Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (2023)

Need a gift and short on time? These Melbourne-based same-day gift delivery services have your back.

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (1)

Switch off panic mode and head straight for one of these lifesaver online gift stores, where a few clicks will get you the perfect pressie delivered to your loved one’s door within hours. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, a new baby, engagement, graduation or anniversary, these gorgeous gifts will let the people in your life know that you’re thinking about them. Here is our pick of the best same-day gift delivery in Melbourne.

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (2)


Forget the same day, these guys are doing same-second. Shouta, a new online platform is changing the gift delivery game, allowing you to treat your loved one to pretty much anything, instantly. Think brunch, a round at the pub, movie tickets, even an oat milk latte - if you can think it, you can gift it. Shouts are sent straight to your recipients and can be redeemed through their app via a prepaid Mastercard. Just save it to your digital wallet and you’re sweet to start spending!

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (3)

Box of Goodies

Specialising in all things sparkly, sassy, and just downright hilarious, Box of Goodies is perfect for those with a proclivity for the daring. Living up to their name – get your hands on a premium collection of goodies that cover all basis. Bold and never boring, you’ll find everything from baby gifts and booze to cheeky candles, cards and everything in between. For those who need a little help, head straight to their ready-made range or try your hand at building your own for something a little more personal.

$20 flat rate delivery in metro Melbourne

Order by 11am for same-day delivery

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (4)

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Goldelucks Confetti Explosion Boxes

Swap standard cake delivery for one of these adorable (and TikTok famous) confetti-filled cake boxes designed to make an impact. Perfect for literally any occasion, they're cute, colourful and completely customisable. Choose from a cookie, mud cake or doughnut, which are available in indulgent flavours such as Biscoff Mudcake, Golden Gaytime Donut and a Caramilk Loaded Cookie. Take your gift to the next level by adding a personalised card or more sweet treats to fill the box with.

Monday-Sunday, Order by 12pm for same day delivery

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Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (5)


The delicious treats from Ox Rabbit will be sure to send your tastebuds into overload, with their wide range to choose from – packing a punch in flavour! It is hard to resist Ox Rabbit’s moreish chocolatey delights, stuffed with classics including Tim Tam’s, Oreos and Cookie Dough.

Monday- Saturday, order before 12pm

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (6)

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Milk The Cow

If your lucky gift recipient lives or works in the CBD or south/south-east suburbs, you can treat them to a same-day delivered hamper from everyone’s favourite fromagerie Milk The Cow. You’ll find specialised cheese selections for every occasion – there’s the New Mum Cheese hamper full of the soft, raw and blue cheeses they’ve steered clear of (with bubbly to match and savour), an Alpine Wine and Chesse Fondue hamper, Stinky Cheese hamper, Italian-themed hamper and more considered selections to make your favourite curd-lover’s day.

Monday-Saturday, order before 9:30am

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (7)


Pookipoiga’s four-hour delivery service means that the ethically and sustainably minded store’s seemingly infinite range of quirky, eco-friendly gifts is at your fingertips. You can request gift wrapping and messages to go with delightful items like Deadwood Creative’s recycled skateboard jewellery, Karrke’s native tree seed necklaces, Mörk hot chocolate, Australian pink clay soaps, handmade ceramics, baby gifts and more.

Monday-Friday, order before 2pm

Edible Blooms

If you're looking to step up your bouquet game, Edible Blooms has something for literally every occasion. From bouquets and boxes to hampers and even plants - paired with premium snacks and sips, of course, they score top marks across the board for the four C's; chocolate, cookies, champagne and cheese. Classic occasion boxes feature all your favourite edible goodies, but the standout has to be their doughnut bouquets and hampers which are available for same-day gift delivery in Melbourne.

Monday to Friday, order before 12pm & Saturday, order before 10.30am

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (9)

The Little Market Bunch

Forgot your loved one’s birthday or anniversary? Fret not, for you have until 2pm Monday to Saturday to make their day with a vintage-style bouquet from online floristry The Little Market Bunch. You can even supplement your gift with add-ons including T2 Tea, fairy-light balloons, Schoko chocolate and Dokimon skincare products. For Christmas, adorably tiny Christmas trees and vibrant red poinsettias are available.

Monday-Saturday, order before 2pm

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (10)

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Sweet Mickie

Sweet Mickie’s message cookies cover every occasion – birthdays, Christmas, congratulations, thank yous, and just because. The handmade cookies come in vanilla shortbread or signature golden syrup gingerbread and are iced with cheeky compliments and witticisms that’ll make your loved one’s day. Get your order in before 11am on weekdays for same-day delivery to inner Melbourne suburbs.

