Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) SDK version release history and support policy (2023)

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Each general availability (GA) version is supported for one year once the next GA version is released. The documentation may not include information about unsupported versions. Fixes and new functionality are only applied to the latest GA version.

Preview versions shouldn't be deployed in production. Instead, use the latest preview version to test new functionality or fixes that are coming in the next GA version. Only the most current preview version is supported.

Release history

Use the following information to see what’s new or changed for a supported release. The most current release is listed first.


(Video) An Overview Microsoft information protection (MIP) and the Software Development Kit (SDK).

For technical support, please visit the Stack Overflow Microsoft Information Protection forum or open a support case with Microsoft Support.

Downloads for Previous Versions

NuGet packages for major releases remain active in NuGet. Only the latest version of each major release is maintained on Microsoft Download Center. Versions prior to 1.4 are not available.

VersionLinkStatusEnd of Support
1.11 9, 2023
1.10 17, 2022
1.9 of SupportAugust 23, 2022
1.8 of SupportApril 29, 2022
1.7 of SupportJanuary 14, 2022
1.6 of SupportSeptember 23, 2021
1.5 of SupportApril 16, 2021
1.4 of SupportMarch 2, 2021

Version 1.12.61

Release Date: June 9, 2022

File SDK

  • File SDK now supports data boundary via FileEngineSettings.DataBoundary
  • Fixed a bug in GetCodePage in MsgInspector.
  • Fixed bug where BodyType always returned TXT in MsgInspector.
  • Fixed a bug in Java wrapper where using UserRoles threw java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableCollection cannot be cast to java.util.List exception.
  • Fixed a bug when decrypting text files >2GB with GetDecryptedTemporaryStreamAsync().

Policy SDK

  • Policy SDK now supports data boundary via PolicyEngineSettings.DataBoundary.
  • Fixed a bug where in certain conditions policy changes resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where Encrypt Only labels with DKE protection were not filtered when they should have been.

Protection SDK

  • Preview: Added support for offline protection.
    • Enable offline protection by setting ProtectionProfile.OfflinePublishing to true when creating a ProtectionProfile.
    • Caching templates requires setting ProtectionEngineSettings.SetTemplateRefreshArgs(std::chrono::hours) (C++) or ProtectionEngineSettings.TemplateRefreshArgs (.NET) to enable protection template caching.
  • Protection SDK now supports data boundary via ProtectionEngineSettings.DataBoundary

Breaking Changes

  • FileHandler.SetLabel() API no longer supports rpmsg files as input.
  • Passing a plaintext MSG file to the MsgInspector will result in a NotSupportedError
  • MsgInpector will no longer attempt to decrypt attachments that are part of the message.rpmsg file.
  • MsgInpector will now return a fully-functional MSG file if the message.rpmsg file had MSG attachments. These MSG files can be decrypted with the FileHandler.RemoveProtection API.
  • TelemetryDelegate and AuditDelegate WriteEvent method now requires a second parameter, EventContext. The EventContext class exposes information on the target cloud and data boundary for the event.

Platform and Dependency Updates

  • Added support across all three SDKs for setting European Union data boundary.
    • When DataBoundary is set to EU, all telemetry and audit events will flow directly to the EU region.
    • Setting DataBoundary to any other region results in emitting data to nearest service entry point.
  • Updated libxml2 to 2.9.13.
  • Fixed a crash specific to Android.
  • Fixed an issue where SDK wasn't fully honoring log level

Version 1.11.96

Release Date: July 20, 2022

File SDK

  • Fixed a bug in MemoryStream for GetDecryptedTemporaryStream large file types
  • Fixed a bug causing data loss during PDF encryption due to stack overflow crash
    • With OptimizePdfMemory, if /Info is an ObjStm with an internal indirect object, it will now return PDFPARSER_ERROR_FORMAT instead of stack overflow
  • Fixed a bug where supporting MIP libraries were not loading in Java
  • Fixed a bug where MSG files with protected MSG file attachments would experience corruption when rpmsg extension had a trailing null terminator
  • Fixed a crash in MSG files with link attachments
  • Fixed a bug where sequence of label application was not honored correctly using AIP Unified Client app for Windows
  • Fixed a bug where RemoveProtection thew LabelDisabledError exception stating inactive label was specified
  • Fixed a bug where DeleteLabel threw invalid metadata exception while input file is protected by templateID

Policy SDK

  • Fixed an issue where policy change would cause a crash due to mismatch between native and managed map during OnPolicyChanged call

Platform and Dependency Changes

  • Fixed an issue where telemetry and audit data may not be sent when using C# or Java interface
  • Fixed a bug where clouds with the same base URL were not treated consistently
  • Updated version of Adobe XMP to 6.0.0 and pushed security fix for expat vulnerability in 2.1.0 storeAtts() function
  • Exposed EnableAuditAndTelemetryForSovereignClouds flag for .NET
  • Fixed a crash caused by control flow integrity performing vtable security checks
    • Disabled these checks because Android doesn't support cross-library vtable checks
  • Fixed a bug in Windows crypto delegate for use after free vulnerability. Applies only to applications that set EnableFipsValidatedCryptography on Windows
    • hashObject vector was being cleaned up before the handle and caused a use after free when the handle was cleaned up in the destructor of BcryptData

Version 1.11.64

Release Date: January 12, 2022

File SDK

  • Fixed a bug in pfile-wrapped MSG files using the incorrect content format.
  • Fixed a bug where the Inspector class caused a crash on rpmsg files.
  • Fixed a bug where SDK wasn't properly compressing files over 4GB, resulting in possible corruption.

Protection SDK

  • Fixed an issue related to chasing DNS records for AD RMS on iOS.

Platform and Dependency Updates

  • Updated log4j in Java sample apps.
  • Rename arm64 ABI on Android to arm64-v8a

Version 1.11.53

Release Date: November 17, 2021

(Video) Get Started with Microsoft Information Protection

File SDK

  • Fixed bug where IsModified() in mip::FileHandler returns false instead of true for a plaintext .MSG file with protected attachment.
  • Fixed bug Addressing XML formatting issues in metadata that broke labels with no protection in certain cases.

