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We have compiled a list of EV Charging Equipment and Solutions Providers who are operating in India. We hope you will find it useful in your search for a suitable EV Charging Solution partner. For insights into the basics of EV Charging, please read our Guide to EV Charging and EV Standards in India.

Setting up a Public EV Charging Station in India | Considerations and RoI estimate

EVSE Manufacturers, Charging Solution Providers, Charging Network Providers in India

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EVSE stands for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, and CPO stands for Charge Point Operator.

1. Delta Electronics India

EVSE Manufacturers (OEM)

Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – Type-1, Type-2, Type-2 Socket | Power Output – 3.12 kW to 22 kW

DC charger – CCS, CHAdeMO, DC001| Power Output – 15 kW to 150kW

Site Management System for parking lots, workplaces, fleet and residential buildings, etc.

Notable Projects – Launched Mumbai’s first DC Fast-Charger at Maharashtra Mantralaya. Partnership with MG Motors and EV Motors to enable EV Charging Infrastructure. Delta Electronics India with CPO partner, Charge+Zone has facilitated Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service by providing a fleet of 150 kW DC fast chargers

2. Quench Chargers

EVSE Manufacturers (OEM)

Offerings – EV Charging Equipment:

DC Charger– CCS, CHAdeMO | Power Output – 30kW to 120kW

AC Charger– Type 2 | Power Output – 7.5kW to 22kW

Quench chargers are designed to charge electric cars and buses to global standards.

Notable Projects – Quench was proud to be a part of the India pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2022, Charging the switch mobility innovation bus. To date, Quench has had more than 80,000 charging sessions across various regions ranging from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala.

3. Mass-Tech

EVSE Manufacturers (OEM)

Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – Type-2 | Power Output – 2 kW to 43 kW

DC charger – GB/T, CCS, CHAdeMO| Power Output – 10 kW to 200 kW

Notable Projects – Panasonic Life Solutions India Ltd., Mass-Tech will be providing advanced 240KW chargers to PMI Electro Mobility Solution Pvt. Ltd./ Photon, China, who are gearing up to supply 1000 e buses to 18 cities across India. Mass-Tech Controls has bagged a order of 200 nos of 240 KW DC Chargers, for charging of Electric Vehicles, to be installed in cities across India.

(Video) Top 10 EV Charging Networks in India

Completed Charging Station projects with TATA motors in Mumbai for DC Fast Charging station. Clients include Force, Eicher, Volvo, Mahindra.

4. ABB India

EVSE Manufacturers (OEM)

Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – Type-1, Type-2, Type-2 Socket | Power Output – 3 kW to 22 kW

DC charger – CCS, CHAdeMO| Power Output – 11 kW to 350 kW+

EVSE for heavy commercial vehicles including buses and trucks, off-road vehicles including electric boats. Also provides Smart monitoring, predictive maintenance, and integrated payment gateways for Charge Point Operators.

Notable Projects – ABB India partners with Audi India to provide charging solutions. Installed Terra 53 Fast Charger Station At NITI Aayog office in Feb 2018. Installed its first public DC fast charger in New Delhi with EV Motors India, the major charge point operator for BSES Yamuna Power Limited.

5. Amara Raja

EVSE Manufacturer (OEM)

Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – Type-2, IEC 60309 | Power Output – 3.3 kW to 22 kW

DC charger – CCS, CHAdeMO| Power Output – 30 kW to 350 kW

Off board AC charger for 2W, 3W

Battery swapping station for battery ratings from 1.5kWHr to 3kWHr with 4 to 20 channel variants

6. Exicom

EVSE Manufacturers (OEM)

Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – SBS-75X, Type-2 | Power Output – 1.1 kW to 22 kW

DC charger – GB/T, CCS, CHAdeMO| Power Output – 15 kW to 200 kW

Notable Projects – Signed MoU with BHEL for EV charging infrastructure. Opened charging station at New Delhi’s Rafi Marg EV Charging Plaza, with combo chargers with 3 connectors/guns for e-buses and electric 4 Wheelers. In 2018, Exicom won the NTPC tender for setting up DC charging infrastructure for e-buses in Jabalpur, comprising of 120kW and 50kW CCS chargers. Setup Bharat AC and DC chargers for Tata Tigor and Mahindra e-Verito cars procured by EESL.

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7. P2 Power Solutions

EVSE Manufacturers (OEM)

Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – Type-2, IEC 60309 | Power Output – 3 kW to 22 kW

DC charger – GB/T, CCS, CHAdeMO| Power Output – 15 kW to 200 kW

Combo chargers upto 142kW with Single Connector, Dual Connector or 3 Connectors.

