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Top 733 Sears Reviews (1)

Joyce of Hampton, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 24, 2022

We have purchased multiple appliances in the past 40 years from Sears and protected them with their Sears Protection Agreement. During the past year (2022), we have called for repairs on 2 appliances and been unsuccessful getting service, as since the changes in the company, it appears the Protection Agreement has a different set of rules for use. These rules are designed to not give us the service we need on the appliances. The phone techs are non-English speaking, following a strict script of what to say. Our money for the agreement is wasted. Do not put anything on a Sears protection agreement. The cost is more expensive and you will not get the service. It's a game to be played and you, the consumer, will lose.

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Top 733 Sears Reviews (2)

Rochellee of Castaic, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 22, 2022

Unable to get my Sears installed HVAC repaired. Service Repair Technician refers me to Home Improvement and Home Improvement refers me back to Service Repair. I tried calling and I am transferred back and forth between departments. Terrible company and service.

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iso of Englewood Cliffs, NJ Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Sept. 11, 2022

BUYER BEWARE!!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS. Sears referred us to a business associated with them to install a new garage door. I live in the Bergen County NJ area, the company is called Sears Garage Door Installation and Repair, phone number is 973 414 9800. The company is ran by a man named Saul. Firstly, when they came to install the garage, they installed the garage door a few inches lower, and our car is no longer to able to fit in our garage!

We were told they were going to raise the height of the garage when they would come on the second visit to install the sunburst window panels on the garage door. They should have the windows ready on the first visit, but they said they did not have them available. They said they would come in three to six weeks, they did not! Well months passed, we called and they then said they are still waiting for the order.

Months passed again, and they then said, that they never agreed to do the windows! And when I said my garage door is low, and I can’t fit my car, Saul then responded “Well how do I know you didn’t get a new car?” I asked Saul for a copy of original contract, he ignored my request, and then said, "If you have the paper showing the contract, I'll do it for you."

I found the contract, which says very clearly, that the windows were a part of the agreement and now he’s avoiding all my phone calls and emails! I tried contacting various people at Sears via their corporate number and emails, but nobody responds back to me! All they keep telling me to do is to call Saul, who doesn’t even respond to my emails or phone calls, EVEN after showing him proof in the contract! When I told Saul I am going to cancel the payment, he then threatened me to go to court, and put a lien against my home, completely unprofessional, I HAVE THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT. Really poor service, I wouldn’t expect from a company such as Sears, be VERY careful when dealing with any of these vendors!

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Top 733 Sears Reviews (4)

C of Livonia, MI Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 12, 2022

I am currently on my 8th appointment with Sears Home Service to repair my $4500 stove. After the first visit, I paid $800 for the needed parts and labor to repair the stove. From there it has been a nightmare. Appointments are automatically scheduled - you can not talk to a live person. The one time I did talk to a person, they transferred me to their automated system. They schedule appointments and don't show up - no reason. So far I've taken 3 days off work waiting for them to show up and no one shows up. No reason, nothing.

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Top 733 Sears Reviews (5)

Frances of Garden City, MI Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 18, 2022

I purchased a freezer from American Freight along with a master protection warranty in Jan 2021. The freezer went out on Oct 1 of 2021. Several (6 plus) service repairs later I finally, on June 14th 2022 had a repair man deem it unrepairable and it is to be replaced according to the warranty. Case filed and case number created on June 21, 2022. I've now been waiting for the product replacement to be approved and July 18th I have received nothing. Every call I get another person telling me another story.

7/7 Fernando told me they were waiting for the tech's district manager to approve the replacement. 7/18 spoke to Dylan who said the escalations team was waiting for the approval and he would contact their manager. 7/18 Humbert transferred me to a manager and left me on hold for an hour then hung up. 7/18 Heidie said she is sending something to the product replacement team, who is waiting for a decision, and to give it 3 business days and she is confident it will be resolved.