Policy SDK

  • Introduced improvements to prevent deadlocking in Policy Sync.

Breaking Changes

  • Previously, when a label was configured for "Do Not Forward" or "Encrypt Only" and a file protection action, MIP SDK would not display the label in the label list for the file content type.

    • The SDK has been updated to fix this issue. The label will not be filtered in either case when configured to apply to both content types.
    • This change does not impact labels where the protection action was "Encrypt Only" or "Do Not Forward".
    • Lastly, it doesn’t impact labels intended for files where the action was predefined or user-defined protection.
  • Updated existing exceptions for better handling of specific scenarios. The following previously surfaced as NetworkError::Category::FailureResponseCode

    • NetworkError::Category::ServiceUnavailable
      • New exception category (NetworkError exception).
      • Returned when the dependent service is unavailable.
      • Service returns 503
    • NetworkError::Category::Throttled
      • Exception: NetworkError
      • Returned when too many requests have been made to the dependent service.
      • Service returns 429

Platform and Dependency Updates

  • Updated SDK dependencies to latest versions
  • All MIP SDK binaries have been updated to use version 2.9.12 of libxml2 static library and libgsf dynamic library for Android and Windows.
  • Proxy support for Linux introduced. Example of how to set proxy below.
export HTTP_PROXY=""

Version 1.10.115

Release Date February 25, 2022

  • Fixed a bug in pfile-wrapped MSG files using the incorrect content format.
  • Fixed a bug where the Inspector class caused a crash on rpmsg files.
  • Fixed a bug where SDK wasn't properly compressing files over 4GB, resulting in possible corruption.
  • Fixed a bug in detecting that protected MSG files. Files may have been protected but SDK treated them as plaintext.

Version 1.10.98

Release Date September 29, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in iOS where bitcode was not enabled

Version 1.10.97

Release date: September 17, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where attachments on MSG files were corrupted when applying a protection label to the MSG file.

Version 1.10.93

Release date: August 23, 2021

(Video) Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) APIs

General Changes

  • Added MipConfiguration class.
    • This class controls the configuration settings previously set directly on MipContext.
    • Delegates, logging location, etc. are set as part of this object.
    • Review MipContext Concepts for details.
  • MipContext::Create() constructor has been changed to accept only the new MipConfiguration object.
    • Review MipContext Concepts for details.
  • All engine settings will default to en-US locale in the event that the .Locale property is set to null.
  • Fixed an issue where the SDK wasn't fully honoring the logging level settings.

File SDK

  • Added support for reading and writing labels to MSG files.
    • The pattern for labeling this files is that same as any other file type.
    • The enable_msg_file_type custom setting must be set to enable MSG file handling.
    • Attachments will be protected but not labeled.
    • Review Set enable_msg_file_type and use File SDK for protecting .msg file for details on custom setting.
  • FileHandler::IsLabeledOrProtected() now supports MSG files.
  • File SDK now supports decryption of protected attachments on unprotected MSG files.
    • This applies only to files and not containers such as MSG or ZIP files.
  • Added new static method mip::FileHandler::GetFileStatus()
    • This function returns a new mip::FileStatus object that indicates whether the file is labeled, protected, or contains protected objects.
    • FileStatus exposes three properties: IsProtected, IsLabeled, and ContainsProtectedObjects.
    • ContainsProtectedObjects is useful for MSG files that have protected attachments.
  • When calling FileHandler::RemoveProtection() on a plaintext MSG file with protected attachments, protection will be removed from the attachments.
  • Fixed a bug where IProtectionHandler was destroyed when calling IFileHandler.SetProtection() in a loop. IProtectionHandler instance will no longer be destroyed after use.

Policy SDK

  • The content marking variable ${Event.DateTime} now defaults to local time rather than UTC.
    • This can be set back to the previous default by using flighting feature EventDateTimeTokenUseUtc.
  • Fixed bug where IsActive was not returning the same values inside a PolicyHandler as it was when retrieving labels from a PolicyEngine.

Protection SDK

  • Added new more specific error types that will surface in both Protection and File SDK. See Breaking Changes section.

Breaking Changes

  • Introduced new custom settings to govern the default audit settings.
    • Added new property in audit Delegate to set audit settings.
    • LabelGroupData class no longer has IsAuditEnabled() method.
    • You can use instead GetEnableAuditSetting() to get EnableAudit settings in the policy once policy is loaded. Default audit settings will be Undefined as oppose to true in older versions.
  • Allow passing the document's timezone to ComputeActions to allow actions to be computed as if the document existed in a different timezone from the machine applying the label.
    • Useful for when labels are applied on behalf of a user through a service, where the server's local time is not necessarily the same as the user's.
    • Instead of returning the ${Event.DateTime} in UTC format, we now default to local time without displaying the timezone.
  • Updated existing exceptions for better handling of specific scenarios.
    • NoPermissionsError::Category::NotPremiumLicenseUser
      • Previously surfaced as NoPermissionsError::Category::AccessDenied
      • Caused by an unlicensed user attempting to revoke protected content.
    • NoPermissionsError::Category::NotOwner
      • Previously surfaced as NoPermissionsError::Category::AccessDenied
      • Caused by a user attempting to revoke a document they don't own.
    • ServiceDisabledError::Extent::Tenant
      • Previously surfaced as ServiceDisabledError::Extent::User
      • Returned when the targeted Azure Rights Management service instead is disabled.
    • NoPermissionsError::Category::AccessDenied
      • Previously surfaced as NetworkError::Category::FailureResponseCode
      • Returned when the user has no rights to publish due to licensing or onboarding controls.
    • BadInputError::ErrorCode::DoubleKey
      • Previously surfaced as NetworkError::Category::FailureResponseCode
      • Returned when Double Key Encryption (DKE) parameters are incorrect.
    • CustomerKeyUnavailableError
      • New exception.
      • Returned when the tenant is configured for bring-your-own-key (BYOK) and the key cannot be reached.
      • Service returns HTTP424.
    • NetworkError::Category::FunctionNotImplemented
      • New exception.
      • Returned when service returned HTTP501 (Not Implemented).
    • The following previously surfaced as NetworkError::Category::FailureResponseCode
      • TemplateArchivedError: The application attempted to apply a template ID that has been archived.
      • LicenseNotRegisteredError: The document publishing license is not registered for revocation.
      • NoPermissionsError::Category::UserNotFound: The provided user doesn't exist in the target tenant.
      • NoPermissionsError::Category::InvalidEmail: An invalid email address was provided.
      • NoPermissionsError::Category::AccessDenied: The provided identity is not a principal recognized by RMS or isn't a valid delegator.
      • BadInputError::ErrorCode::LicenseNotTrusted: The provided publishing license isn't from a trusted publisher. (Not in C API)
      • BadInputError::ErrorCode::ParameterParsing: Returned by various XML, JSON, or other parsing issues (Not in C API)

