Why do some newly cleaned carpets get dirty again so quickly? (2023)

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May 15th, 2020

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It can be frustrating to have your carpet professionally cleaned, only to have it quickly look dirty again. Most cleaning methods simply can't remove all the old hair, dust mites, dirt, soapy residues and chemicals. After the cleaning crew leaves, the gunk remaining in your carpeting acts like a magnet for a whole new layer of grime. Thankfully, there are ways to slow this process.

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Let's look at the starting point. After just one year, even new carpeting can hold as much as one pound of dust, dirt and mold per square inch. Then there's the bacteria … the skin flakes … and other allergens. They all add up quickly to unhealthy grunge. And each time you walk on your carpeting, you're depositing even more to the build up. Whatever was on the ground, streets, floors and sidewalks in the outside world is now inside your home.

Now that you know what's buried in your carpeting, do you really want to remove your shoes before walking on it? Do you want your kids and pets playing on it?

Here are three tips for keeping your carpets cleaner for longer.

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  • Put your carpets on a cleaning schedule. Vacuuming won't remove everything. Generally every three to six months is sufficient to remove the grime that's buried in your carpeting. To avoid leaving chemicals and soap residue behind, choose Zerorez. Our patented Zr Clean™️ encapsulates the dirt and residues that other cleaners miss, and brings it all to the surface where we can easily remove it.

  • Treat stains quickly. Stains can be more difficult to remove (or even become permanent) if they've been sitting for a while, especially if the sun is beating down on them. Pet stains contain damaging enzymes and proteins. You don't want them to eat away at your carpet fibers. Call a professional because using over-the-counter cleaners can set stains instead of removing them. Or, they may bleach your carpet.

  • Avoid the urge to walk on your clean carpets with bare feet. After Zerorez leaves, your carpeting will feel plush and cleaner. It's very tempting to feel the soft fibers between your toes. But your feet have natural oils that can rub onto the carpeting and attract dirt. Wear slippers or socks instead.

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Once you've made the decision to clean your carpets, choose a professional service that will get the job done thoroughly and without harsh chemicals. We'll even apply a biodegradable, non-chemical product similar to the one that was on your carpet when it was new. It's yet another way we'll help you extend the life and beauty of your carpeting. Schedule your cleaning today. We're ready to help you create a cleaner, healthier home.

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How often should new carpet be cleaned? ›

To keep your carpet looking and performing at its best, The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends having your carpet professionally deep-cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Bear in mind that this recommended frequency is a general guideline only and can vary based on your particular circumstances.

Why is my new carpet so dirty? ›

Brand new carpet will also fray and shed not long after installation too. This means that technically your new carpet isn't dirty but there are materials and toxins on it you should remove and the best way to do that is to vacuum to remove the shedding and schedule carpet cleaning Fort Wayne to remove the VOCs.

How do I know if my carpet was professionally cleaned? ›

The fibers should feel soft and smell fresh. A clean carpet will also not have any signs of stains, mud, or contaminants. Clean carpets feel lighter and fluffier in hand once completely dry. In other words, a professionally well-cleaned carpet will feel as good as new.

Why do pet stains come back after cleaning carpet? ›

There are two primary causes of carpet re-spotting: Wicking and Residue. One originates below the carpet fibers, in the backing or pad of the carpet. The other originates in the carpet fibers themselves. Stains that resurface as a result of wicking originate below the carpet fibers.

Do carpets get dirty faster after cleaning? ›

Most cleaning methods simply can't remove all the old hair, dust mites, dirt, soapy residues and chemicals. After the cleaning crew leaves, the gunk remaining in your carpeting acts like a magnet for a whole new layer of grime.

How many times do you have to shampoo carpet until water is clear? ›

It's not unusual for DIY carpet cleaners to need eight or even 10 passes on a carpet before the water runs clear. This is especially true when: It has been a long time since your carpet was last deep-cleaned.

How many times a month should you clean your carpet? ›

We recommend vacuuming 2 to 3 times per week and getting your carpet deep cleaned every 3 to 6 months to keep your family clean, happy, and healthy. Lastly, extremely large families with multiple pets, heavy traffic, and heavy soil will probably benefit from daily vacuuming and a deep cleaning every 2 to 3 months.

How do professional cleaners clean carpets? ›

Hot Water Extraction

Otherwise known as steam cleaning, this is easily the most common professional carpet cleaning technique. Steam cleaning uses hot water at high pressure to penetrate into carpet fibers, breaking down the dirt and bacteria stored deep within. The hot water is then extracted via vacuum.

Is professional carpet cleaning worth the money? ›

In the vast majority of cases, professional cleaning is the better option. Cleaning is much more cost effective than replacement, and most carpets can get many more years of wear with an effective and professional clean.

How often should you deep clean your carpet with pets? ›

Pet owners should clean carpets by vacuuming one to two times a week to keep up on loose pet hair, dander, and tracked dirt. Pet owners seeking a deeper carpet clean should shampoo carpet three to four times per year. Cleaning when the seasons change is an easy way to remember when it's time to deep clean your carpets!

Why do urine stains reappear? ›

The two primary causes of re-spotting are wicking and rapid resoiling. The first one starts in the pad or backing of the carpet underneath the carpet fiber, while the other one starts in the fiber of the carpet themselves from soap residues that have been left behind.

