How to Buy A Mobile Home in Georgia: Tips for 2021 (2023)

There are a lot of great states to live in, but Georgia is top of the list. Best of all, it is affordable to get a mobile home in Georgia.

How to Buy A Mobile Home in Georgia: Tips for 2021 (1)

Securing Financing for Buying a Mobile Home in Georgia

Before you can buy a mobile home, you’ll need to secure financing. There are several lenders that can help finance your mobile home. Many offer different loan options, from FHA-backed loans to conventional loans, to help you purchase a home.

At Home Nation, we understand the challenge of secure lending for your mobile home. That’s why we offer several affordable financing options to help people find housing to fit their family’s needs. We have several loans, including conventional, to help you finance your mobile home in Georgia.Fill out our formto find out if you’re eligible.

What is the Minimum Credit Score You Need to Buy a Mobile Home in Georgia?

Most mobile home loans will want a minimum credit score of 580 to 620 when buying a mobile home. If you are a first-time homebuyer, it may require a higher score. Putting down a larger down payment can offset a lower credit score.

When is the Most Ideal Time to Buy a Mobile Home in Georgia?

In Georgia, the best time to buy a mobile home is in the early spring. April has20% more homes on the marketthan at other times of the year, so pricing is more competitive and in the buyer’s favor.

November is the worst time to buy because inventory is limited, and pricing tends to spike during this month. To offset these price spikes, lenders will offer more favorable interest rates for loans during December. The better rate will usually incentive buyers in bad market conditions.

So you may want to research to determine if it is better to get a lower financing rate than the overall price. At Home Nation, we offer an extensiveinventoryof high-quality Georgia mobile homes that are new and pre-owned at competitive pricing.

Are Mobile Homes Allowed on My Georgia Property?

Yes, you can have a mobile home on your Georgia property, but Georgia has a few rules you need to know. Most counties require a building permit for your mobile home, and the home must comply with the HUD code. Some counties only allow single-wide mobile homes on agricultural land.

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Because each county can vary on its mobile home restrictions, it’s critical to research and learn your county rules before you buy a mobile home. Most counties may require septic permits, proof of water service, and driveway permits before you can apply for a building permit for the mobile home to be on your land.

The county will also need to conduct an inspection of the mobile home to verify that it meets HUD codes and regulations for safety and habitable conditions. Once you’ve obtained all permits and completed the inspections, you should receive a permit to place the home on your land.

Want to buy a high-quality mobile home in Georgia?Contact us to learn more about our new or pre-owned mobile homes.

According to Zillow, the average for decent land in the Peach State is about $2,500 per acre. This would be land with some clearing and space for a mobile home while being surrounded by beautiful trees and the Peach State's lush scenery.

We went to one of the top resources for statistics regarding mobile home living, Mobile Home Village. According to their reports, here are some facts about mobile home living in Georgia:

  • Average annualized price of a pre-owned home: $49,300

  • Average annualized model year of a pre-owned home: 2008

  • Average annualized pre-owned home size in square feet: 1270

  • Average year a community was developed: 1992

  • Number of all-age communities: 391

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Purchasing Your Mobile Home

The first step when looking to buy a mobile home is to contact the right dealer. The right dealer will help you with your budget, planning, and costs of purchasing a mobile home in Georgia.

Once you have a budget, you can plan where you want to live and if that is in a community or buying the land you wish to put the mobile home on. However, some counties and cities have zoning restrictions, and some localities even prohibit mobile homes. If you are considering the community route, you will want to make sure they do not have any restrictions.

These are significant steps in the mobile home owning process, but Home Nation makes it easy for you by taking the hassle out of it. We call this the "Loan, Home, Budget, & Build" process, and it guarantees you the best price anywhere for a factory-built home installed on your lot.

Setting Up Your Mobile Home in Georgia

The dealer typically has a staff team that handles all the necessary paperwork and requirements for transporting and installing a new mobile home.

A permit is required by the Fire Marshal for each new or pre-owned manufactured home installed in Georgia. This permit is purchased from the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office and cost $60 for each manufactured or mobile home installed.

Upon installation, each mobile home must have one of these permits attached to the manufactured home and be available for any inspector upon request.

How to Buy A Mobile Home in Georgia: Tips for 2021 (2)

Obtaining A Title for Your Mobile Home

All mobile homes in Georgia are titled through the Georgia DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). For the title to be approved, the following items are required:

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  • Completed Form MV-1 Tag and Title Application.

    • If it is a double-wide or triple-wide mobile home:

      • There is a separate title or manufacturer's certificate of origin issued for each unit. Suppose the manufacturer elects to issue only one statement of origin reflecting the 'A' and the 'B' side of the identification number. In that case, only one certificate of title will be issued.

