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Date created: 2020-05-10 Name: anonymous
Location: Miami, FL
Model/Style: 25 cu.f

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (2) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"Side by side fridge"
Excelent product. Solid performance.

Date created: 2017-03-20 Name: David Krepps
Location: South Central Pennsylvania, USA
Model/Style: GZS22DG

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (3) Somewhat Satisfied - 4 out of 5

(Video) GE refrigerator review

"Ice Dispenser Needs Redesigned"
The 2016 year model is efficient. It holds the temperature steady. Itdoes not run continuously and thus saves electricity. It is easy to keepclean. There is plenty of room inside the refrigerator and freezer for atwo person residence. The filter is easy to replace.However, the ice dispenser shield does not reflect ice chips 100 percent into the drinking glass. No matter what shape of drinking glass is used, nor the way you hold it, some ice chips go onto the floor. Perhaps this will be addressed by the engineers at GE.

Date created: 2011-06-02 Name: Anonymous
Location: Fort Stewart, GA
Model/Style: PTS22LCS

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (4) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"A review of my Refriderater"
We have owned our GE PTS22LCS refrigerator for almost 3 years now. Over all it does it's job keeping our food cold so we are satisfied with it. There is however an issue that has remained unresolved with the built in ice maker. It froze up one day and stopped working which I accepted and decided it was no big deal... Then one day water started to flow out of the freezer on to my floor. I pulled out the unit and turned off the water supply and I continue to live without the ice maker. There is a digital screen inside to adjust the temperature in the fridge and freezer separately which I also like because it allows us to control it"s settings in a simple way. Like I said the unit does what it was designed to do... Kepps our food either frozen in the freezer or cold in the fridge. It has never failed in doing that. However I would not recommend this unit to a friend because of the issues I have had with the built in ice maker. I do however trust the GE name and if I ever needed to replace this model I would stick with the brand and choose a different model.

Date created: 2011-06-02 Name: Anonymous
Location: Fort Mill, SC
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (5) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"Very Spacious Fridge"
About two weeks ago I purchased the GE - Café 24.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless-Steel from Best Buy. It was pretty expensive but I thought it was so cool I just had to have it. Speaking of cool, it has a really great feature called Express Chill. Basically it is just a drawer where you can put drinks to get them cold a lot quicker than the regular fridge would. I have a toddler running around the house who often opens the fridge and forgets to close it back, thankfully, this fridge has an alarm that sounds if the door has been open too long. The settings are all electric so it is very easy to use. This fridge is HUGE! I can never quite fill the entire fridge up, there is so much room. I also really enjoy the water and ice dispenser, it is nice to get a nice cold glass of water whenever I please. All in all, it is a very cool appliance and I would recommend it to anyone, any day.

Date created: 2011-05-28 Name: Anonymous
Location: Germantown, MD
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (6) Somewhat Satisfied - 4 out of 5

"GE refrigerator - simple but reliable"
This was a standard model coming from the builder with top freezer ??" lowest common denominator of sorts. The exterior is not too sturdy ??" we have bottom plastic part falling off all the time. It's now almost 10 years old, and still works well ??" no reliability issues. The big deal is that all the shelves are spill proof and height can be adjusted. We have ice making machine in a freezer, but we don't use it and it's actually more of a nuisance, since sometimes when we put things into freezer we inadvertently trigger making of ice. Another nice feature, for a family with two young kids, would be some kind of lock to assure that only parents can open fridge (some kind of parental controls), and put it high on the fridge, so that 6 year old can't open fridge and contemplate for 20 minutes what to take.Overall, I'd say that we got good value for our money and it's a nice and reliable fridge.

Date created: 2011-05-14 Name: Anonymous
Location: Saint Paul, MN
Model/Style: GSL23WGSA

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (7) Somewhat Satisfied - 4 out of 5

"Nice Refrigerator with a few flaws"
We've had our refrigerator for almost 3 years now. It looks great in our kitchen, and the stainless steel exterior is easy to keep clean. The interior of the fridge half is well laid out, and we really like the bins in the fridge door. There are built-in slots for soda cans, which would be nice except that we don't drink soda. Otherwise, the shelves are easy to move and easy to clean. We don't like the freezer half nearly as much, though. The shelves are too narrow and deep, so it's hard to organize. Things disappear and get forgotten. The ice cube maker is nice, but it seems like it frequently gets clogged: all the ice cubes stick together, so ice won't come out of the dispenser. The other annoying thing about the freezer section is that the door doesn't always shut completely, so we always have to double check that it sealed properly. All in all, this is a good fridge, and it keeps our food cold/frozen without problems. There are a few issues with the freezer compartment.We haven't had to have any repairs done, and we would recommend it to a friend as long as they don't mind the quirks of the freezer.

