Our Top 2 Best of the Best Home Cleaning Products + DIY Recipes For A Natural Clean (2023)

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Do you love a fresh, clean home? Are you looking for non-toxic, all-natural cleaners that actually get the job done? Stick around because I’ve got you covered! These are our top 2 best of the best home cleaning products we use, and absolutely love. They’re all-natural, highly effective, and easily affordable.

Our Top 2 Best of the Best Home Cleaning Products + DIY Recipes For A Natural Clean (1)

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How Did We Choose Our Top 2 Best Home Cleaning Products?

I love a clean home! What I don’t love are the unpronounceable chemicals in so many of the cleaning products found on store shelves everywhere!

More and more in our home, we’ve been on the hunt for products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, pet friendly, and, oh yeah, allergy-friendly too!

One thing I couldn’t sacrifice though was the level of clean it provided. I didn’t want to waste time or money on something if it simply didn’t work!

It needed to be:

  • Effective at cleaning up tough messes
  • A germ killer
  • All-natural/non-toxic
  • Have a pleasant but not an artificial or overpowering scent
  • Budget-friendly
  • Pet friendly for those little paws we love
  • …and multi-purpose for cleaning the whole home

With all that in mind, I took a chance, and purchased these all-natural cleaning alternatives, hoping for the best.

What I didn’t know was how much I’d come to love, and prefer by far, cleaners without chemicals! I think you’d be pleasantly surprised too.

Below are our favorite picks for the best home cleaning products we’ve come to trust and rely on!

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Check out this list of all-natural home cleaners + DIY recipes! They’re affordable, effective, and smell amazing! ♥ #housecleaning #clean #cleaningproducts #cleanhome #cleaning #housecleaningtips #naturalcleaning #greencleaning


Some of these links are affiliate links. It costs you absolutely nothing extra, but if you purchase through one of my links, I may earn a small commission. You can learn more about that here.

# 1 – Better Life Home Cleaning Products

Let me just cut to the chase: their stuff works!

In our home, I’ve used them in almost every room from the kitchen messes to the bathroom. No matter the need – I’ve been impressed when it comes down to grime vs. them.

My favorite product of theirs is the all-purpose clary sage and citrus cleaner wipes. I’ve always been a fan of Lysol or Clorox disinfecting wipes for their ease of use. Now, I’m betting we won’t buy anything other than Better Life.

BETTER LIFE was created by two dads (and lifelong friends) who wanted to show the world that safety and performance can play nice together.

Better Life

Why You’ll Love Them

  • Cleans just as well, or better (if you ask us!), than the leading chemical-based cleaners
  • 100% plant and vegetable-based ingredients
  • 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Love your home & planet!
  • NO artificial fragrance, dyes, or chemicals of any kind
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Never tested on animals
  • Pure essential oils add natural, light scents, with added anti-bacterial benefits
  • They have a wide range of home cleaning products available. If it needs cleaning, they’ve got the perfect fit for the job.
  • Their prices are extremely affordable

Whether you are looking for an all-purpose cleanser, granite and stone counter-top cleaner, laundry or dish soap – I guarantee you will be amazed at the natural cleaning power of Better Life. We sure have been!

Another bonus? They often have amazing sales and deals to offer, making this a very cost-effective option.

Who doesn’t love a great deal?

What Will Be Your Favorite?
Click Here To Read More About Their Products ♥

# 2 Best Home Cleaning Products – Puracy

There is a reason this line of home cleaning products is an award-winner! It’s been touted by the New York Times as the, “Best all-purpose cleaner.”

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Business Insider says, “It’s the best dish soap you can buy.”

The accolades come in, one after another.

I’ll confess – ‘major’ endorsements and other credentials don’t usually impress me. Why? It seems these days everyone is simply trying to sell us something. You can’t always believe what you hear or read, unfortunately.

That’s why when I ordered their Green Tea & Lime All-Purpose Cleaner, I wasn’t expecting a whole heck of a lot, to be perfectly honest with you.

Oh, how I soon changed my tune! I’ve cleaned our floors, countertops, toilets, and yes, even granite with their all-purpose cleansing spray.

Every job I asked it to do, it has done beautifully. As a welcomed bonus, the subtle, natural scent of green tea and lime is crisp and refreshing. Our home not only is clean, but it smells clean too!

A little goes a very long way. Use too much and you’ll see streaks or build-up.

On our bottle of multi-purpose cleaning spray, the instructions say, “One spray for every 2′ x 2′ area.” That’s all you need!