  • The original valid title or manufacturer's certificate of origin properly assigned to the owner using their full legal representation for each unit of the home when more than one manufacturer's title or statement of origin has been issued for the home.

  • Fees – Contact the County Tag Office for accepted payment methods. The costs are as follows:

    • There is an $18 title application fee when the vehicle requires a title. The application is made within 30 days of the date purchased, or the ownership is transferred.

    • Suppose the purchase date, transfer date on the title, or manufacturer's state of origin is altered. In that case, a penalty fee of $10 will be due.

    • If a title is not applied for within 30 days of the purchase date, there will be a title penalty fee of $10.

    • Any penalty fees due for late application for title or late registration renewal.

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  • Taxes – Subject to Georgia Sales and Use Tax, Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT), or Annual Motor Vehicle Ad Valorem Tax.

Turning Your Mobile Home into Real Property

In Georgia, a mobile home (or manufactured home) is classified as personal property in the eyes of the law. For this reason, you would need to have your property changed to real property, which is defined as "fixed property, principally land and buildings."

To transfer your mobile home to a permanent location, you will need to have your property classified as real property. There is a fee of $18, and will need to have the title and the following information:

  • The full legal name and address of the owner of the mobile home. The owner must also be the debtor on the security interest or lean perfected against the certificate of title.

  • The address and name of the person who a certified copy of the Certificate of Permanent Location will be sent to by the Clerk of Superior Court when the document has been filed in the office.

  • The mailing address and full legal names of the holders of any unsatisfied security interests or liens against the home.

  • The legal description of the land and full legal names of the owner of the land where the home is affixed, including the deed book number, page number, and the county in which the document is recorded.

Once the required documents and form (for Mobile – Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location) have been approved, the county tag office will forward the information. The original title to the DMV and the old title will be canceled.

How to Buy A Mobile Home in Georgia: Tips for 2021 (3)

(Video) How to inspect a used mobile home before buying Mobile Home Investing

When it comes to living in Georgia, a manufactured home is an excellent option for those who would like to save when compared to setting up a traditional home.

Home Nation takes pride in always being transparent and gives you the power to oversee your own project. We are a family-run business that takes the headache out of the home-buying process.

For a hassle-free experience, give us a call today at 1-877-50-HOMES or check out our inventory to find your dream home.


What credit score do you need to buy a mobile home in Georgia? ›

Most lenders require a minimum credit score of 580 to 620 to buy a mobile home.

What is the best month to buy a mobile home? ›

So, when is the best time to buy a mobile home? Midsummer, the week of Thanksgiving, and pretty much any time in December are the opportunities for people shopping for a mobile home to see the least amount of competition.

How do you negotiate the price of a manufactured home? ›

Negotiate | When you're at a dealership you CAN and SHOULD negotiate the price of your home. Ask the dealer if you can see the invoice of the home and what the cash price would be. Don't offer up what your maximum payment would be or what price you'd like to pay.

What is a good credit score to buy a mobile home? ›

To qualify for low mobile home interest rates, make sure your credit score is at least 700. You'll need a score of 750 or higher to qualify for the best rates available.

Is it more difficult to get a loan on a mobile home? ›

Financing a mobile or manufactured home can be difficult, particularly if you want to do so with a mortgage. Since many lenders don't consider manufactured or mobile homes real property, there are lots of requirements and stipulations you'll have to meet if you want to qualify for a mortgage.

What is the lowest credit score to buy a house in Georgia? ›

FHA and VA loans: Since COVID-19 most Georgia lenders will require a credit score of at least 640 for these two types of loans to get the best rate and qualify for flexible underwriting. USDA, Jumbo, and Conventional loans: This category commands the highest credit score requirement at 660.

Can you finance a mobile home in Georgia? ›

Home financing and refinancing in Georgia, including mobile and manufactured homes. Owning a home is a dream for many! Luckily for Georgia homebuyers, eLEND offers affordable home loan options, including an FHA-backed mobile home loan.

What is the minimum credit score for FHA loan in Georgia? ›

However, you'll need to meet the following minimum FHA mortgage requirements to qualify for an FHA loan in Georgia: Down payment and credit scores. You only need a 3.5% down payment if your credit score is 580 or higher. With a 10% down payment, you may qualify for an FHA loan with a credit score as low as 500.

How much should I spend on a mobile home? ›

New units average around $51,000. Used units go for anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000. Double-wide: A double-wide home is meant to be “double” the size of a single-wide home, but they actually vary widely in size. Some can get as big as 36 feet wide by 90 feet long.

How long does a good mobile home last? ›

While the average life expectancy of a mobile home is 30 to 55 years, you can still outlast that number. This is best done if you ensure the installation is done properly, choose the right location, and generally adhere to maintenance practices.