It is so obvious they have their go to script just to get you off the line. Meanwhile, no one is getting any products replaced or repaired properly. There is no way to get my freezer replaced if they never complete the process and it's impossible to get anyone to give you a straight answer. No managers will ever take your call since they are "in a meeting or will call you back" which never happens. The master protection warranty states this is worry free coverage with a replacement guarantee. "If we can't fix it, we'll replace it and continue coverage to the new item".

Master protection warranty doesn't protect anything and $950 I spent on a freezer & warranty was a waste. Sears just stole almost $1000 of my hard earned money. Since I'm a widow and only have my income this was a hard hit to my wallet. I do a physical job and work damn hard to have some corporation steal my money! It's a disgrace!!!

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Top 733 Sears Reviews (6)

Milton of Elgin, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 16, 2022

We had our HVAC unit installed in 2011 with Sears and it was followed up with a "Whole Home Warranty" with Sears. Throughout the years we called them to do maintenance and clean up on the HVAC unit. In 2022 I requested service regarding insufficient cooling in the residence. Sears dispatched the service technician upon diagnosing the HVAC unit. It was determined the evaporator coil was dirty. I suggested could the technician clean the coil and he responded "It needed to be replaced". The technician stated since we had it installed back in 2011 with Sears that it was time to have it replaced. I told him we had the best Extended Warranty with Sears as you can see in the attachments below that I am paying $69.99 every month since 2011 and the tech told me he would place the order for the coil.

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Two days later the tech called me and said "Sears was not going to replace the coil". I then asked why? His response was Sears said it was a lack of maintenance, but the tech said the coil was well over 10 years old. I told the tech this is why we paid for the Extended Home Warranty and during the process of applying for the warranty it was explained after 1st 30 days of getting the Extended Home Warranty would cover things of this nature. (stove, refrigerator, HVAC, etc...)

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Top 733 Sears Reviews (7)

Stephanie of Houston, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 7, 2022

I have been dealing with this company for a year now, service is horrible. The wait time is unbelievable once they answer you’re being transferred. They change the appointment times the same day they’re supposed to show up. They have been to my home 5 days n a row for the same problem. I need to speak with someone in corporate. They makes sure they take their money out on time. Don’t get this home warranty company.

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Susan of Quincy, MA Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 28, 2022

Purchased some clothes from TheMogan, who is part of Had problem after problem with the order, and Sears took ZERO responsibility for any of it. Couldn't get in touch with TheMogan, spent COUNTLESS hours doing live chat with Sears, calling Sears, doing live chat with Sears, calling Sears, etc and they promised me that TheMogan would get my messages/that they would relay the messages to TheMogan. Had to get my bank involved to get anything done with this. WASTE of time, WASTE of money. NEVER AGAIN will I order from This has been a NIGHTMARE.

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Top 733 Sears Reviews (9)

Abhi of Bothell, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 16, 2022

I ordered a microwave and oven combo appliance from them 10 months back. Its took so long for that to keep in stock (I assume due to supply chain issue). When it became available, they were not able to find an installer (even after charging me full amount at the time of order). After waiting for multiple weeks, we asked for our order to be converted to a delivery. Instead of working with us, they cancelled it without even informing us.

A refund was issued, but due to some mistake on their end, they charged back my credit card. It's been almost a month since that happened and I am still struggling to get my money back. Every time I contact them, they tell me that my issue has been escalated and I will have to wait for another 2-3 business days (this has already happened >7 times). I am really upset about the service they have provided to me. I am regretting the decision of ordering such a costly appliance from them. But I am happy I am not getting it from them anymore, as I am sure they will be as horrible in post sale service/warranty.

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Top 733 Sears Reviews (10)

Janette of Rancho Cordova, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 13, 2022

I would give it a 0 if I could. I had an appliance repair for my mother scheduled. They gave me incorrect information. One of the times I actually somehow got a person the guy said he'd expedite a review. I never got a response. I did one more time get a real person and she told me that the amount was written off and for me to write to I did with no response. I subsequently got another bill. I again wrote to searscares and to searsnschelp again with no response. I have tried calling corporate headquarters (routes into the same automated telephone system), customer support, tried chat, and to the company on the bill which also routes to an automated system. I have no way to resolve this. It has been going on since March 30.

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