire a professional to remove the compressor and drain the refrigerator of its coolant prior to disposal, as well as pay a disposal fee.

PRO TIP: 💡 You will be expected to remove the doors beforehand. Do not tape the doors closed! Landfills can not legally accept refrigerators or freezers that have been taped shut.

How Do I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator? | LoadUp (4)

5. Use junk removal services for old fridge or freezer.

You can completely skip the hassle and frustration of getting rid of your old refrigerator by using a professional junk removal service to pick it up, haul it away and dispose of it for you.

Junk removal services do charge a fee to pick up your refrigerator and dispose of it for you, but the time and energy you save are well worth it. Learn about appliance disposal costs.

Affordable appliance removal services

LoadUp is a nationwide junk removal service providing fast, easy, and affordable services near you. LoadUp offers upfront, no-haggle pricing and can take that old, unwanted refrigerator off your hands and handle necessary eco-friendly fridge recycling for you as soon as tomorrow.

Responsible appliances disposal services

LoadUp also makes sure that your refrigerator will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Having already kept over 3 million pounds of junk out of landfills, they try to have 100% of the items they pick up donated or recycled. Properly dispose of your old fridge with LoadUp!

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Need help getting rid of your old fridge?Learn More ❯

The best refrigerator removal service near you

If you decide to have a junk removal company get rid of your old refrigerator instead of worrying with the hassle of renting a truck, wasting precious time and energy, and convincing your friends to help you, it’s important to choose the right one.

While there are many options to choose from for professional junk removal, LoadUp offers a lot that other hauling services don’t.

How Do I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator? | LoadUp (5)

LoadUp refrigerator removal and disposal services

As a full-service junk removal company that understands excellent customer service is the best business strategy, LoadUp keeps your comfort and convenience a top priority.

LoadUp offers pickup times that fit your schedule, and your team of Loaders will handle all the heavy lifting and pick up your used refrigerator as-is, wherever it is in your home. If you can’t be around when they arrive to haul away your refrigerator, LoadUp also offers curbside pickup service at a discounted price.

While every other junk removal company in the industry forces you into a “free” onsite quote, stealing your time and making you have to haggle over the price, LoadUp provides you with an instant, a guaranteed quote that’s 20-30% lower than what those other guys charge.

LoadUp is a trailblazer in the junk removal industry, using proprietary technology developed in-house to provide customers with real-time updates on the status of their pickup and location of their Loader team. This means you don’t have to wait around all day for them to show up, because you’ll be alerted when they’re on their way.

LoadUp can help make getting rid of your old fridge a quick, easy experience instead of a big, bulky nightmare. Choose LoadUp Refrigerator Removal & Disposal Today.

Frequently asked questions

How to recycle refrigerators?

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Drain the fridge of all refrigerants, oils, and other hazardous materials. After that, you can drop your refrigerator off at a local recycling center or find a refrigerator recycling program near you.

What to do with old refrigerators?

Do not put your old fridge at the curb with the rest of your trash. If it’s still working, donate it to a local charity, give it to a loved one, or sell it online. Broken refrigerators should be drained of all hazardous materials and recycled or otherwise safely disposed of.

Need help? Book strong professionals online to pick up your unwanted fridge for disposal.

How to get rid of a refrigerator for free?

The options are tricky and involve hauling your fridge yourself, but you can get rid of a fridge without paying a cent. List your fridge for pickup as an ad on Craigslist to attract scrappers. Call local energy companies that pick up working refrigerators for a possible rebate. Or see if you can wait for the 2-4 free bulk trash pickup days your waste management may offer.

Who offers refrigerator disposal free near me?

Unfortunately, there are few-to-no services that offer refrigerator disposal for free (even recycling centers charge for dropping items off). You can request a pickup from some utility companies as they often do offer free pickup services for energy-sucking appliances.

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However, the fridge must still work and they typically do not go inside your home so you will have to carry it to the curb.

If you prefer a low-cost, stress-free alternative to hauling the fridge to the curb yourself, get your guaranteed, affordable refrigerator pickup price online with LoadUp.


What's the best way to get rid of an old refrigerator? ›

Best Refrigerator Disposal Methods
  1. Ask your appliance dealer to pick it up. ...
  2. Donate the refrigerator if it still works. ...
  3. Call a nearby recycling center. ...
  4. Contact your local trash collector.
2 Feb 2018

How do you get rid of a refrigerator for free near me? ›

The good news is that you can often have a local non-profit organization pick up your old appliance for you. They can schedule a pickup from the thrift store nearest you. It's best to check with your local Salvation Army office first to see if they accept appliance donations in your area.

What do you do with an old refrigerator? ›

Your local waste management division may offer heavy trash pick-up and recycling programs for appliances. Contact them directly for information. Talk to Your Local Scrap Metal Recycler. Thousands of local scrap metal recyclers can recycle old fridges and freezers.