Monday-Friday, order before 11am

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (11)

Act of Wine

The wine connoisseur in your life will love a pick from Act of Wine, a boutique cellar specialising in organic, biodynamic and natural wines from producers all over the world. Call up for expert guidance from staff who can help you pick the perfect bottle for your loved one, but pretty much any bottle from their highly curated inventory is guaranteed to be a banger.

Tuesday-Saturday, order before 1pm

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (12)


LVLY’s unequivocally lovely gift boxes are the perfect way to show that you’re thinking of your special someone. Partnering with local florists, producers and designers, LVLY offers you the option to pick a ready-made pack or build your own from selections including decorated posy jars, mini succulents, ready-to-drink espresso martinis, luxe chocolate, cookies, wine, skincare products and more.

Same day delivery for orders placed up until 5pm

Little Cupcakes

Give your bestie a delightful birthday surprise at work (you can call up for delivery outside the CBD) with a sweet treat they can savour from Little Cupcakes. Choose a pack (or two) of adorably iced cupcakes in delectable flavours including salted caramel, devil’s dark chocolate, vegan red velvet, gluten-free blueberry pistachio and more. For an extra celebratory touch, you can even get a ‘Happy Birthday’ decorative disc pressed onto the icing.

Call(03) 9077 0413to place a same-day gift delivery order

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Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (14)

Hello Botanical

Send a gift that continues to grow with Hello Botanical, where the team delivers beautiful easy-care indoor plants on the same day if you get your order in by 12.30 pm on weekdays. Each plant arrives in a hessian planter with care instructions and a handwritten postcard, and you can bolster your pressie with an extra plant-care package with add-ons such as plant food, nutrient-rich foliage spray, and even leaf shine oil.

Monday- Friday, order before 11am

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (15)

Personally Picked

With over 100 products sourced from local and boutique Australian businesses to choose from, Personally Picked isn’t your average gift box. Chocolates and flowers have been replaced with frank green cups and salted caramel espresso martinis to create a customised box of goodies you know they’ll love. Without a doubt, the packaging is the standout with personalised designs for your special someone.

Order before 11am for Melbourne metro orders

Same-Day Gift Delivery in Melbourne: Gorgeous Gifts When You're Short On Time (16)

The Complete Basket Case

Veterans in the hamper game, The Complete Basket Case have been saving forgetful Melburnians for almost 20 years. With a foodie focus, their loaded hampers cover all bases. From sugary snacks and boozy bouquets to games night goodies and fresh fruit, there’s a hamper for every day and occasion of the year.

$15.95 same-day VIP delivery (business days only)

Loving our pick of the best same-day gift delivery in Melbourne and looking for other delivery services? Skip meal prep and order a healthy meal kit to your door, or order Friday night drinks from Melbourne's best alcohol deliveryservices.

By Francesca Biondi

Posted 14 Sep 22

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What can I send someone for their birthday same day delivery? ›

Same day gift baskets include fruit baskets, candy bouquet and teddy bears. Easily order same day delivery for gifts to. A local florist will artfully arrange your gift delivery, which can include a personalized card message written by you.

What can I get delivered for a birthday Melbourne? ›

  • 'Tis The Box. 'Tis The Box - Gift Delivery Melbourne (Credit: 'Tis The Box) ...
  • 2. Box of Goodies. Box of Goodies - Gift Delivery Melbourne (Credit: Box of Goodies) ...
  • Sweet Mickie. Sweet Mickie - Gift Delivery Melbourne (Credit: Sweet Mickie) ...
  • Manflower Co. ...
  • The Indoor Plant Co. ...
  • Pookipoiga. ...
  • Upparel. ...
  • Hamper Emporium.
8 Sept 2022

What gifts can be sent online? ›

  • Rakhi.
  • All Gifts.
  • Pooja Thali.
  • Car Decoration.
  • Diyas.
  • Handmade Chocolates.
  • Personalised Mobile Covers.
  • Sargi.

How do I send someone a gift box? ›

You will need a gift labels a shipping box packing tape and proper postage step 1 include a label on

Is it possible to order something and get it the same day? ›

Sure, you can find same-day delivery options through UPS and FedEx (USPS had a program in beta testing, but it is no longer active). However, unless you're shipping expensive items to offset the cost, or shipping relatively infrequently to avoid the logistical nightmare, it's not going to be very cost-effective.

What companies need same day delivery? ›

7 Industries that need same-day courier services
  • Law Firms. In a time where documents can be sent instantly across the internet, it's surprising to many to learn that courier services are still widely used to transport papers. ...
  • Medical Industry. ...
  • Retail. ...
  • Printers. ...
  • Manufacturing. ...
  • Media. ...
  • All Businesses.
28 Feb 2020


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