Platform and Dependency Updates

  • Added Support for Debian 10.
  • Added Support for Ubuntu 20.04.

Version 1.9.90

Release date: July 7, 2021

General Changes

  • Fixed a bug in File SDK where legacy documents couldn't be decrypted on 32-bit Windows.
  • Enable bitcode on iOS builds.
  • Updated Ubuntu 16.04 to use OpenSSL 1.1.1k.
  • Fixed an issue in decrypting MSG files that had been previously handled by third-party eDiscovery tools.

Version 1.9.78

Release date: April 29, 2021

General Changes

  • Added a new parameter that allows developers to provide custom scenario IDs for correlating errors.
    • In the event that a support case is required to diagnose a service-side error, this scenario ID may be helpful in troubleshooting.
    • File SDK: When creating a FileHandler set the applicationScenarioID via FileExecutionState
    • Protection SDK: Various APIs now support passing in the scenario ID.
      • mip::ProtectionCommonSettings(mApplicationScenarioId)
      • mip::GetTemplatesSettings::CreateGetTemplatesSettings()->SetApplicationScenarioId()
      • mip::ProtectionHandler::PublishingSettings()->SetApplicationScenarioId()
      • mip::ProtectionHandler::ConsumptionSettings()->SetApplicationScenarioId()
      • mip::PolicyEngine::SetSessionId()
  • Added Workload enum and consent checks.
    • Added HasWorkloadConsent() and GetWorkloadConsent() to FileEngine and PolicyEngine.
  • Added synchronous APIs to Policy SDK .NET wrapper: AddEngine(), ListEngines(), DeleteEngine(), UnloadEngine().
  • Added support for redirecting protection requests via ProtectionProfile::Settings::AddRedirectionUri()
  • Added a logger context that can be used with LoggerDelegate to write custom context data through to logs.
    • This API can be useful for correlating error events in services to a single operation or events.
    • The following APIs support providing the logger context:
      • LoggerDelegate::WriteToLogWithContext
      • TaskDispatcherDelegate::DispatchTask or ExecuteTaskOnIndependentThread
      • FileEngine::Settings::SetLoggerContext(const std::shared_ptr<void>& loggerContext)
      • FileProfile::Settings::SetLoggerContext(const std::shared_ptr<void>& loggerContext)
      • ProtectionEngine::Settings::SetLoggerContext(const std::shared_ptr<void>& loggerContext)
      • ProtectionProfile::Settings::SetLoggerContext(const std::shared_ptr<void>& loggerContext)
      • PolicyEngine::Settings::SetLoggerContext(const std::shared_ptr<void>& loggerContext)
      • PolicyProfile::Settings::SetLoggerContext(const std::shared_ptr<void>& loggerContext)
      • FileHandler::IsProtected()
      • FileHandler::IsLabeledOrProtected()
      • FileHanlder::GetSerializedPublishingLicense()
      • PolicyHandler::IsLabeled()

Platform and Dependency Updates

  • Added support for CentOS 8
  • Added support for iOS Frameworks
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1k
  • Updated SQLite to 3.34.1

Breaking Changes

  • Changed default audit behavior for tenants where AIP Analytics is enabled. It is now mandatory that in addition to configuring the service-side components of the AIP Analytics feature that you also set the EnableAudit property to true in sensitivity label policies.
    • Set-LabelPolicy -Identity Global -AdvancedSettings @{EnableAudit="True"}
    • Review this Docs article for details on setting advanced policy settings.
  • Added function GetApplicationScenarioId() to FileExecutionState.
  • Removed ContentFormat enum.
  • Added specific errors with categories for a set of errors exposed previously under NetworkError via strings/error codes.
    • NoPermissionsError::Category::UserNotFound
    • NoPermissionsError::Category::AccessDenied
    • NoPermissionsError::Category::AccessExpired
    • NoPermissionsError::Category::UserNotFound
  • Microsoft.RightsManagement.Exceptions.UnknownTenantException thrown service will now surface as ServiceDisabledError instead of Network Error

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak when calling mip::FileHandler::IsLabeledOrProtected().
  • Fixed a bug where failure in FileHandler::InspectAsync() called incorrect observer.
  • Fixed a bug where SDK attempted to apply co-authoring label format to Office formats that don't support co-authoring (DOC, PPT, XLS).
  • Fixed a crash in the .NET wrapper related to FileEngine disposal. Native PolicyEngine object remained present for some period and would attempt a policy refresh, resulting in a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the SDK would ignore labels applied by older versions of AIP due to missing SiteID property.

Version 1.8.97

Release date: February 24, 2021

  • Fixed a bug where child labels were not filtered properly and included all types of labels, even if not requested.
  • Fixed a bug where labels weren't maintained on RemoveProtection() if label metadata was incomplete.

