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Reviews of Wood Floor Repair Contractors



Came to Renaissance in need of emergency repairs to our home when we ordered a new refrigerator and low and behold the previous owners didn’t run the hardwood floor to the back wall. Made for putting in our new fridge very difficult. Amir was so helpful and kind and was able to coordinate and get a crew to our home on a Saturday to do the work despite in being such a small job. Walter and another performed the work and did such an amazing job it matched the existing floor perfectly and even helped get our fridge back into its spot. They are absolute professionals and experts of the field. We are excited to have them do more work on our home with new hardwood floors

- Eric P....

Elegant Floor Services


Service team was prompt and went to work immediately. Repair process took a few hours due to the type of repair. The repair team provided accurate assessments and cleaned the area before leaving.

- Neil S....



DB Genesis did a great job refinishing the hardwood floors throughout my house. The team made many repairs including numerous minor repairs that made the floors look like a new installation. The price was also very reasonable compared to other quotes. I would hire them again.

- Lawrence R....

K&K Hardwood Floor Inc


They did a wonderful job. They arrived on the day and time they said they would. Were courteous and explained their process and the condition of our floors thoroughly. Now the floors absolutely glow, no annoying missed spots, or ridges of polyurethane left from uneven application. The surfaces are smooth and even, and the painted edges abutting the floor are clean of sealer and stain. I was especially pleased with their repair work. There had been two larger holes and 3 or 4 smaller ones. Rudy said he couldn't promise that the repair would be unnoticeable but unless you knew repair work had been done, you would think that the original floors had not held a radiator. I appreciated too that the repair was very reasonably priced. I can't wait to be able to do our second story rooms

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- Victoria H....

Admiral Hardwood Floors


Steve was on time, and very thorough in his evaluation of my (minor) floor defect. I wanted the repair in preparation for selling my condo. Steve told me that the repair would be very expensive (and may not match my floor color) for little return in investment if I sold my condo. So, he recommended against a repair unless I was comfortable spending a lot of money, or willing to redo my entire floor. I really appreciated his honesty and obvious depth of knowledge of floors and the condo market, so I opted not to get it repaired. He was thorough and objective in his explanation, which seems to be rare in my experience

- Katherine G....

Universal Floors Inc


When we removed the laminate, there were six small patches that needed repair (none larger than a single piece of 8 1/2 by 11 paper). To our amazement, Universal estimated that 20 sq ft of floor would need repair and increased our estimate by $600. Universal explained that the wood would need to be custom-milled to match our floors as closely as possible and that much more wood would be needed beyond the area needing repair. Ultimately, the repaired wood totaled only 4 sq feet. Since this was just 20% of the estimate, I asked that the original $600 repair estimate be reduced to $120. They refused and countered with $475. Adding to our disappointment with the pricing, the quality of the repair was low. After telling me that the hefty repair price was necessary because of all the work needed for a quality match to the repaired wood, the match was quite poor. See the attached picture of the largest repaired patch. For any hardwood floor repair, I wouldn't recommend Universal

- Joseph H....

Kustom Floors LLC


Excellent job. They did a great job blending the repaired section to the original floor and you cannot even tell that they replaced the floor boards. They were on time, quick and hardly any dust.

- Jeanne M....



I am totally pleased with these repair jobs. The company owner personally inspected my home and gave me estimates that I find to be a very fair price for the value. His team was punctual and completed all repair jobs as promised and I have already contacted Chevy Chase Remodeling for my next job. If you need home repair, i highly recommend that you contact Chevy Chase Remodeling

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- Richard B....

LV Floors & Solutions LLC


Great! Lucas was fast to respond and schedule the repair requested. We had gouges in our hardwood floor from furniture, and he was able to replace the affected boards in a few days time.

- Dan S....

APS Flooring & Carpet


APS Flooring did a great job repairing an uneven subfloor and replacing and refinishing my kitchen floors. They also refinished my hallway and repaired a step that had a cracked edge. They were professional, adhered to COVID protocols, completed the work on time and ensured 100% satisfaction. I would highly recommend them

- Laura L....

DMV Kitchen & Bath Inc


Recently I repaired some dry walls and part of my wooden floor. The workers arrived on time and did a clean job.

- H G....

AG Construction & Flooring


Very satisfied with AG. Was an older home with unique floors, and they went the extra mile to get the right wood and the repairs were excellent. Also kept the house clean throughout.

- Andrew M....

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Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling


I couldn't have been happier with the results. Amber Yost evaluated the damage and worked with the insurance company to get all the needed repairs done. Amber was always available to answer questions. Once the repairs started the Foreman Keith kept me up to date with what was being done and made sure the job was done well

- Jim H....

General Floor Services LLC


Fantastic work, excellent price. I had my parquet floors repaired and then sanding/sealed. It is impossible to now find the repaired portions since they look perfect and blend in with the rest of floor perfectly and are perfectly level. The floors look brand new now. I will use them again.

- Jacqueline F....

Mole Construction Inc


We hired MOLE construction to prepare a house for the market. From painting to plumbing repairs, electric to power wash, they took complete control of the project and delivered the house ready for the market. Many things came up and Manuel with Mole was able to manage the circumstances with easy and always with a solutions-driven altitude

- Andre P....

Friends & Family Flooring


Appointment was made and they arrived right on time. Placed me quickly on the calendar and was given priority. They repaired existing carpeting which was pulled up for repairs in the basement. They did a great job.

- Gabriela D....

R.P.R. Hardwood Floors


He's so incredibly efficient. We needed them to repair some serious termite damage, and they did that quickly and cleaned up afterwards. You can't even tell that the damage or repair happened. He is very kind and patient.

- Dana N....

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Floorware Inc initially seemed like a good choice for the repair as they were cooperative and cost efficient. However they did not schedule the repair promptly. It took me three calls to Floorware, Inc to finally get a date & time for the repair. That turned out to be a bust because the repair person arrived with the wrong instructions to do the repair. Floorware Inc was told at least three times that an area 10 ft by 4-5 boards wide needed to be repaired. Yet the installer arrived with instructions to repair a one board scratch. He also arrived without any glue to fasten the damaged boards. Floorware Inc then rescheduled the repair after informing me that they were "trying to help me out" even though their installers were very busy. At the second appointment the installer was given the wrong address and was wandering around our neighborhood trying to find the correct house. Luckily I saw the gentleman and was able to get him to our house. All in all I am glad the job is done but I am not sure I would use Floorware, Inc in the future

- Edward L....

Moss Building & Design


Excellent quality workmanship. Project took longer to completion than anticipated, in part, because we experienced a foundation leak that required another contractor to repair. Moss worked with us to prepare for that repair and replace work that had to be redone. Overall, very pleased with the final remodel

- Ellen P....

Kustom Floors LLC


I am extremely pleased with the work performed by Kustom Floors who restored my hickory floors with an amazing Rubio Monocoat finish which brought out the rich variations of the wood with the deep glow and warmth of the hickory, which is a very hard and beautiful wood. Not only did they understand the care required in the sanding of the floor, but their finish trim work in some difficult areas was flawless

- Patricia B....

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