Do scrap yards take fridges? ›

In most cases your local scrap metal yard will not accept fridges for recycling. This is due to fridges requiring specialist treatment when being recycled. Unfortunately they are not worth a value as scrap.

How do you drain Freon from a refrigerator? ›

How to evacuate freon from a fridge - YouTube

How do I get rid of an old fridge freezer? ›

If you're buying a new fridge, some companies will offer to take the old one away for free. If you're strong and own suitable transport, you may be able to take your fridge down to your local tip or recycling centre yourself. Alternatively, most councils will collect large waste such as fridges and freezers for a fee.

Can I take an old fridge to the local tip? ›

Many people wonder whether they can take their old fridge or freezer to the tip to dispose of it, and the simple answer is yes.

Does PG&E pickup refrigerators? ›

Dispose of your fridge in a way that's fast, easy, and good for the environment. Schedule a free pickup by clicking here or by calling 1-844-849-8900. Must be a PG&E electric customer to qualify for this offer. For more information on rebates, visit

Does LA charge for bulky item pickup? ›

Bulky Item Collection

Please recycle your bulky items through charitable organizations and thrift stores. However, if you are unable to do so, LA Sanitation (LASAN) will pick up your large/bulky household items free of charge including: Furniture (mattresses, couches, carpet)

Are old refrigerators worth money? ›

As with all appliances in the 21st century, antique and vintage fridges are typically worth a couple thousand dollars unrestored and a few thousand more when restored. Even restored refrigerators shouldn't be reaching the $10,000 mark, so if you see a listing with that steep of a price, you should head for the hills.

Does opening the fridge waste money? ›

It's true: Leaving the door open while you put away groceries or search for a snack is costing you. When you open your refrigerator, the cold air that keeps your food fresh escapes and is replaced by warm air from the room.

What can I do with a broken mini fridge? ›

Call the manufacturer of your mini-fridge, your local thrift store or your local used appliance store if your electricity provider does not offer any pick-up service. Ask if they accept used mini-fridges, and tell them what condition your appliance is in.

Do scrap men pick up fridges? ›

Can the scrap man take fridges? Due to the hazardous nature of a fridge and the legal legislation, the scrap man cannot take a fridge.

Do scrappers take fridge freezers? ›

We often get asked if we can dispose of fridges/freezers?... the answer is yes! However they cannot be scrapped at scrap yards, this is due to a combination of the gasses/expanded foam insulation & plastics in them, it simply costs more to dispose of those than scrap metal value of the metal content.

How do you scrap a fridge compressor? ›

Scrapping a Compressor for Copper! - YouTube

How long does it take for Freon to leak out of fridge? ›

Depending on the appliance's age, the size of the hole, and the amount of coolant in the unit, it can take 30 minutes to six hours for Freon to leak out of an AC or refrigerator.

How much does it cost to get Freon out of a refrigerator? ›

The cost of freon, more commonly known as refrigerant, is $4 to $10 per pound. If there appears to be a problem with the refrigerant, other parts that may need fixing or replacing may cost anywhere from $100 to $400 (not including labor).

Does Freon leak when refrigerator is off? ›

A refrigerator low on Freon will run continuously.

If the motor is not running, a leak is not to blame. The motor will be running constantly if your refrigerator is leaking Freon.

Do I need to defrost freezer before recycling? ›

If we're taking a fridge freezer away, make sure it's completely defrosted and free from any water. Make sure your appliance is empty and in a relatively clean condition. If we're collecting a tumble dryer, washing machine or dishwasher, don't forget to unload it – unfortunately we can't recycle dirty laundry or pots.

Can I take a fridge freezer to the local tip? ›

Check whether your local council will collect fridges and freezers. Or take to any household waste recycling centre. Old fridges and freezers are hazardous waste due to the gases they contain. The gases have to be recovered safely before the fridges and freezers can be recycled.

Can you put a fridge in a skip? ›

You cannot put hazardous or harmful items into a skip. These include but are not limited to TVs, computer monitors, asbestos, tyres, fluorescent tubes, fridges, paint and paint tins (unless empty), plasterboard, batteries, medical waste, gas cylinders, liquids, solvents, oil, petrol, diesel and explosives.

How do you remove smells from a fridge? ›

One way to do this using household items is by spreading a thin layer of baking soda on a large cookie sheet and leaving it in the fridge overnight. If you don't have baking soda on hand, oats and coffee grounds are also natural odor absorbers and will get the job done just as well.

How do you disassemble a fridge freezer? ›

Refrigerator Disassembly – Refrigerator Repair Help - YouTube

Can I take my old sofa to the local tip? ›

Most tips or Local Recycling Centres, as they're officially known, will happily accept your sofa and, where possible, will recycle or reuse as much of the sofa as possible.