Version 1.8.94

Release date: February 8, 2021

  • Fixed bug in NuGet package where debug configuration for C++ projects deployed release binaries. Version 1.8.86 may result in a crash with native C++ apps. Make sure to update to 1.8.94 or later.
  • Fixed a bug where policy engine was required to remove protection.
    • If policy engine can't be loaded and label metadata is present, it will be discarded if protection is removed.
  • Fixed a bug where empty labelInfo.xml was generated if file was changed to another protected label.

Version 1.8.86

Release date: January 13, 2021

General Changes

  • Added support for Mac on ARM.
  • Signed all dylib files for Mac.
  • All clouds are fully supported across all three SDKs.
  • Rename TelemetryConfiguration to DiagnosticConfiguration.
  • Updated MipContext to accept DiagnosticConfiguration instead of TelemetryConfiguration.
  • Exposed new AuditDelegate.
  • Several custom settings have had their name changed and will be removed in version 1.9. These will continue to function in parallel with their updates names in version 1.8.
New NameOld Name

File SDK

  • Added support for user-defined labels with double key encryption.
  • Added an API, MsgInspector.BodyType to expose body encoding type for MSG files.
  • Added APIs to support Double Key Encryption with User-Defined Permissions.
  • Added flag for mip::FileHandler that will allow the caller to disable audit discover event send. This fixes a scenario where using the ClassifyAsync() API would result in duplicate discovery events.
  • Fixed bugs where:
    • Setting protection on XPS file fails.
    • A file cannot be opened after upload/download from SharePoint Online and removing custom permissions.
    • RemoveProtection() function would accept a message.rpmsg input. Now accepts only MSG files.
    • A crash that occurred when attempting to track or revoke unprotected files.

Policy SDK

  • Removed ActionId from default metadata properties to ensure consistency between Microsoft Office and SharePoint Online labeled documents.
  • Added support for Azure Purview-specific labels.
  • Added ability to override both telemetry and audit via delegates for each.
    • Audit delegate provides the ability to send AIP auditing events to a destination other than AIP Analytics, or in addition to AIP Analytics.
  • Added flag for mip::PolicyHandler that will allow the caller to discover audit discover event send. This fixes a scenario where using the ClassifyAsync() API would result in duplicate discovery events.
  • Fixed a bug where encrypted policy database couldn't be opened in certain scenarios.
  • Exposed new AuditDelegate that allows developers to override default MIP SDK audit pipeline and send events to their own infrastructure.
  • mip::ClassifierUniqueIdsAndContentFormats and GetContentFormat() now return std::string instead of mip::ContentFormat. This change is replicated in .NET and Java wrappers.
  • ContentFormat.Default is now ContentFormat.File.

Protection SDK

  • Added a ProtectionEngineSettings.SetAllowCloudServiceOnly property that will prohibit any connections to Active Directory Rights Management Services clusters when true. Only cloud environments will be used.
  • Added support for acquiring delegation licenses.
    • Delegations licenses enable services to fetch a license for content on behalf of a user.
    • This lets the service view rights data and decrypt on behalf of the user without additional calls to service.

Java Wrapper (Public Preview)

  • Added support for Track and Revoke to Java Wrapper.
  • Added stream support to Java Wrapper



Version 1.7.147

File SDK

  • Minor bug fix for the PBIX file format.

Version 1.7.145

Release date: November 13, 2020

(Video) Microsoft Information Protection in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. Part 1: Overview

General Changes

  • Updated NuGet package to copy dependencies only on update rather than always.
  • Debug configuration on .NET will use release version of native libraries. We found that customers deploying .NET solutions in debug mode to remote servers were required to install the VC++ Debug runtime, which isn't trivial. If there's a need to debug in to native libraries, please copy the DLLs from the SDK redistributable into the project folder (
  • Fixed a bug that was generating warnings for .NET Core projects.

Version 1.7.133

Release date: September 23, 2020

General SDK Changes

  • Public Preview available for Java on Windows and Ubuntu 18.04.
  • .NET Core now supported on Windows.
  • Public preview support for .NET Core on Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Improved local logging for Keystore when storage cache type is set to OnDiskEncrypted.
  • Enabled feature flighting on .NET Wrapper
  • Reverted SDK telemetry behavior to pre-1.6. A minimum set of usage events are now sent when opted in for minimum telemetry only.

File SDK

  • Fixed UTF-16/UTF-8 body conversion in MSGInspector.
  • Set a default max file size limit for files protected by the File SDK to 6GB.
    • Change made due to decryption of large files requiring at least the file size in available memory.
    • Can be overridden by custom setting max_file_size_for_protection.
  • Added support for linearized PDFs.
  • Fixed a bug where LastModifiedDate wasn't updated on Change event.
  • Fixed a memory leak in protected PDF creation.
  • File SDK supports revocation of tracked files.
  • FileEngine::Settings::SetLabelFilter is deprecated, use ConfigureFunctionality instead.

Policy SDK

  • Policy SDK now supports Encrypt Only labeling actions.
  • Fixed a bug where mip::Identity wasn't properly loaded from cached engines.
  • Fixed a bug where classification GUID comparisons were case-sensitive in classification API.
  • Enriched audit events by adding new fields.

Protection SDK

  • Fixed a bug where mip::Identity wasn't properly loaded from cached engines.
  • Added implicit registration for newly created publishing licenses.
  • Added support for cryptographic algorithms used to support DKE in Office files.
  • Made documentId and owner parameters optional.


  • Added missing identity and DKE APIs.
  • Moved AuthDelegate from profile to engine across all SDKs.
  • Publish Policy SDK Sample for C
  • MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsWithIdentity has been deprecated, use MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsWithIdentityAndAuthCallback instead.
  • MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsWithEngineId has been deprecated, use MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsWithEngineIdAndAuthCallback instead.
  • MIP_CC_CreateProtectionProfileSettings signature has changed.
  • MIP_CC_CreatePolicyEngineSettingsWithIdentity has been deprecated, use MIP_CC_CreatePolicyEngineSettingsWithIdentityAndAuthCallback.
  • MIP_CC_CreatePolicyEngineSettingsWithEngineId has been deprecated, use MIP_CC_CreatePolicyEngineSettingsWithEngineIdAndAuthCallback.
  • MIP_CC_PolicyEngineSettings_SetLabelFilter has been deprecated, use MIP_CC_PolicyEngineSettings_ConfigureFunctionality.
  • MIP_CC_CreatePolicyProfileSettings signature has changed.