8. Magenta Group

Charge Point Operator (CPO) with end to end charging solution

Offerings – ‘ChargeGrid’ series of EV charging stations. Flare – an EV charger integrated with a streetlamp.

Notable Projects – Magenta set up India’s largest public EV charging station in Navi Mumbai in 2021.

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(Video) Financing Electric Vehicles in India | EVreporter Webinar July 19th, 2022

9. Fortum India

CPO with end to end charging solution

Offerings – Solutions and services for EV charging for utilities, CPOs, EMPs, OEMs, as well as workplace charging and fleet management. Charging stations providing charging services over Fortum’s Charge & Drive platform.

Notable Projects – Fortum Charge & Drive India set up the first 50 kW public fast-charging station in MG Motor India’s Gurugram showroom at 32nd Milestone.11DC rapid CCS/CHAdeMO chargers spread across primary locations, in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. DC001 charging pointsspread across 38prime locationsin Hyderabad.

Partnership with MG toinstall 50-kilowatt fast-charging stations across showrooms in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.

10. TATA Power

Charge Point Operator

Offerings – End-to-end customized solutions offerings – Backend Power Infrastructure, EV Chargers of different charging standards, Charger Installation, Annual Maintenance, Charger Management Software Platform Subscription, and Mobile App.

Notable Projects – Tata Power has joined hands with HPCL to set up EV charging stations at its Petrol Pumps across the country. Partnered with Tata Motors to set up 300 fast-charging stations across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

11. Okaya Power Group

OEM and CPO. End to End charging solution provider

Okaya Power Group, has a strategic partnership with Prakriti E-Mobility, a fleet operators of electric 4W vehicles with aim to provide well-laid out electrical vehicle charging stations for their fleet operations.Won a contract to set up 4,244 EV charging stations from state-run REIL funded by the DHI. In 2019, REIL had given a contract to Okaya for supply, installation and commissioning of over 200 multi standard EV chargers in all metro cities.

12. Numocity

Central Management System (CMS) provider

Offerings – Numocity offers EV Charging solutions to Charge Point Operators with a Central Management System. Solutions for r operating and monetizing the charging infrastructure or battery swapping operations over cloud.

13. Volttic – Parent Company Tvesas

Charge Point Operator. End to end charging solutions

Offerings – EV Charging Service provider helps with the installation of AC-001, DC-001 and DC Fast Chargers. Offers Charging Station Solutions for home, cities and highways including CMS and end-user mobile apps.

14. Zeon Charging

Charge Point Operator. Installed DC fast chargers on highways connecting Bengaluru, Central/ Western Tamil Nadu and Kerala

15. Charge+Zone

CPO. Provides end to end EV charging solutions and battery swapping solutions

Vadodara based start-up founded in 2018, operates 175 charging stations across 9 cities. Raised USD 3 million in pre-series A in Nov 2020. Launched dual gun 7.7 kW Type 2 AC chargers with 55″ display to allow advertisements or media to play.

Offerings – Customised and turn-key EV charging solutions. They have deployed EV Charging stations for electric buses, cars and two-wheelers, and swapping stations for electric 3Ws.

16. PlugNGo (EV Motors)

Charge Point Operator

Offerings – EV Motors India (under the brand of PlugNgo) provides charging network installation services for public EV charging, along with a complete solution for the management of the charging operations. EV Motors India and Hero Electric announced a partnership to support adoption of EVs for last mile delivery operations and offer advanced battery solutions and charging infrastructure integrated with Hero Electric.

17. EVRE

OEM, Charge Point Operator

Offerings – Manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of EV chargers and charging stations.

Based out of Hyderabad and Bengaluru, EVRE engineers electric vehicle charging solutions for infrastructure developers, people transport, last mile, and logistic fleet operators in India. EVRE has setup multiple charging hubs across key metropolitan cities in India. Clients include Lodha Group, Hiranandani Group, Manyata Tech, Mahindra Glyd and Meru. EVREhas also partnered with fleet operator MoEVing to add 1000+ EV charging stations across India.

18. Statiq

Charge Point Operator

(Video) Addressing EV design & manufacturing challenges via upfront simulation | Hexagon | Solize India

Provides end to end charging solutions. Claims to have installed over 150 charging staions in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Installed 2 EV Chargers in Himachal Pradesh for Delhi to Dharamshala and Delhi to Shimla Travellers and one in Bhainsi, Uttar Pradesh with close proximity to Food and Beverage setups.