Does professional carpet cleaning work better than doing it yourself? ›

It is in the best of your interest to hire a professional carpet cleaning service merely because of their experience. This helps them to do a much better job than you can do it yourself. Further, their equipment has more extraction power than anything available to you.

Is it better to clean carpet in summer or winter? ›

Did you know that cleaning your carpet can improve your indoor air quality? Winter is the season when you spend more time indoors, so getting the contaminants out of your carpet – and by extension out of your indoor air – makes the most sense during this time.

How long does it take for professionally cleaned carpets to dry? ›

Your carpet will be only slightly damp to the touch after your cleaning. Most carpets typically need 6-10 hours to dry completely. However, it could take up to 24 hours to dry depending on the time of year your carpets are cleaned, and the air circulation, humidity and temperature in your home.

Do you use hot or cold water to clean carpets? ›

After you get out your carpet cleaner, fill the clean tank to the line with hot (not boiling) tap water. Hot water does a better job cleaning than cold but, if you boil it, you run the risk of melting parts of your carpet cleaner. Add formula to the tank according to the bottle directions.

Should I keep cleaning my carpet until the water is clear? ›

Do you keep cleaning the carpet until the water is clear? Yes, only when the water is clean, can you be sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. To reduce this dirt, never walk on carpets with shoes you have worn on the street and clean with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week.

How do you clean heavily soiled carpet? ›

Mix 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup borax, and 1/4 cup vinegar, then apply this paste to deep stains or heavily soiled sections of carpet. Allow the paste to sit on the carpet for several hours until it dries completely, then vacuum it away.

What time of year is best to clean carpets? ›

The weather is still usually pretty warm and dry to help in drying out after carpet cleaning, so fall really is a great time of the year to do carpet cleaning. As you prepare to spend more time indoors, you may want to get your carpets all cleaned so that you can enjoy them more.

How often do hotels shampoo carpets? ›

We find that most hotels clean their carpets every six months, which keeps everything looking nice year round.

How many times should you go over carpet with a carpet cleaner? ›

You shouldn't need to make more than two passes with cleaning solution (especially if you pre-treated stains) when deep cleaning your carpet.

What method does Stanley steemer use to clean carpets? ›

The method we use for carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Stanley Steemer's exclusive hot water extraction method removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. Hot, soft water and a specially formulated cleaning solution are injected deep within the carpet fibers.

Which is better Chem dry or steam cleaning carpets? ›

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is the only way to tackle certain kinds of stains; and while many people believe that steam cleaning is the only solution for deep cleaning, Chem-Dry provides a much more effective, efficient, and safer carpet cleaning solution.

Is hiring a professional carpet cleaner worth it? ›

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner isn't only about refreshing your carpet. Pros will re-apply soil and stain protectants to your carpet. This can guard your carpet from future stains, making maintenance easier and providing you additional peace of mind about your carpet's longevity.

How many times a week should you vacuum your carpet? ›

Specifically, carpet cleaning professionals recommend that you vacuum your carpets twice a week. Vacuuming carpet twice a week will ensure that you keep up on removing the unwanted particles hiding in the carpet fibers.

How much does it cost to clean 1000 square feet of carpet? ›

Carpet cleaning cost estimates are as follows: $100-$200: 1000 sq. ft. $300-$400: 1000 – 1400 sq.

Do carpet cleaners leave residue? ›

Rental carpet cleaners leave customers with little control on things like surfactant to water ratio, heat, and pressure. Besides, they require cleaning agents that, even when used properly, will leave behind a sticky residue.

How often is too often to clean carpets? ›

Your carpet is a major part of your home's comfort, and you want it to look its best. People wonder, “How often should you shampoo carpets?” and “Do carpet cleaners get stains out?” Professionals recommend having someone professionally clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months to remove dirt.

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned? ›

' – is 'yes'! The long answer explains exactly why. To summarise the points mentioned above, carpets that are cleaned by professionals will look their best, smell amazing, last much longer, and also rid them of dust, bacteria, beetles, mites, mould, and other debris that is harmful to one's health.

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets? ›

Shampooing is typically the most effective way to rid carpets of heavily soiled or stained flooring, while steam cleaning is generally used for carpet and rug cleaning in Albuquerque to remove accumulated dirt, dust, and other particles that have not caused major stains or other damage.

Is it better to clean carpet with hot or cold water? ›

Also, the hotter the water, the more you're going to flash off the active ingredients. You're going to put the active ingredients in the air and not on the floor.” With cold water, the cleaning chemicals stay where they belong — in the carpet — which is better for users' lungs, as well as for cleaning.

Is it good to vacuum your carpet every day? ›

Vacuum Carpet Frequently

According to Shaw Floors, manufacturer of carpet, vinyl, hardwood and laminate flooring, you should vacuum the traffic lanes in high-traffic areas daily and the entire area twice a week.

What happens if you walk on freshly cleaned carpet? ›

If you walk on it (especially on the heavy tread areas that take a pile-beating anyway), the damp pile gets flattened back down and may dry that way, which kind of defeats the objective of making it all lovely and fluffy again.


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