Breaking Changes


  • TelemetryConfiguration::isTelemetryOptedOut renamed to isMinimalTelemetryEnabled.


  • mip_cc_document_state has been updated with a new value mip_cc_metadata_version_format contentMetadataVersionFormat

Version 1.6.103

Release date: April 16, 2020

General SDK Changes

  • TLS 1.2 enforced for all non-ADRMS HTTP communication.
  • Migrated iOS/macOS HTTP implementation from NSURLConnection to NSURLSession.
  • Migrated iOS telemetry component from Aria SDK to 1DS SDK.
  • Telemetry component now uses MIP's HttpDelegate on iOS, macOS, and Linux. (Previously only win32).
  • Improved type safety for C API.
  • Moved AuthDelegate from Profile to Engine in C++, C#, and Java APIs.
  • AuthDelegate moved from constructor of Profile::Settings to Engine::Settings.
  • Added Category to NoPolicyError to provide more info about why policy sync failed.
  • Added PolicyEngine::GetTenantId method.
  • Added explicit support for all clouds.
    • New Engine::Settings::SetCloud method to set target cloud (GCC High, 21-Vianet, etc.).
    • Existing Engine::Settings::SetCloudEndpointBaseUrl method call is no longer necessary for recognized clouds.
  • Enabled bitcode for iOS binaries.

File SDK

  • Added IFileHandler::InspectAsync to C# and Java Wrappers
  • New support via FileProfile::AcquirePolicyAuthToken for triggering policy token acquisition to allow an application to warm up its token cache.
  • MsgInspector::GetAttachments returns vector<shared_ptr<MsgAttachmentData>> instead of vector<unique_ptr<MsgAttachmentData>>
  • TelemetryConfiguration::isOptedOut setting now completely disables telemetry. Previously a set of minimum telemetry was sent.

Policy SDK

  • New support for triggering token acquisition to allow an application to warm up its token cache via PolicyProfile::AcquireAuthToken.
  • HYOK labels are filtered by default.
  • Metadata associated with deleted labels will now be removed.
  • If there is ever a mismatch between cached label policy and sensitivity policy, the policy cache will now be cleared.
  • New support for versioned metadata:
    • A file format may rev the location/format of its label metadata. In that case, an application should provide MIP with all metadata, and MIP will determine which metadata is "true".
    • ContentLabel::GetExtendedProperties now returns vector<MetadataEntry> instead of vector<pair<string, string>>.
    • MetadataAction::GetMetadataToAdd now returns vector<MetadataEntry> instead of vector<pair<string, string>>.
    • ExecutionState::GetContentMetadata should now return vector<MetadataEntry> instead of vector<pair<string, string>>.
    • ExecutionState::GetContentMetadataVersion should return the highest version of metadata that the application recognizes for the current file format (usually 0).
    • PolicyEngine::GetWxpMetadataVersion returns the metadata version for Office documents as configured by tenant admin (0 = default, 1 = coauth-enabled format).
    • Equivalent changes in C API:
      • MIP_CC_ContentLabel_GetExtendedProperties
      • MIP_CC_MetadataAction_GetMetadataToAdd
      • mip_cc_metadata_callback
      • mip_cc_document_state
      • MIP_CC_PolicyEngine_GetWxpMetadataVersion
  • TelemetryConfiguration::isOptedOut setting now completely disables telemetry. Previously a set of minimum telemetry was sent.

Protection SDK

  • New support for registration and revocation for doc tracking.
  • New support for generating a pre-license when publishing.
  • Exposed public Microsoft TLS cert used by protection service.
    • GetMsftCert and GetMsftCertPEM
    • If an application overrides HttpDelegate interface, it must trust server certificates issued by this CA.
    • This requirement is expected to be removed late in 2020.

Version 1.5.124

Release date: March 2, 2020

General SDK Changes

  • Java API (Windows-only)
  • Cancellation of async MIP tasks
    • All async calls return mip::AsyncControl object with a Cancel() method
  • Delay-load dependent binaries
  • Optionally mask specific telemetry/audit properties
    • Configurable via mip::TelemetryConfiguration::maskedProperties
  • Improved exceptions:
    • All errors include actionable correlation IDs in description string
    • Network error has 'Category', 'BaseUrl', 'RequestId', and 'StatusCode' fields
  • Improved C API result/error details

File SDK

  • Network-free check if file is labeled or protected
    • mip::FileHandler::IsLabeledOrProtected()
    • Minor risk of false positives (for example if file contains zombie label metadata)
  • Filter labels associated with specific types of protection
    • Configurable via mip::FileEngine::Settings::SetLabelFilter()
  • Expose policy data to File SDK
    • mip::FileEngine::GetPolicyDataXml()

Policy SDK

  • Dynamic content marking for watermark/header/footer actions:
    • Fields like ${Item.Label}, ${Item.Name}, ${User.Name}, ${Event.DateTime} will be automaticallypopulated by MIP
    • mip::Identity can be constructed with user-friendly "name" field used by dynamic content marking
    • Configurable via mip::PolicyEngine::Settings::SetVariableTextMarkingType()
  • Network-free check if content is labeled
    • mip::PolicyHandler::IsLabeled()
    • Minor risk of false positives (for example if content contains zombie label metadata)
  • Label policy cache TTL
    • Default: 30 days
    • Configurable via mip::PolicyProfile::SetCustomSettings()
  • Breaking Change
    • Updated PolicyEngine.Settings.LabelFilter from list of enums to nullable bitfield.