19. VerdeMobility

EVSE Manufacturer (OEM)

A division of of System Level Solutions. Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – Type-2, IEC 60309 | Power Output – 3.3 kW to 22 kW

OCPP Controller, Charge controller for single and three phase. Also provides CMS support and Mobile app

20. goEgo network

EVSE Manufacturer (OEM) and Charge Point Operator withpresence in four states, namely Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telanganaand Karnataka

In-house design and development of AC chargers – Type-2 and AC001

21. LUBI EV Solutions

EVSE manufacturer (OEM)

EVSE arm of Lubi Industries LLP, i.e. an Indian manufacturing company with offerings across embedded and power electronics, solar energy, industrial automation, pumping systems, and electric motors.

Offerings – EV charging equipment including:

AC charger – AC-001, Type-2 | Power Output – 3.3 kW to 42 kW

DC charger – DC-001, CCS 2, CHAdeMO| Power Output – 15 kW to 240 kW

PortableBattery Chargers, Combo chargers (CCS+CHAdeMo+AC Type 2)

22. BrightBlu

EVSE Manufacturer (OEM) and CPO

Offerings – AC Type 2 Charger (3.7 kW to 7 kW) and charging management software. The entity was formed in Aug 2019 from the merger of Asia Electric, an EV charging solutions company and DrivAMP, a smart charging technology provider. Amsterdam and Mumbai-based addikt has partnered with BrightBlu for communications, branding, identity design and mobile app.

23. Incredible Engineering

EVSE Manufacturer (OEM)

Offerings –

EV Charging Equipment including AC Chargers – Type 2 AC | Power Output 3 kW to 22 kW | Single / Dual Connector

IEC 60309 | Power Output 3.3 kW to 7 kW | Single / Multi Connector

DC Chargers – CCS2 | Power Output 30 kW to 60 kW | Single / Dual Connector

24. ChargeMOD

EVSE Manufacturer (OEM) and CPO

Offerings – AC Type 2 charger | Power Output – 22 kW

Portable wall charger, charging cables and portable charging extensions

The start-up also offers provides a solution for EV charging at workplace, complete with an app for the end users and a charging management system. Plans to install 250 AC Charging Points throughout Kerala as part of the community charging initiatives.

25. Evotpoint

Charging network, CPO

Headquartered at Sanpada Navi Mumbai, Evotpoint provides franchise modelfor setting up Electric vehicle charging stations. Also provides solution for EV charging station at residential and commercial spaces.Working on setting up EV charging stations at Mumbai – Pune, Mumbai- Nashik highways, and shared parking charging station at Navi Mumbai and Mumbai locations.

(Video) Key Battery Concerns of EV OEMs by Dr Deb Mukherji - MD, Omege Seiki Mobility

26. Tirex


End to end EV Charging Solutions, with IoT based cloud-CMS and mobile application, for all EV segments including 2Ws, 3Ws, 4Ws, buses and trucks. Provides ARAI and CE certified chargers (Bharat AC001, Bharat DC001, CCS2, Type 2 AC, CHAdeMO) and charging infrastructure solutions for home, public charging and fleets. Has a tie-up with Kerala state electricity board for EV public charger installation.

27. Uznaka Solutions Private Limited


Offerings – Bharat AC-001 and Type 2 AC charging stations.

Established in March 2018, Uznaka Solutions is headquartered in Noida. Uznaka also manufactures on-board and off-board chargers for e-2W and 3W. They have so far deployed private charging stations at 6 locations since December 2019 spanning Uttar Pradesh, NCR and Haryana.Associated with East Central Railway for deployment of first EV Charging station for Indian Railways.


Charge Point Operator

System integrator with ABB Chargers. A division of AAR POWER SOLUTION. Claims more than 150 charger installations across India. Installed Type 2 AC chargers at IOCL pumps in MP, Karnataka and Rajasthan as well as dealerships of Audi.

29. EVQpoint

Offerings –

AC Charger – Type 2, IEC 60309 | Power Output – 3.3 kW to 22 kW

Portable AC charger – 3.3 kW

Battery swapping stations – 1.5 kW to 10 kW

Minda Corporation has acquired 26% equity stake in EVQPOINT Solutions.

30. AEIDTH Technologies

Offerings – Bharat AC001 Charger, Type 2 AC Charger | 3 kW to 22 kW

Smart Battery Management System IoT Enabled

Provides Electric vehicle chargers and charging stations with SaaS CMS & Mobile app support. Claims to have installed 95+ chargers in 10+ cities.