How do I dispose of a refrigerator in California? ›

Refrigerators can be dropped off at the Western Regional Sanitary Landfill for a disposal fee. The disposal fee for refrigerator appliances is $30.00 per item. This fee is the same for air conditioners, water coolers, refrigerators and freezers.

Does PG&E give free refrigerators? ›

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is offering new replacement refrigerators to qualifying families across the state under its Low-Income Refrigerator Replacement Program.

Does Edison still pickup refrigerators? ›

Unfortunately, our refrigerator recycling program and refrigerator rebates have been discontinued.

How do I get rid of a lot of boxes? ›

Here are a few solutions.
  1. Send boxes to recycling factories. If you live close to a factory that recycles paper and cardboard, or you pass by one on your way to work, it won't hurt to take your stack of boxes and deliver them for recycling.
  2. Call a rubbish removal company. ...
  3. Recycle creatively.
16 Feb 2021

Can you leave a couch on the curb Los Angeles? ›

Furniture, carpet, yard trimmings, shelving, and wood will be accepted. If you are unable to bring your bulky items to a drop-off location, simply call our 24-hour Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489 or use the MyLA311 app to schedule a curbside pick-up.

How do I get rid of a large bulky object? ›

How to Properly Dispose of Large Household Items
  1. Sell Your Unwanted Bulk Items at a Garage Sale.
  2. Get Waste Management to Throw Away Bulk Waste.
  3. Rent a Dumpster.
  4. Donate Your Unwanted Household Items.
  5. Recycle Your Bulk Household Items.
  6. Bring in a Junk Removal Company.

What is considered an old refrigerator? ›

According to the United States Department of Energy, refrigerators last approximately 12 years. At that point, it's likely time to replace it. Of course, if your refrigerator is not energy-efficient, you may want to consider replacing it before it stops working.

Should I replace my 25 year old refrigerator? ›

Check the Refrigerator's Age

A typical refrigerator has a 10- to 20-year lifespan. The longer you have had your refrigerator, the greater the potential repair cost, says The Money Pit. If the refrigerator is less than eight years old, consider repair. If the refrigerator is more than 15 years old, consider replacement.

What is the lifespan of an average refrigerator? ›

Most refrigerators are designed to last between 10 and 20 years. If you're having any of the other problems on this list and the fridge is over ten years old, you'll probably save more money in the long run by simply replacing it. Otherwise, you could sink money into repairs for a fridge that's already on its way out.

Is it better to open and close refrigerator door or leave open? ›

The Answer: Close the Refrigerator Door!

By keeping the door closed you will reduce your electric bill and extend the life of your refrigerator. Keep it closed and keep it cool!

Should fridge door be left open when not in use? ›

Leaving your refrigerator door open can let the food in the fridge warm up, and cause it spoil. Or at least, spoil it a lot closer if the refrigerator door was closed. Generally, if the fridge door was left open for less than 2 hours, it won't be too bad.

Why you should not leave the fridge door open? ›

When the refrigerator door is left open, it will introduce hot air inside the cold fridge; this will eventually form into water droplets that will make your fridge look like it's sweating. A sweating refrigerator means that it is having trouble maintaining its temperature.

What do you do with food in a broken refrigerator? ›

According to the USDA, a refrigerator without power can keep food safe for consumption for up to four hours. After that time period is up, any perishable items will need to be either thrown out, eaten immediately or transferred to an ice-filled cooler.

Is it worth fixing a broken fridge? ›

Extent of Damage

But, as a good rule of thumb, if you have multiple faulty parts or if your refrigerator is over ten years old, it is probably time to replace it. Consumer Reports recommends replacing your refrigerator if the cost to repair it is more than half the price of buying a new one.

What happens if you puncture the inside of a freezer? ›

A freezer puncture is a big problem: it causes your freezer to malfunction, the temperature to fluctuate and all that food to spoil.

Who picks up old appliances for free near me? ›

Most free appliance removal services are charitable organizations. They often use the proceeds from donated appliances to support the less fortunate.
  • Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD)
  • The Salvation Army.
  • Goodwill.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStores.
  • St. Vincent de Paul.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America.
  • Costco.
6 Oct 2021

Do scrap metal people take fridges? ›

In most cases your local scrap metal yard will not accept fridges for recycling. This is due to fridges requiring specialist treatment when being recycled. Unfortunately they are not worth a value as scrap.

What will scrap man take? ›

Common Household Items You Can Scrap
  • Old cookware. If you take a look around your kitchen, you'll be able to find many items made of metals that can be scrapped and recycled – with aluminium, copper and stainless steel among them. ...
  • Household appliances. ...
  • Electronic devices. ...
  • Food containers. ...
  • Gardening tools and equipment.
20 Jan 2021

What can you scrap off a refrigerator? ›

You can also scrap the frame of the fridge for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The inside of the fridge is usually plastic on the side, but the shelving could be steel so be sure to remove those. Have your magnet handy to see what metals you have, steel the magnet will stick.