Date created: 2011-05-09 Name: Anonymous
Location: Bakersfield, CA.
Model/Style: PFCS1PJZSS

(Video) GE GFE28GYNFS French-Door Fridge In-Depth Review – Reviewed & Approved

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (8) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"Love My GE Refrigerator!"
Hi, I'm Jason, and I own a GE Profile refrigerator with a built in water and ice dispenser. The refrigerator that I own has a water filtration system built right in and I am completely in love with this machine. I have owned it for about 3 months. I bought it at Home Depot after my last refrigerator just stopped working one day. I paid approximately $2,500 for this refrigerator, but I have no regrets. It has French doors, which open up to a refrigerator on one side and a freezer on the other. It keeps my food cold, and I haven't had to worry about anything going bad since I got it. I really like the fact that I can get a nice glass of ice water from my refrigerator as well. I have made no repairs to it since I've owned it, and I don't suspect that I will have to either. It is made well and appears to be very durable. I would definitely make this purchase again if I had to, and I would recommend to all of my friends that they purchase this refrigerator or a similar model, because for the money, it's an excellent value.

Date created: 2011-05-06 Name: Anonymous
Location: amherst, ma
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (9) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"Love My GE Fridge"
I love my fridge. I have had it for about a year. When i was looking for a fridge to replace our dying fridge for my kitchen, i was looking for something sturdy. Most fridges out there, or at least in my opinion feel a little flimsy. The door have a nice heavy feel to them, which i like. But the most important thing i love about the fridge is the french door freezer. Now i dont use the freezer often, but rather for storage of food for longer periods of time. This allows me so I dont have to bend over which hurts my back. The fridge operates a little cold so you have set the temp a little warmer than what it says. I have never had to replace a part yet, but i have only own it for a year, so time has yet to tell if this fridge is truly durable. I would definitely buy this brand again.

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (10) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"High Quality Refrigerator"
I purchased my GE refrigerator from Lowe's in mid-February of 2009, so I have owned it just over two years. This is one of the models with the freezer on the bottom and I have really enjoyed that as opposed to my older fridge with the freezer portion on top. I'm not entirely sure what the reasoning is but I find it much more convenient. Three choices of colors were offered for this model including black, white, and stainless steel. Mine is white and was slightly cheaper than the stainless steel option. I paid just over a thousand dollars for it but feel like it was well worth it. GE is a company I trust and have found all of their products I've owned to be good, durable quality. There are multiple different ways that one can place the shelves inside of the unit and I find this very helpful for fitting a lot items in there. The light inside is quite bright and I haven't noticed it dimming at all in the two years I've owned this fridge. It keeps everything very cold, as a fridge should, and there are separate controls for fridge temperature and freezer temperature. The ice maker works very well and the unit is very quiet with it is running. My older refrigerator, which my family had for nine or ten years, was quite loud so it was a pleasant surprise when I couldn't even hear this one. The shelves in the door are also quite roomy. So far I have not had to make any repairs, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. My complaints are quite minimal, such as there being no egg holder and that it lacks a built in water filer. The biggest downfall would be that the freezer portion doesn't hold as much as I thought it would. However, I feel like these disadvantages are small enough that they don't bring down my overall opinion. I will continue to buy GE products and I'm sure in a decade or so I will buy another one of their refrigerators. I would also recommend this to my friends, and did in fact help my aunt pick a similar model out recently. Satisfied is the only way to describe how I feel about this fridge.

Date created: 2011-03-28 Name: Anonymous
Location: Tishomingo MS
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (11) Very Unsatisfied - 1 out of 5

"This fridge has one redeeming quality- it's small"
We live in a very small cabin, so naturally, we need small appliances that take up as little room as possible. We thought that a mini fridge would be a good idea, so we went ahead and picked up a GE 4.5 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator from our local wal-mart.This was probably one of the bigger mistakes we've made in recent memory. This fridge is small, but when you look inside, you see that there's plenty of space for groceries for two people. Unfortunately, the manufacturers also tried to add a freezer to this contraption. The freezer is a disaster, because the controls for temperature control both the fridge and the freezer. If you have the dial down low enough for the freezer to actually freeze ice, it also freezes your milk and eggs. If you have the dial set so that your milk remains liquid, the freezer melts all over the rest of your produce.The only redeeming quality this thing has is that it's small. It doesn't take up a lot of space being a pain in the butt, but it's a terrible refrigerator over all.