Protection SDK

  • Pre-license
    • Existence of a pre-license alongside encrypted content, along with a previously retrieved usercert, allows for offline decryption of content
    • mip::ProtectionHandler::ConsumptionSettings can be constructed with a pre-license
    • mip::ProtectionEngine::LoadUserCert|Async() fetches user cert which is stored according tomip::ProtectionProfile's caching policy
  • Server-specific feature checking
    • Checks if user's tenant supports "encrypt only" feature (only available in Azure RMS)
    • mip::ProtectionEngine::IsFeatureSupported()
  • Richer details when fetching RMS templates
  • Breaking Changes
    • mip::ProtectionEngine::GetTemplates() vector<shared_ptr<string>> return value replaced withvector<shared_ptr<mip::TemplateDescriptor>> (C++)
    • mip::ProtectionEngine::Observer::OnGetTemplatesSuccess() callback shared_ptr<vector<string>>parameter replaced with vector<shared_ptr<mip::TemplateDescriptor>> (C++)
    • IProtectionEngine.GetTemplates|Async() return value List<string> replaced withList<TemplateDescriptor>. (C#)
    • MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetTemplates() mip_cc_guid* param replaced with mip_cc_template_descriptor* (C API)


  • Breaking Changes: Updated most functions to include mip_cc_error* parameter, can be NULL

Error/Exception Updates

  • Error handling summary:
    • AccessDeniedError: User has not been granted rights to access content
      • NoAuthTokenError: App did not provide auth token
      • NoPermissionsError: User has not been granted rights to specific content, but referrer/owner is available
      • ServiceDisabledError: Service is disabled for user/device/platform/tenant
    • AdhocProtectionRequiredError: Ad hoc protection must be set before setting a label
    • BadInputError: Invalid input from user/app
      • InsufficientBufferError: Invalid buffer input from user/app
      • LabelDisabledError: Label ID is recognized but disabled for use
      • LabelNotFoundError: Unrecognized label ID
      • TemplateNotFoundError: Unrecognized template ID
    • ConsentDeniedError: An operation that required consent from user/app was not granted consent
    • DeprecatedApiError: This API has been deprecated
    • FileIOError: Failed to read/write file
    • InternalError: Unexpected internal failure
    • NetworkError
      • ProxyAuthenticationError: Proxy authentication is required
      • Category=BadResponse: Server returned unreadable HTTP response (retry might succeed)
      • Category=Cancelled: Failed to establish HTTP connection because operation was canceled by user/app (retry will probably succeed)
      • Category=FailureResponseCode: Server returned a generic failure response (retry might succeed)
      • Category=NoConnection: Failed to establish HTTP connection (retry might succeed)
      • Category=Offline: Failed to establish HTTP connection because application is in offline mode (retry won't succeed)
      • Category=Proxy: Failed to establish HTTP connection due to proxy issue (retry probably won't succeed)
      • Category=SSL: Failed to establish HTTP connection due to SSL issue (retry probably won't succeed)
      • Category=Throttled: Server returned "throttled" response (backoff/retry will probably succeed)
      • Category=Timeout: Failed to establish HTTP connection after timeout (retry will probably succeed)
      • Category=UnexpectedResponse: Server returned unexpected data (retry might succeed)
    • NoPolicyError: Tenant or user is not configured for labels
    • NotSupportedError: Operation not supported in current state
    • OperationCancelledError: Operation was canceled
    • PrivilegedRequiredError: Cannot modify label unless assignment method = priviledged
  • Changes
    • Removed unused PolicySyncError. Replaced by NetworkError
    • Removed unused TransientNetworkError. Replaced by NetworkError categories

Version 1.4.0

Release date: November 6, 2019

This version introduces support for the Protection SDK in the .NET package (Microsoft.InformationProtection.File).

SDK changes

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Renamed StorageType enum to CacheStorageType
  • Android links to libc++ instead of gnustl
  • Removed previously deprecated APIs
    • File/Policy/Profile::Settings must be initialized with a MipContext
    • File/Policy/Profile::Settings path, application info, logger delegate, telemetry, and log level getters/setters have been removed. These properties are managed by MipContext
  • Better static library support on Apple platforms
    • Monolithic static libraries
      • libmip_file_sdk_static.a
      • libmip_upe_sdk_static.a
      • libmip_protection_sdk_static.a
      • libmip_upe_and_protection_sdk_static.a
    • Third-party dependencies extracted into separate libraries
      • libsqlite3.a
      • libssl.a
  • Removed mip_telemetry.dll (merged into mip_core.dll)

File SDK

    • Encryption
    • Added support for string8 decryption
  • Configurable PFILE extension behavior (default, {extension}.PFILE, or P{extension})
    • ProtectionSettings::SetPFileExtensionBehavior

Policy SDK

  • Complete C API
  • Configure filtering of labels associated with protection
    • PolicyEngine::Settigns::SetLabelFilter()