We’re driven by a purpose to help all families be healthier, fight societal injustice, and be empowered with opportunity. For every sud we sell, a portion of the proceeds are donated to charities that work nation-wide to help a diverse range of families in need.


Why You’ll Love Puracy

  • It has worked amazingly well for every mess I asked it to clean
  • Made in the USA
  • They give back to charity with every sale!
  • Subtle, but refreshing all natural-scents
  • Skin and Earth-friendly
  • Certified cruelty-free
  • Very affordable on almost any budget
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Money-back guarantee. Love it or leave it!

One thing to note is that Puracy does not claim to be a “disinfectant.” This classification would require the elimination of 99.9% of germs.

Instead, Puracy focuses on being an anti-bacterial all-natural cleanser that leaves very little, if any, germs behind without the use of chemicals.

Click Here To See Their Products

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+ DIY Anti-Bacterial Cleanser Recipes

When it comes to the best home cleaning products, sometimes, the answer is already in your pantry! It might even be super cheap!

These DIY cleaning recipes will keep your home clean, fresh, and non-toxic. It doesn’t get much better than that!

— 3% Hydrogen Peroxide —

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful cleaning agent!

Think toilet brushes, doorknobs, yucky sinks, sponges, cleaning supplies, and anywhere else those old germs like to hide.

Metal, glass, and plastic are all surfaces where hydrogen peroxide comes in handy.

There is even evidence that 3% hydrogen peroxide undiluted can break down the germs that spread coronavirus. How about that for tough!

How to use as a powerful germ fighter spray:

  1. Pour 3% undiluted hydrogen peroxide into spray bottle
  2. Spray on surface to be cleaned
  3. Let sit for 1 minute and wipe off

For more amazing benefits of hydrogen peroxide, and how to use it, take a look at this must-read post from Michelle at Blessings By Me.

Curious if that bottle of hydrogen peroxide you have is any good?

Tip: Pour a little down the drain in your bathroom sink. If it doesn’t fizz and bubble, it’s no good.

Distilled White Vinegar + Essential Oils

Our Top 2 Best of the Best Home Cleaning Products + DIY Recipes For A Natural Clean (6)

Vinegar is amazing! It is useful in almost every room in your home.

It is highly acidic though, so using vinegar on any surface such as granite or sealed stones, is bad news. It can cause dulling or even permanent damage.

Related Reading: 9 Things You Should Never Clean With Vinegar


Mixing vinegar and bleach is also a no-go. This combination releases a toxic chlorine gas that is very harmful to your health. Keep this in mind with any home-cleaning brews. 🙂

It is also important to note that while vinegar is a powerful cleaner, it is not classified as a ‘disinfectant.’

What does this mean for us? Vinegar is effective in the war against germs, but it does not kill germs like those which cause COVID.

How to use vinegar as a grime-and-germ–fighting cleaner:

  1. Mix two parts (i.e. two cups) white or cleaning vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle.
  2. Add essential oils for scent (optional) – I use these & love them!
  3. Swirl spray bottle to mix ingredients well
  4. Spray on and let sit for 30 to 60 seconds
  5. Wipe off

My favorite essential oil scents for cleaning? Lemon, sweet orange, and peppermint. 🙂

What about yours?

…What Do You Think?

We are exposed to far too many chemicals every day. It is my belief that everywhere we can eliminate toxins, our bodies say THANK YOU! 😁

What do you think are the best home cleaning products? Do you think all-natural cleaning products work? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you do try any of these formulas, I’d love to hear your feedback too. I’ve genuinely been impressed and think you might be too!

Thank you for sharing the all-natural love with your friends on social media if this has helped you.

All My Very Best To You & Yours,

Our Top 2 Best of the Best Home Cleaning Products + DIY Recipes For A Natural Clean (7)

Sharing Is Caring! ♥ Thank You!

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What two ingredients make homemade household cleaner? ›

Ingredients for homemade cleaning solution:

1/2 cup white vinegar. 2 tablespoons baking soda.

How do you make homemade natural cleaner? ›

To make a spray that will clean just about anything—countertops, the sink, light fixtures, and more—mix 13 ounces of hot water, ½ cup of white vinegar, 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and seven drops of lemon essential oil in a spray bottle, says Kimberly Button, a certified ...

What is a great natural cleaning product? ›

Ask any green-living expert or organic devotee and they'll tell you that the best natural cleaning products are regular white vinegar or baking soda with a little lemon or orange thrown in.