What appliance has the most copper in it? ›

Refrigerators, stoves, and air conditioners in particular are great sources of copper as they require a larger power supply and therefore tend to contain thick insulated copper wire.

How do you drain Freon from a refrigerator? ›

How to evacuate freon from a fridge - YouTube

What is a pound of copper worth? ›

Bare Bright Wire (stripped/shiny)$2.90
#1 Tubing (clean tube/ clean fine wire)$2.80
#2 Tubing (paint/solder/burnt wire)$2.50
Tin Plated (wire/bus)$2.50
4 more rows

Is it safe to remove compressor from refrigerator? ›

Do not attempt to remove refrigerant or compressors yourself. Improperly handled refrigerant may result in physical harm. Only properly trained individuals using EPA-approved refrigerant recovery equipment should attempt to remove refrigerant from appliances.

Do all refrigerators have freon? ›

Does My Refrigerator Use Freon? Due to its detrimental impact on the environment, modern refrigerators which are manufactured after 1994 aren't likely to use Freon. Thus, newer refrigerants are being used in place of Freon which have a smaller effect on the environment, such as R-600a or HFC-134a.

How do you dispose of a fridge in NYC? ›

How to set up for pickup
  1. Set out appliances with their backs facing the street. Only appliances that are tagged for pick-up will be collected.
  2. Residents can schedule up to ten appliances for CFC removal per appointment.
  3. If you need to dispose of a large quantity of appliances, contact the local DSNY garage.

What kills a refrigerator compressor? ›

Typically, compressors die because something in the air conditioning or refrigeration system changes, which affects the compressor performance. For example, liquid slugging is a common cause of compressor failure, but the compressor doesn't cause this phenomenon.

What is the average life of compressor of fridge? ›

Although plans for a replacement should start around eight years of service, a well-maintained compressor can reach to ten years and beyond. As it ages, efficiency loss is gradual at first.

Is it worth repairing a 10 year old refrigerator? ›

But, as a good rule of thumb, if you have multiple faulty parts or if your refrigerator is over ten years old, it is probably time to replace it. Consumer Reports recommends replacing your refrigerator if the cost to repair it is more than half the price of buying a new one.

Is it illegal to put Freon in refrigerator? ›

Freon – also known as R-22 and hydro-chlorofluorocarbon, or HCFC-22 – was originally slated for restrictions back in 2010. Now that the Freon ban has gone into effect in all 50 states, HVAC owners have many questions.

How much does it cost to have Freon put in a refrigerator? ›

Refrigerant Gas Leak

A fridge that's working correctly will not need freon replacement, but if there's a leak, a professional will know how to put freon in a refrigerator. Expect to pay between $150 and $400 to repair a refrigerant leak.

How can you tell if your refrigerator is low on Freon? ›

Checking the Freon

With your ear pressed to the refrigerator, you should hear a faint hissing or gurgling noise. The Freon will hiss and gurgle through the fridge's capillary tubes as the pressure equalizes within the system. If you do not hear the hiss and gurgle, you may be low on Freon.

Can you leave an old fridge outside? ›

Type – Indoor refrigerators should not be stored outside as they are not designed for safe operation in an outdoor environment or to withstand the elements. However, a refrigerator labeled for outdoor or indoor/outdoor use can be used in the right environment with safety precautions in place.

Does nyc sanitation pick up appliances? ›

DSNY does offer pickup services for appliance recycling, but you'll have to make sure you're in full compliance with numerous regulations first. Before you enlist a friend or two and start hauling an old appliance down to the curb, take some time to brush up on sanitation guidelines.

How do I dispose of appliances in nyc? ›

Place your bulk items curbside between 4 PM and midnight the night before your collection day. Put metal and rigid plastic items out the night before your recycling collection day. Put non-recyclable items out the night before your trash collection day.

Where can I dispose of old appliances near me? ›

Appliance Recycling Options
  1. Transfer Station. If your city offers appliance recycling services, they will typically have recycling stations for large appliances at a local transfer station or dump. ...
  2. Local Scrap Metal Retailers. ...
  3. Retailers. ...
  4. Utility Provider.

Does Great Lakes Energy pick up old refrigerators? ›

If you're wondering what to do with an old refrigerator or freezer, Great Lakes Energy recommends you recycle it. GLE's Energy Optimization (EO) program provides free pick-up and recycling of secondary, still-working refrigerators and freezers.

Where can I get rid of my fridge for free Toronto? ›

at a Drop-Off Depot. Home pickup is available for household hazardous waste between 10-50 litres/kilograms. To arrange pickup, please call 311 or complete an online service request. There is no fee for drop-off or pickup of household hazardous waste, with the exception of fluorescent tubes over a certain quantity.


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