Protection SDK

  • Removed previously deprecated APIs
    • Removed ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerFromDescriptor[Async] (use ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerForPublishing[Async])
    • Removed ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerFromPublishingLicense[Async] (use ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerForConsumption[Async])
  • Complete C# API
  • Complete C API
    • C API normalization changes from v1.3 C API preview:
      • Renamed mip_cc_storage_type to mip_cc_cache_storage_type
      • Renamed MIP_CC_AddProtectionProfileEngine to MIP_CC_ProtectionProfile_AddEngine
      • Renamed MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsForExistingEngine to MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsWithEng
      • Renamed MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsForNewEngine to MIP_CC_CreateProtectionEngineSettingsWithIdentity
      • Renamed MIP_CC_SetProtectionProfileSettingsHttpDelegate to MIP_CC_ProtectionProfileSettings_SetHttpDelegate
      • Renamed MIP_CC_CreateProtectionHandlerForConsumption to MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_CreateProtectionHandlerForConsumption
      • Renamed MIP_CC_CreateProtectionHandlerForPublishing to MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_CreateProtectionHandlerForPublishing
      • Renamed MIP_CC_GetProtectionEngineId to MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetEngineId
      • Renamed MIP_CC_GetProtectionEngineTemplates to MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetTemplates
      • Renamed MIP_CC_GetProtectionEngineTemplatesSize to MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetTemplatesSize
      • Renamed MIP_CC_SetTelemetryConfigurationHttpDelegate to MIP_CC_TelemetryConfiguration_SetHttpDelegate
      • Renamed MIP_CC_SetTelemetryConfigurationHostName to MIP_CC_TelemetryConfiguration_SetHostName
      • Renamed MIP_CC_SetTelemetryConfigurationIsLocalCachingEnabled to MIP_CC_TelemetryConfiguration_SetIsLocalCachingEnabled
      • Renamed MIP_CC_SetTelemetryConfigurationIsNetworkDetectionEnabled to MIP_CC_TelemetryConfiguration_SetIsNetworkDetectionEnabled
      • Renamed MIP_CC_SetTelemetryConfigurationIsTelemetryOptedOut to MIP_CC_TelemetryConfiguration_SetIsTelemetryOptedOut
      • Renamed MIP_CC_SetTelemetryConfigurationLibraryName to MIP_CC_TelemetryConfiguration_SetLibraryName
      • Removed MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetRightsForLabelIdSize and updated MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetRightsForLabelId to populate a mip_cc_string_list instead of a comma-separated string buffer
      • Removed MIP_CC_ProtectionHandler_GetRightsSize and updated MIP_CC_ProtectionHandler_GetRights to populate a mip_cc_string_list instead of a comma-separated string buffer
      • Added MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetEngineIdSize and updated MIP_CC_ProtectionEngine_GetEngineId to populate a string buffer instead of a mip_cc_guid
      • MIP_CC_CreateProtectionDescriptorFromUserRights now takes 'mip_cc_dictionary-' param instead of 'mip_cc_dictionary'
      • MIP_CC_ProtectionEngineSettings_SetCustomSettings now takes 'mip_cc_dictionary-' param instead of 'mip_cc_dictionary'
      • MIP_CC_ProtectionProfileSettings_SetCustomSettings now takes 'mip_cc_dictionary-' param instead of 'mip_cc_dictionary'
      • MIP_CC_TelemetryConfiguration_SetCustomSettings now takes 'mip_cc_dictionary-' param instead of 'mip_cc_dictionary'
      • MIP_CC_CreateMipContext takes 'isOfflineOnly' and 'loggerDelegateOverride' params

Version 1.3.0

Release date: August 22, 2019

(Video) Azure Information Protection webinar: Microsoft Information Protection SDK | Session 6 | US

New Features

  • mip::MipContext is the new highest-level object.
  • Decryption of protected MSG files is now supported.
  • Inspection of message.rpmsg files is supported via mip::FileInspector and mip::FileHandler::InspectAsync().
  • On-disk cache may now be optionally encrypted.
  • Protection SDK now supports Chinese cloud customers.
  • Arm64 support on Android.
  • Arm64e support on iOS.
  • End-user license (EUL) cache can now be disabled.
  • .pfile encryption may be disabled via mip::FileEngine::EnablePFile
  • Improved performance for protection operations by reducing number of HTTP calls
  • Removed the delegated identity details from mip::Identity and instead added DelegatedUserEmail to mip::FileEngine::Settings, mip::ProtectionSettings, mip::PolicyEngine::Settings, and mip::ProtectionHandler's PublishingSettings and ConsumptionSettings.
  • Functions that previously returned LabelId now return a mip::Label object.


  • In previous versions, we required that you called mip::ReleaseAllResources. Version 1.3 replaces this with mip::MipContext::~MipContext or mip::MipContext::Shutdown.
  • Removed ActionSource from mip::LabelingOptions and mip::ExecutionState::GetNewLabelActionSource
  • Replaced mip::ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerFromDescriptor with mip::ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerForPublishing.
  • Replaced mip::ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerFromPublishingLicense with mip::ProtectionEngine::CreateProtectionHandlerForConsumption.
  • Renamed mip::PublishingLicenseContext to mip::PublishingLicenseInfo and updated to contain rich fields instead of raw serialized bytes.
  • mip::PublishingLicenseInfo contains the data relevant to MIP after parsing a publishing license (PL).
  • mip::TemplateNotFoundError and mip::LabelNotFoundError thrown when application passes MIP a template ID or label ID that is not recognized.
  • Added support for label-based conditional access via the claims parameter of AcquireToken() and mip::AuthDelegate::OAuth2Challenge(). This functionality hasn't yet been exposed via the Security and Compliance Center portal.

Version 1.2.0

Release date: April 15, 2019

New Features

  • Telemetry component now uses same HTTP stack as the rest of MIP, even if client application has overridden it with HttpDelegate.
  • Client applications can control the threading behavior of async tasks by overriding TaskDispatcherDelegate in Profiles.
  • RPMSG encryption now in preview.
  • Align File/Policy SDK exception handling behavior with Protection SDK:
    • ProxyAuthError thrown by all SDKs if a proxy is configured to require authentication.
    • NoAuthTokenError thrown by all SDKs if empty auth token is provided by application's implementation of mip::AuthDelegate::AcquireOAuth2Token.
  • Improved HTTP caching for Policy SDK reduces # of required HTTP calls by half.
  • Richer logs/audit/telemetry for improved failure detection and debugging.
  • Support for external/foreign labels to facilitate migration to AIP labels.
  • Enabled support for third-party applications to download sensitivity types from SCC.
  • More telemetry settings are exposed and configurable (caching/threading behavior, etc.).