What does Dave Ramsey say about buying a mobile home? ›

Key points. Buying a mobile home can seem like a good way to buy a place of your own. Mobile homes may be cheaper to purchase than free-standing properties. Dave Ramsey has warned against buying mobile homes despite these upsides.

How to negotiate a lower price on a mobile home? ›

In negotiation, you offer something in exchange for lowering the mobile home price. For example, adding some luxury appliances, free choice of paint, semi-furnished, fully furnished, take three years free home inspection & repair or make it five years and being flexible on the possession date are some options.

Will mobile home dealers negotiate? ›

Sales Negotiations

Don't be scared to negotiate the price of a manufactured home. Manufactured home dealerships mark up the price and utilize holdbacks, just like automobile dealerships. This means there is a profit built into the invoice price of the home.

What increases the value of a mobile home? ›

Cost-effective fixes, such as painting the interior and exterior, updating plumbing and lighting fixtures, and adding new cabinets and new appliances, are budget-friendly fixes that can make a manufactured home more attractive to buyers.

What credit score is needed to buy a house with no money down? ›

What credit score do I need to buy a house with no money down? No-down-payment lenders usually set 620 as the lowest credit score to buy a house. You can boost your credit score by keeping your revolving charge card balances to a minimum and paying all your bills on time.

What is the lowest credit score you can have and still buy a house? ›

The minimum credit score needed for most mortgages is typically around 620. However, government-backed mortgages like Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans typically have lower credit requirements than conventional fixed-rate loans and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).

What kind of home loan can you get with a 500 credit score? ›

FHA Loans. An FHA loan is a loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration. If you're a first-time home buyer, FHA loans can be very attractive because of lower qualifying requirements.. The minimum credit score needed to get an FHA loan is 500.

Is it easier to get approved for a house or mobile home? ›

Financing the purchase of a manufactured home can be much easier than financing a traditional home. Financing terms depend on the lender, but the minimum credit scores for the options we discuss below, range from 580-650. Scores higher than 650 should get slightly better terms.

Why don t banks finance mobile homes? ›

3 Manufactured homes aren't always eligible for a conventional mortgage because the prospective homeowner doesn't own the land on which they are located. Before taking out a loan on a manufactured home, it's important to know your options and make sure that you apply for the most favorable type of financing.

Why do banks not like manufactured homes? ›

Some lenders do not finance the purchase of manufactured homes because the land on which they sit is generally rented, and the home itself can be moved. Thus, it is not considered real property.

What is the income limit for Georgia Dream Program? ›

If your home is in a country not listed above, your household income cannot be higher than $59,500 for one to two persons, or $68,500 for three or more persons, and the home sales price cannot exceed $200,000.

What credit score do I need to buy a $250000 house? ›

While credit score requirements vary based on loan type, mortgage lenders generally require a 620 credit score to buy a house with a conventional mortgage.

Does Georgia have a first-time homebuyers program? ›

The Georgia Dream Homeownership Program makes purchasing a home possible for eligible residents. Georgia Dream provides affordable financing options, down payment and closing cost assistance, and homebuyer education.

What should your credit score be to buy a house in Georgia? ›

What are the requirements to buy a home in Georgia? You will need a minimum credit score of 620 with most mortgage lenders, a debt-to-income ratio less than 43 percent, a down payment of at least 3 percent of the purchase price (and likely more) and enough cash to pay for your closing costs.

What do I need to qualify for a home loan in Georgia? ›

You'll generally need a credit score of at least 620 to qualify, and you can be approved with a down payment as low as 3%. If you make less than a 20% down payment, you usually need to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI), which protects the lender in case you fail to make your payments. → FHA loans.

How much is a mobile home in Georgia? ›

New mobile homes to cost around $40,000 to $250,000 in Georgia. While the secondhand mobile homes cost between $10,000 to $50,000.

What can I get with a 500 credit score? ›

Credit cards you can get with a 500 credit score
  • Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card: No credit history. ...
  • Petal 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa: No credit history. ...
  • Discover it Secured: No credit history. ...
  • Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa: No credit history. ...
  • Mission Lane Visa: Bad to fair (300-670)
Jun 15, 2022

Can I get an FHA loan with a 500 credit score? ›

Technically, you can get approved for an FHA loan with a median FICO® Score of as low as 500, but there are some serious drawbacks to an FHA loan with a score that low. The first is that you'll need a down payment of at least 10%. Secondly, when qualifying with a score that low, it's considered a subprime loan.