Date created: 2011-03-10 Name: Anonymous
Location: Charlotte, NC
Model/Style: Profile

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (12) Somewhat Satisfied - 4 out of 5

"GE refrigerator is good, but needs bigger freezer"
I have owned this refrigerator for 6 months. It is a side by side design with filtered water and ice. The temperature of the refrigerator and freezer are easily adjusted on the outside panel. The ice crusher doesn't always work very well. A lot of full size ice cubes make there way through on the crushed ice setting. The refrigerator portion is a great size and has good sized compartments for everything. The door even has a lot of storage room. The freezer, on the other hand, was not designed very well. It is deeper than it is wide. I feel like I'm trying to cram myself into the freezer when I need to grab something from the back. There just is not enough freezer space. The compartments in the door don't fit much at all because they are so tiny. Overall, it works well but needs to be bigger in the freezer section.

Date created: 2011-02-22 Name: Anonymous
Location: Kent, WA
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (13) Somewhat Unsatisfied - 2 out of 5

"Frozen Milk or Melted Ice-cream"
I have had my refrigerator for over ten years now, it came with the house and I have never gotten around to replacing it. As far as the basics go my General Electric refrigerator is not to bad. It has two shelves for food and a large drawer in the bottom to keep in fruits and vegetables. My biggest complaint about the refrigerator from day one was how badly designed the thermostat was made. It is a single dial gauge and to make one part colder or warmer you have to make both the refrigerator and freezer colder or warmer.Over the years this has meant that either my milk gets so cold ice chunks start to form while in the refrigerator, or my ice cream is half melted in the freezer. As far as maintenance goes nothing has ever broken unfortunately. If it had ever broken down as part of my lease agreement it would have been replaced free of charge with something newer. The General Electric refrigerator has been very reliable and does manage to keep my food cold if turned up high enough. It would be a pretty decent machine if not for the thermostat design flaw. I would never buy the model again but I have held onto it all these years instead of replacing it.
(Video) GE Profile Smart Wifi Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator Review

Date created: 2011-02-06 Name: Anonymous
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (14) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"A Quality Standard Refrigerator by GE"
I have had the GE GSH25JSXSS refrigerator for about a year now and overall it is a nice fridge. The refrigerator is a side-by-side style which means that the two main doors on the front side are built in right next to each other. The doors are large and the handles are placed on the inside so they open up like a typical 2-door entrance to a home. The fridge is freestanding so it does not have to be built into a wall or connected to some other structure in your home. It is made of a very stylish stainless steel and is quite attractive from the outside. The fridge does include a freezer and for me it has worked well since the day I bought it. It also includes an ice maker and water fountain which has worked well for me too. However, I have heard complaints about the ice maker failing to function or not functioning properly and making loud noises so I have been recently paying attention to mine. Overall, the fridge is very roomy but that makes it stick out a bit too far for my liking. It is a nice product that has not yet had any problems so I do recommend it to those looking for a new fridge.

Date created: 2011-01-23 Name: Anonymous
Location: Chicago, IL
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (15) Somewhat Unsatisfied - 2 out of 5

"You Get What You Pay For – My General Electric Fridge"
My fridge, made by General Electric, came with my apartment. That means that I've had it since about May of 2010. It certainly does a fine job of doing what a fridge/freezer combo is supposed to do - it keeps things cold. The problem, though, is that it does that a little *too* well sometimes. Often times the fridge will freeze things, especially things placed on the top two shelves. (That may not sound like a big deal, but it's a problem when your fridge only has four shelves.) Everyone talks about wanting to drink an ice-cold beverage; it's another story when your drink is literally *ice cold* as my fridge will occasionally do.I'm not sure I'd buy a GE fridge in the future. Perhaps I'd invest in a better one - I don't doubt that whoever owns my apartment complex didn't invest a whole lot of money on this fridge. That being said, I'd have to shop around; I don't doubt that there are better options out here.

Date created: 2011-01-23 Name: Anonymous
Location: Lexington, Ky
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (16) Somewhat Satisfied - 4 out of 5

"GE-Worth The Buy"
GE has always been a great company for solid products. This fridge is no different. Through the course of ownership at no times have there been any variation of temps, loud noises, or anything that could make you second guess in your investment. It has a very solid build that is tough enough to withstand even the most harsh everyday accidents and mistreatment. With the removable shelf's and condiments holders it makes cleaning and sanitizing an easy task. It even has great compartments in the bottom to make sure your fresh fruits and vegetables do not go bad, and stay fresh for longer than you might have previously thought possible. With the great styling that was put into this fridge your sure to have another great looking appliance in your home. I honestly can not think of one single problem or issue that I have had since the beginning. Overall just a great fridge that you would come to expect from a very reputable company in GE, keep up the great work!