31. Zevpoint

Offerings – AC Type 2 charger 22 kW. Provides Installation services, charging cable, connectors and sockets. Claims to have installed 60+ chargers in Mumbai and Delhi

For information on the latest charging guidelines by the government, visit Charging Guidelines.

For information on key players in Battery Swapping Solution, visit Battery Swapping – A Pragmatic Complement to EV Charging.

Last Updated: Aug 26, 2022

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Who is the leading company in EV charging stations in India? ›

#1 Tata Power

Tata Power is the biggest CPO of EV charging infrastructure in the country.

Can you list the top 5 Indian companies working in EV charging space? ›

An EV charging network signifies a wide network of charging stations across regions/countries. Some of the Leading charging networks in India are TATA Power, Magenta Power- Charge grid, Fortum India-Charge & Drive, Volttic, Ather Energy & Ather Grid, etc.

Which company is best for EV charging stations? ›

Top 5 EV Charging Station Companies in India
  • YoCharge. YoCharge is one of the fastest growing EV Charging Station Companies in India with extensive own & third-party network. ...
  • Tata Power. ...
  • Jio-Bp. ...
  • ABB. ...
  • Delta Electronics.

Who is the largest provider of EV charging stations? ›

The largest EV charging station companies in the world are EVBox (Netherlands), ChargePoint, Inc (USA), ABB (Switzerland), Teld New Energy (China), Star Charge (China)

Who is the largest supplier of EV batteries in India? ›

Exide Industries is known for its storage battery manufacturing business in India, along with the production of related products. As a leader in the respective industry, the company has been leading the market for varied categories such as automotive, industrial, and submarine.

Who is leading in EV charging? ›

ChargePoint is the largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the world, with more than 20,000 charging locations.

Which company will benefit from EV in India? ›

Best EV stocks in India
StockCategory1-yr returns (in %)
Hero MotoCorp LtdAuto manufacturer3.43
TATA ELXSI LtdAuto parts and EV software49.12
TATA Power Company LtdEV charging stations73.01%
Motherson Sumi Systems LtdAuto parts and EV software41.97%
7 more rows
23 Sept 2022

Who makes EV batteries for Tata Motors? ›

The batteries for commercial vehicle applications are co-branded with Tata Green Batteries and Tata Motors logo, it added. Tata Green Batteries is a 50:50 joint venture between Tata AutoComp Systems and GS Yuasa Corporation of Japan.

Who is manufacturing EV charging stations? ›

Tesla, Inc., is based in Palo Alto, California. This is an American electric vehicle, sustainable energy, and technology corporation. Tesla Inc mainly deals with the creation of battery energy storage, residential solar panels, electric vehicles, and solar roof tiles, as well as many other products and services.

Who is ChargePoint biggest competitor? ›

Chargepoint's top competitors include The Mobility House, Xeal, and Loop. The Mobility House is a provider of EV charging solutions and an operator of stationary energy storage systems built with EV batteries. It aims to create an emissions-f…

Is ChargePoint a good stock? ›

Valuation metrics show that ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. may be overvalued. Its Value Score of F indicates it would be a bad pick for value investors. The financial health and growth prospects of CHPT, demonstrate its potential to underperform the market.

How many EV charging networks are there? ›

Currently, the U.S. has about 140,000 public EV chargers distributed across almost 53,000 charging stations, which are still far outnumbered by the 145,000 gas fueling stations in the country. This graphic maps out EV charging stations across the U.S. using data from the National Renewable Energy Lab.

What is the best EV battery stock to buy in India? ›

List of best electric vehicle stocks in India
Name of the companyCurrent share price% Change in share price in last 12 months
Tata Motors₹4126.8
Olectra Greentech₹614.5020.75
Ashok Leyland₹159.6517.22
Hero Motocorp₹2624.95-8.47
1 more row
6 days ago

Which is the No 1 battery company in India? ›

1. Exide Industries Ltd. Exide Industries ltd is India's largest selling battery company.

Which company will dominate EV? ›

By 2030, LMC Automotive estimates GM will outshine every other EV manufacturer with 18.3% of the market share, leaving Tesla in the dust with only 11.2%, followed by Volkswagen and Ford.

Who is the king of EV? ›

Evoldo was a king of the Land of Ev. He is introduced in L. Frank Baum's third Oz book, Ozma of Oz, published in 1907.