How do I make a all-purpose natural cleaner? ›

The go-to all-purpose cleaner is a mixture of vinegar and water, says Peterson. To make it, combine half a cup of distilled white vinegar with 2 cups of water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or a squeeze of lemon for scent; since these are in low concentrations, they'll be safe for more surfaces.

What is a key ingredient for cleaning? ›

Surfactants. Soap mixing with oil under a microscope, forming micelles. Surfactants provide most of the cleaning power in your cleaning products today, but other ingredients are also needed to make the best products possible. These ingredients help the surfactant work better on different types of soil.

What is the most powerful cleaning solution? ›

Clorox Disinfecting Bleach

Let's start with the big gun: bleach. It kills 99.9% of germs, including those from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Bleach is the most powerful disinfectant you can use.

How do you make a powerful cleaning solution? ›

Mix about 1/4 cup of isopropyl alcohol with a small splash liquid Castile dish soap and 1 1/2 cups water in a spray bottle.

What is the simplest cleaner of all? ›

  1. WATER: Water is the simplest cleaning agent and some form of dirt will be dissolved by it, but. ...
  2. DETERGENT: Detergents are those cleaning agents, which contain significant quantities of a group of. ...
  3. ABRASIVES. ...

What is the mixture of vinegar and Dawn for cleaning? ›

Soap Scum Remover: 1 part Dawn to 1 part Vinegar

If you have soap scum in your tub or shower, this duo is your new best friend. Add equal parts Dawn and vinegar to a spray bottle and shake gently to mix. If you have really tough deposits, you can heat the vinegar in the microwave before mixing for a little extra power.

Can you mix dawn and vinegar and baking soda? ›

They are simply random mixtures of household chemicals that seem “cleany.” You can use vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean, so why not mix them altogether to make a super-cleaner? By far the most common cleaning 'hack' is baking soda and vinegar.

What do professional housekeepers use to clean? ›

We Asked 5 Professional House Cleaners What They Use to Clean at Home — Here's What They Had to Say
  • A high-quality microfiber cloth. ...
  • Distilled white vinegar. ...
  • A pumice scouring stick. ...
  • A melamine cleaning sponge. ...
  • Soap and water. ...
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
3 Dec 2021

What are the two natural cleaning ingredients that can be mixed to clean shine and protect furniture? ›

You can apply two simple natural furniture cleaning product recipes here.
  • Mix two parts of lemon juice with one part vinegar and one part linseed oil.
  • Mix one part of olive oil with one part of white vinegar and one tablespoon lemon juice.

What are the top 10 most essential cleaning materials? ›

Here are the 10 essential home cleaning materials you need.
  • Microfibre cloths. Microfibre cloths are super handy around the house. ...
  • Bottle of spray. It's always helpful to have one of these lying around the house. ...
  • Broom and dustpan. ...
  • Hoover. ...
  • Mop and bucket. ...
  • Hand scrubbing brush. ...
  • Old toothbrush. ...
  • Sponge.

How do you clean everything that is overwhelming? ›

How to Start Cleaning if You're Overwhelmed
  1. Set a timer for 20 minutes.
  2. Spend those 20 minutes cleaning.
  3. Take a 10-minute break from cleaning.
  4. Repeat.

How do you deep clean super fast? ›

Fast House Cleaning Tips
  1. Clean the whole house, not one room at time. ...
  2. Gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy. ...
  3. Clear the clutter. ...
  4. Dust and vacuum. ...
  5. Wipe mirrors and glass. ...
  6. Disinfect countertops and surface areas. ...
  7. Focus on tubs, sinks and toilets. ...
  8. Sweep, then mop.

What is the most powerful cleaner in the kitchen? ›

The best overall kitchen cleaner is Lemi Shine All-Purpose spray (view at Amazon) since it promises to kill 99.9 percent of all bacteria without harsh ingredients, like bleach.

What cleaning compound is super cheap and great to use as a homemade household cleaner? ›

Some of the items in your pantry (like baking soda and vinegar) work as effective homemade all-purpose cleaners and, even better, cost next to nothing.

What is the 20 10 method of cleaning? ›

What is the 20/10? Invented by Rachel Hoffman, the 20/10 approach to cleaning is to work hard for 20 minutes and then take a 10-minute break. It's that simple. And while you may not think 20 minutes is a long time, you'd be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

What solution is used for deep cleaning? ›

Clorox, Lysol, and Mrs. Meyers all contain these compounds and are the safest to use in your home for all your deep cleaning purposes.