Date created: 2011-01-23 Name: Anonymous
Location: Excelsior springs, mo
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

(Video) GE Profile PWE23KYNFS Refrigerator Review

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (17) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"GE makes good refriderator"
We have owned this GE side by side refrigerator for over 3 years. We have never had major problems with it. It has many features we like. This particular model has the ability to make crushed or cubed ice. I really like both options but when I try to crush ice it sometimes gets stuck in the shoot and melts and falls out. I don't think this would be any different with any other type of refrigerator. This one comes with a smart water filtration system. You have to replace the filter every six months. I find the filters at Amazon and buy them in bulk to save me money. The refrigerator can be tricky when adjusting the temperature controls because sometimes my vegetables freeze. Once when you find the right setting then you are good to go. I bought an extended warranty but never had to use it. I think this is a good product and will buy a similar GE refrigerator when I need a replacement in the future.

Date created: 2011-01-23 Name: Anonymous
Location: Olean, NY
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (18) Somewhat Satisfied - 4 out of 5

"Mini Fridge that is just too cold."
Living in a dorm, my compact fridge is ideal for its size. It has several adjustable wire shelves that are helpful to fit a large quantity of things in such a small fridge. I have had the fridge for around 5 years now, which is quite impressive considering the abuse it has taken. The exterior has been scratched up quite a bit but considering it purpose, that doesn't really bother me. It hasn't required any maintenance. Something that I don't like about the fridge is the small freezer. It isn't even large enough for a carton of ice cream. Also, it has frost build up around the edges that continues to decrease the available capacity. I would recommend this product to a friend because of how long it has lasted me, without sign of failure. However, I would recommend a different and more updated model under the GE brand.

Date created: 2011-01-21 Name: Anonymous
Location: Morton, IL
Model/Style: Refrigerators

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (19) Very Unsatisfied - 1 out of 5

"Very unsatisfied with my GE side by side refrigerator"
We have owned our GE side by side refrigerator, (model number GSH22KPAWW) for six years. We initially liked the fact that the refrigerator side had plenty of room with adjustable shelves that were able to slide out and a filter for the external water dispenser. Unfortunately, this fridge has been very unreliable. We have had GE service technicians out two times once when the refrigerator was 2 years old and again when it was 6 years old. The first time the refrigerator just quite working, the technician explained that a part that had been recalled was at fault. They replaced it at no charge. Next the screw mechanism that moves the ice forward for the external ice dispenser broke. It was a cheaply made plastic part. That cost us $75. The last time a service technician was out, a sensor that controls the self-defrosting mechanism in the freezer was broken. It was not covered by the warranty. That set us back almost $200. At that point we should have just thrown the towel in and bought a new fridge. Another piece of information is that the replacement filters that last three months will run you $50 each. I would not purchase this brand again or recommend it to a friend.

Date created: 2010-12-17 Name: Anonymous
Location: Woodbridge, VA
Model/Style: TBX18SLB

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (20) Very Satisfied - 5 out of 5

"GE Is Good Enough for Me"
My fridge is pretty cool even though it doesn't have an ice-maker. There's more than enough room to put in some ice trays so I don't mind it much. I've had the refrigerator for almost two years now and it never given me any problems. It has high humidity and low humidity storage compartments and a nice power saving feature as well. It doesn't take long for the water in the ice trays to turn into ice. The whole thing is really spacious. The temperature controls can be a bit hard to reach since they are located in the back and the fridge is so big. That's just a minor complaint though. I can fit it all my wholesale groceries and a couple of pizza boxes with no fuss at all. However, if money wasn't an issue I would go with higher-end model. Something that looks a bit more sleek. This one looks kind of plain and average. I'm still happy with it though.

Date created: 2010-12-09 Name: Anonymous
Location: Burlington, Iowa
Model/Style: TBX18TAZCRWH

Satisfaction Rating:

Reviews of General Electric Refrigerators (21) Neutral - 3 out of 5

"My General Electric refrigerator."
I have owned my refrigerator for a little over a month now. The thing i like about it is the compartments it has to put food items like your fruits and vegetables, it also has a little shelf in it to put butter and dairy products in and the temperature dials in it seem to work just fine. The things i dont like about it are the freezer part of the it does not store that much food compared to other refrigerators i have owned in the past. and the top shelf in the fridge is barely just low enough to fit a two-liter of soda pop in it. I have not owned the refrigerator long enough to have to make any repairs on it yet. I can not say i would buy the same model again but i like the general electric refrigerators because generally it is a good brand for fridges and other electronics so i would buy the same brand but a different model. I also would not strongly recommend this fridge to a friend.

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