Who is the market leader in EV in India? ›

Currently, homegrown auto manufacturer Tata Motors leads the electric passenger vehicle segment. The automaker sells four electric cars in India, including the recently launched Tiago EV alongside the Tigor EV, Nexon EV Max, and Nexon EV Prime.

What is the best lithium stock to buy in India? ›

  • The Best Lithium Stocks of November 2022.
  • Ganfeng Lithium Group Co. Ltd. ( GNENF)
  • Sociedad Química y Minera S.A (SQM)
  • Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. ( LICY)
  • Livent Corp. ( LTHM)
  • Albemarle Corp. ( ALB)
  • Lithium Americas (LAC)
  • Piedmont Lithium (PLL)
21 Nov 2022

Which Indian companies are working in EV? ›

The top Electric vehicle producers in India are Tata Motors, JBM Auto, Olectra Greentech, Mahindra Electric mobility, Ola Electric Mobility, Ashok Leyland Electric, Hyundai, Hero Electric, Menza Motors, Lohia Auto, Kia Motors, etc.

Which company is making batteries for electric vehicles in India? ›

Of the many battery makers in India, Amara Raja Batteries, Exide Industries, Tata Group, Hero MotoCorp and Maruti Suzuki are the leading EV battery makers.

Who supplies lithium to Tata Motors? ›

Tata Motors on Monday said it has inked a partnership with Lithium Urban Technologies, an EV-based urban transportation service provider.

Which battery is used in Tata EV? ›

Lithium-Ion battery pack.

Does Tata Chemicals make EV batteries? ›

Tata Chemicals has no EV plant plan, lines up Rs 5,000-crore capex | Business Standard News.

Who are the suppliers to ChargePoint? ›

Coulomb Technologies is the leading electric vehicle charging solutions company, providing the ChargePoint Network, the largest global online network connecting electric vehicle drivers to unoccupied charging stations in over 14 countries; and the ChargePoint Network service plans, cloud-based solutions that handle all ...

Is ChargePoint losing money? ›


ChargePoint's revenue rose 65% to $242 million in fiscal 2022, but its adjusted net loss widened from $178 million to $182 million. In the first nine months of fiscal 2023, its revenue surged 95% year over year to $315 million, but its adjusted net loss widened from $127 million to $188 million.

Who is bigger ChargePoint or EVgo? ›

ChargePoint is by far the largest EV charging network in the United States. That doesn't necessarily mean it is better than EVgo, but chances are you will come across more ChargePoint EV chargers in your travels than EVgo's. Chargepoint has 18,000 charging locations in the US, while EVgo has 850 charging locations.

Which company is better blink or ChargePoint? ›

While Blink is definitely the smaller challenger, it could have more upside. That's because while it may take more up-front cost and effort to own and operate stations, Blink's charging revenue is higher-margin than ChargePoint's flat subscription fees.

Is ChargePoint a Chinese company? ›

ChargePoint (formerly Coulomb Technologies) is an American electric vehicle infrastructure company based in Campbell, California.

Can a Tesla use ChargePoint? ›

ChargePoint Works For Tesla Drivers

Charge at ChargePoint Level 2 stations using the adapter that came with your Tesla, and get an adapter online to use CHAdeMO DC fast charging. At home, at work, around town, and on the road.

What is the future of ChargePoint? ›

ChargePoint stock has plummeted from its highs in December 2020. However, the demand for EV charging stations has continued to increase gradually, and the demand for EV chargers will undoubtedly continue to grow exponentially through 2030 as electric vehicles go mainstream.

What are the three types of EV charging systems? ›

Another key thing to know from the outset: There are three categories or types of charging: Trickle Charge, AC Charge and DC Charge. The slowest method of charging your EV at home, using a standard (three-prong) 220V plug.

Which state has the most EV charging stations in India? ›

There are 2477 EV charging stations in India spread across 274 cities. Of these, Maharashtra has the highest number with 538 charging stations while Tripura has the least with 1 charging stations.

How many EV charging stations are installed in India? ›

Ministry of Heavy Industries has sanctioned 2877 EV Charging Stations in 68 cities across 25 states/UTs. Out of which 50 charging stations have been installed as on 01stJuly, 2022.
Centre is taking a number of steps to promote use of electric vehicles in India.
StateNo. of EV chargers sanctioned
25 more rows
19 Jul 2022

How many EV charging companies are there in India? ›

There are 2477 EV charging stations in India spread across 274 cities. Of these, Maharashtra has the highest number with 538 charging stations while Tripura has the least with 1 charging stations. Locate electric car charging points across India including charging cost by clicking on the EV brand of your choice.


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