How do I get the energy to clean my house? ›

Read on to know the effective way to clean your home when you have no energy.
  1. Start with inspiration. Sometimes when the body feels weak or tired the problem isn't mere exhaustion. ...
  2. Stay fed. ...
  3. Make a list. ...
  4. One step at a time. ...
  5. Use the right tools. ...
  6. Delegate tasks. ...
  7. Establish a 'clean as you go' rule. ...
  8. Clean efficiently.

How do I clean my house that hasn't been cleaned in years? ›

How to clean a neglected house?
  1. Make a Cleaning Plan and Assign the task. By making a clear cleaning plan, you will be able to get the job done faster. ...
  2. Organize the Right Cleaning Tools. ...
  3. Restore the Utilities. ...
  4. Get Rid of the Clutter. ...
  5. Take Notes. ...
  6. Bring Furnishing to Experts. ...
  7. Move Room to Room. ...
  8. Day-1: Deep clean your kitchen.

What should be cleaned everyday? ›

10 Things You Should Always Clean Every Day (Without Question)
  • Sponges. We love a good sponge to wipe, absorb, and eliminate spills on all hard surfaces. ...
  • Dishes. ...
  • Kitchen Counters. ...
  • Dining Room Table. ...
  • Bathroom Counters. ...
  • Computer Keyboard. ...
  • Keys. ...
  • Remote controls.

What's the best free cleaner? ›

  • 1) Restoro PC Repair Tool.
  • 2) Outbyte PC Repair.
  • 3) System Mechanic.
  • 4) Advanced SystemCare.
  • 5) Advanced PC Cleanup.
  • 6) Ashampoo® WinOptimizer.
  • 7) CCleaner.
  • 8) Easy pc optimizer.
5 Nov 2022

What can I put on my glass shower doors to prevent water spots? ›

Apply a Protective Coating to Glass Shower Doors

For a DIY approach, many handy homeowners swear by Rain-X. Applying a coat of this product (or another water repellent glass treatment) will prevent water spot build-up for up to six months.

What happens if you put baking soda in your toilet? ›

Baking soda can be used in a few ways to help unclog a toilet. After your attempts at plunging have failed, try pouring around 1 cup of baking soda in the toilet bowl, suggests WikiHow. There's no need to measure exactly, but you'll follow this up by adding about a gallon of very hot water on top.

How do I get baked on grease off my glass oven door? ›

  1. Open the door and wipe off any loose bits of grime with a damp microfiber cloth.
  2. Pour the baking soda in the bowl.
  3. Slowly add water to the baking soda to make a paste. ...
  4. Spread the paste on the inside of the oven window.
  5. Let this sit for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  6. Moisten a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the paste away.

What do maids use to make house smell good? ›

Try combining complementary scents, like chamomile, lavender and vanilla or a mixture of different citrus oils. A blend of rosemary, lemon and lavender also yields a yummy aroma, as does wild orange with peppermint. Start small with just a few drops at a time and work your way up to more.

What do professionals use to clean bathrooms? ›

Professionals use baking soda to clean various bathroom surfaces such as toilet, bathtub, sink, floor as well as the drain. To clean the toilet, you need to sprinkle the soda on the inner surface and spray vinegar over it. Then use the toilet brush to scrub and finally flush.

How do you make a simple cleaner? ›

Fast House Cleaning Tips
  1. Clean the whole house, not one room at time. ...
  2. Gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy. ...
  3. Clear the clutter. ...
  4. Dust and vacuum. ...
  5. Wipe mirrors and glass. ...
  6. Disinfect countertops and surface areas. ...
  7. Focus on tubs, sinks and toilets. ...
  8. Sweep, then mop.

How do you make a strong cleaning solution? ›

Mix about 1/4 cup of isopropyl alcohol with a small splash liquid Castile dish soap and 1 1/2 cups water in a spray bottle.

How do hotels clean in 20 minutes? ›

That's 20 minutes to: change a double (or Queen or Kingsize) bed, perfectly plump and press four pillows, dust two bedside tables, pictures, a desk, an office chair, a table, clean a hospitality tray and replace tea, coffee, milk, sugar and cookies, wipe and 'mop' a bathroom (with a floor duster), wash any dirty cups ...

How do I keep my house super clean? ›

How do you keep your house clean and organized?
  1. Put items away after you use them.
  2. Clean up a little bit every day.
  3. Make your bed when you get up.
  4. Empty your sink and dishwasher every morning.
  5. Don't leave trash around.
  6. Clear out clutter regularly.

What is the strongest cleaner? ›

Citric Acid. Citric acid is one of the best all-purpose cleaning agents: powerful enough to kill mold, remove soap scum, and even tackle rust.


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