Is it hard to get approved for a FHA loan? ›

Borrowers can qualify for FHA loans with lower credit scores than most conventional loans allow, which is one reason first-time home buyers are often attracted to them. The FHA lets borrowers with credit scores as low as 500 be considered for home loans.

Are mobile homes a good investment in 2022? ›

You may not have thought to invest in mobile homes before, but it could be a profitable investment in 2022. While the savviest real estate gurus are jumping on single-family homes, you can get a step ahead with lower-cost, high-demand units.

How much are most double wides? ›

As the name suggests, a double-wide trailer is meant to be twice the size of a single-wide mobile home. Their square footage ranges from 1,000 to 2,300. An average double-wide trailer is 56 x 26 feet and it costs around $158,750.

Do mobile homes hold their value? ›

In 2021, the average age of a used manufactured/mobile home sold was 22.1 years with an average price of $51,133. That's a 71% increase! Even though factory-built homes are aging, homebuyers understand that manufactured homes are the best housing value in America. Demand is increasing, which keeps home values high.

How long will a double wide trailer last? ›

A HUD compliant mobile home that is regularly maintained and repaired as needed will last as long as a traditional home, anywhere between 30 and 50 years.

What are the risks of investing in mobile home parks? ›

Leaks into the ground or backups into the homes are also common problems that can lead to health threats if not resolved quickly. A private septic system is a major concern for most investors due to the increased responsibility and risk involved. Some investors choose to rent the mobile homes to tenants as well.

Is Flipping a mobile home worth it? ›

Flipping mobile homes is a good investment option, but new investors have no idea about the potential it carries. Mobile homes are economical as compared to traditional homes, and flipping them is easier and quicker. However, for new investors, it can be a risky option.

Why do mobile homes lose value? ›

One reason mobile homes depreciate in value is because they are personal property, not real property. "Real property" is defined as land and anything attached to it permanently. Anything that can be removed without "injury" to the land is not real property.

What is the average life expectancy of a mobile home? ›

A report done by the Manufactured Housing Institute placed the average life expectancy of a manufactured home at 55.8 years ( With the proper upkeep and maintenance, manufactured homes have a long-life expectancy, with the potential to last forever.

How many years should a mobile home last? ›

How Long Does a Mobile Home Last? A HUD compliant mobile home that is regularly maintained and repaired as needed will last as long as a traditional home, anywhere between 30 and 50 years.

What is the downside to buying a manufactured home? ›

Some of the downsides of manufactured homes are the following; Value May Depreciate. Reselling may be difficult. Financing can be complicated.

What is the best mobile home to live in? ›

The Best Mobile Home Manufacturers of 2023
  • Champion Home Builders: Best Overall.
  • Clayton Homes: Best for Energy Efficiency.
  • Fleetwood Homes: Best for Families.
  • Skyline: Best for Tiny Homes.
  • Adventure Homes: Best Custom.
  • TRU Homes: Best for First-Time Home Buyers.
  • Deer Valley: Best for Modular Homes.
Oct 6, 2022

What is the difference between mobile home and manufactured home? ›

The Difference Between Mobile and Manufactured Homes

The only difference between the two types of homes is the date they were built. According to HUD, a factory-built home prior to June 15, 1976 is a mobile home and one built after June 15, 1976 is a manufactured home.

What are mobile home walls made of? ›

If you're looking at older mobile homes, you're likely to find Vinyl on Gypsum (VOG) wallboards, and most new manufactured homes have either Paper on Gypsum (POG) wallboard or finished drywall options.

Can you replace walls in a mobile home? ›

Single-wide mobile homes are designed to be light, but the walls of most of them still contain wooden studs. Manufacturers often cover the walls with 1/4-inch paneling, but the studs can support drywall, so there's nothing preventing you from removing the paneling and replacing it.

Are double wides a good investment? ›

Mobile homes are a terrible investment because they drop in value super fast—the same way your car loses value the second you drive it off the lot. Investing in a mobile home isn't like investing in real estate. Why? Because the land the mobile home sits on is real estate, but the home is considered personal property.

Why do people not buy mobile homes? ›

A disadvantage of buying a mobile home is that its value will depreciate quickly. Like a new car, once a mobile home leaves the factory, it quickly drops in value. Stick-built homes, on the other hand, normally appreciate in value over time because the stick-built home owner almost always owns the underlying land.

What is the best way to heat a mobile home? ›

Electric radiant heating is one of the most efficient and comfortable sources of heat that is available. Underfloor radiant heat provides even heating throughout the room, because it heats the people and furniture in the room, not the air.

Does it make sense to live in a mobile home? ›

If buying a traditional home is just too daunting, consider mobile home living as an alternative option. Because mobile homes are extremely customizable and cost-effective, they're a great choice for families and individuals of all sizes and walks of life.


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