SDK Changes

  • mip_common.dll split into mip_core.dll and mip_telemetry.dll.
  • Renamed mip::ContentState to mip::DataState to describe how an application interacts with data at a high level.
  • mip::AdhocProtectionRequiredError exception is thrown by FileHandler::SetLabel to notify an application that it must first apply ad hoc protection before applying a label.
  • mip::OperationCancelledError exception is thrown when an operation has been canceled (for example due to shutdown or HTTP cancellation).
  • New APIs:
    • mip::ClassificationResult::GetSensitiveInformationDetections
    • mip::FileEngine::GetLastPolicyFetchTime
    • mip::FileEngine::GetDefaultSensitivityLabel
    • mip::FileEngine::GetPolicyId
    • mip::FileEngine::HasClassificationRules
    • mip::FileEngine::Settings::SetPolicyCloudEndpointBaseUrl
    • mip::FileHandler::GetDecryptedTemporaryFileAsync
    • mip::FileHandler::Observer::OnGetDecryptedTemporaryFileFailure
    • mip::FileHandler::Observer::OnGetDecryptedTemporaryFileSuccess
    • mip::File/Policy/ProtectionProfile::SetTaskDispatcherDelegate
    • mip::File/Policy/ProtectionProfile::SetTelemetryConfiguration
    • mip::HttpRequest::GetBody returns std::vector<uint8_t> instead of std::string
    • mip::HttpRequest::GetId
    • mip::PolicyEngine::GetLastPolicyFetchTime
    • mip::PolicyEngine::GetPolicyId
    • mip::PolicyEngine::HasClassificationRules
    • mip::PolicyEngine::Settings::SetCloudEndpointBaseUrl
    • mip::ProtectionDescriptor::GetContentId
    • (interface) mip::TaskDispatcherDelegate

New Requirements

  • mip::ReleaseAllResources must be called prior to process termination (after clearing references to all Profiles, Engines, and Handlers)
  • (interface) mip::ExecutionState::GetClassificationResults return type and "classificationIds" parameter has changed
  • (interface) mip::FileExecutionState::GetAuditMetadata can be implemented by applications to specify detailed information to surface to a tenant admin's audit dashboard (for example sender, recipients, last modified, etc.)
  • (interface) mip::FileExecutionState::GetClassificationResults return type has changed, and it now requires a FileHandler parameter
  • (interface) mip::FileExecutionState::GetDataState should be implemented by applications to specify how an application is interacting with contentIdentifier
  • (interface) mip::HttpDelegate interface requires 'CancelOperation' and 'CancelAllOperations' methods
  • (interface) mip::HttpDelegate interface 'Send' and 'SendAsync' return mip::HttpOperation instead of mip::HttpResponse
  • (interface) mip::HttpResponse::GetBody returns std::vector<uint8_t> instead of std::string
  • (interface) mip::HttpResponse interface requires 'GetId' method implementation
  • mip::ContentLabel::GetCreationTime return std::chrono::time_point instead of std::string
  • mip::FileEngine::CreateFileHandlerAsync no longer accepts 'contentIdentifier' parameter
  • mip::PolicyHandler::NotifyCommitedActions renamed to mip::PolicyHandler::NotifyCommittedActions

Version 1.1.0

Release date: January 15, 2019

This version introduces support for the following platforms:

  • .NET
  • iOS SDK (Policy SDK)
  • Android SDK (Policy SDK and Protection SDK)

New Features

  • ADRMS support
  • Protection SDK operations are truly asynchronous (on Win32), allowing for simultaneous non-blocking encrypt/decrypt operations
    • Application callbacks (AuthDelegate, HTTPDelegate, etc.) may now be invoked on -any- background thread
  • Custom label properties set by IT administrators can now be read via mip::Label::GetCustomSettings
  • Serialized publishing license can now be retrieved directly from a file without any HTTP operations via mip::FileHandler::GetSerializedPublishingLicense
  • Applications are notified whether an HTTP operation is required to complete the creation of a mip::FileEngine/mip::PolicyEngine via mip::FileProfile::Observer::OnAddPolicyEngineStarting/mip::PolicyProfile::Observer::OnAddEngineStarting
  • Detection of whether protected content has an expiration date or not has been simplified with convenience method mip::ProtectionDescriptor::DoesContentExpire
  • Classification:
    • Sensitivity types (regex expressions for CC#'s, passport #'s, etc.) can be acquired from SCC service
      • Enable feature by setting mip::FileEngine::Settings/mip::PolicyEngine::Settings flag
      • Read types via mip::FileEngine::ListSensitivityTypes/mip::PolicyEngine::ListSensitivityTypes
    • Classification results from external document scanner utilities can be fed to MIP to drive recommended/required labels based on document content
      • Pass results to MIP via mip::FileExecutionState::GetClassificationResults/mip::ExecutionState::GetClassificationResults
      • mip::ApplyLabelAction and mip::RecommendLabelAction can be returned by mip::PolicyEngine::ComputeActions when classification results match a policy rule indicating required/recommended labels

New Requirements

  • Enforced population of ID/name/version fields mip::ApplicationInfo when creating mip::FileProfile, mip::PolicyProfile, and mip::ProtectionProfile
  • Applications must implement new mip::FileExecutionState interface when creating mip::FileHandlers

New Exceptions

  • mip::NoAuthTokenError thrown if application's AuthDelegate returns an empty token (due to cancellation)
    • Applies to creation of:
      • mip::FileEngine
      • mip::FileHandler
      • mip::PolicyEngine
      • mip::ProtectionHandler
  • mip::NoPolicyError thrown if tenant isn't configured for labels
    • Applies to creation of:
      • mip::FileEngine
      • mip::PolicyEngine
  • mip::ServiceDisabledError thrown if RMS service is disabled for a specific user/device/platform/tenant
    • Applies to creation of:
      • mip::FileHandler
      • mip::ProtectionHandler
  • mip::NoPermissionsError thrown if a user doesn't have rights to decrypt a document or the content is expired
    • Applies to creation of:
      • mip::FileHandler
      • mip::ProtectionHandler

Next steps

  • See MIP SDK FAQs and issues for information on supported platforms and more.
  • See MIP SDK setup and configuration for information on how to get started with the MIP SDK.


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